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Looking for recs for drama/slice of life/psychological/etc anime (just no shonen or moeblob stuff) that are short (less than 3 seasons) and that have a happy and satisfying conclusion. I've gotten into anime recently and I notice this trend where the endings seem to be melancholy like its a sin to make the main characters happy at the end. Please drop some recs that buck this trend.
Maybe you're just watching anime that tend to have those types of endings (Especially true if you've been watching Hosoda/Shinkai films). Consider watching something from genres you don't usually watch and see if you like them. I'd also say check the director, but if you're new to anime, I guess you wouldn't really know the way some of the big ones tend to direct their stuff.
Anyway, here are some of my favorites:
Tokyo Godfathers
The Cat Returns
Mahoujin Guru Guru (2017)
Happy Birthday: Inochi Kagayaku Toki
Sakura Quest

Also, what's wrong with cute girl shows?
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Thanks for the recs anon I'll check them out.

>Also, what's wrong with cute girl shows?
It takes away from my suspension of disbelief when girls act the way they do in 'moe' style shows. I like when the characters have strong personalities (I don't mean 'strong' as in confident, just 'strong' as in defining traits). I think monogatari did this well; even though its a harem anime most (all?) of the girls had very different personalities and weren't just 'furniture'
Assuming you mean 3 cours (1 cour is 13 or less eps): Zegapain, Gundam X, Raideen The Superior, Daikengo, Comet Lucifer, Samurai Flamenco, Gundam Build Divers, Overman King Gainer, Sacred Seven- Wait a second


Oh.... Well, Zegapain and Samurai Flamenco kind of fit the bill-

>slice of life

Thanks for the recs. I didn't mean all three genres at once, just shows with some of those elements. I was being to narrow in my request. I guess what I was getting at is I like shows with character development and interpersonal relationships.
You might like Raideen The Superior, its basically Sailor Moon for boys. Just expect stretched out melodrama in the last third.
grimoire of zero. fantasy anime NOT ISEKAI with very strong character development and interpersonal relationships. 13 eps with a satisfying conclusion.

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