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>Backstory: 18 in HS taking my first CompSci class. Currently working in a website called Code.org where we get really nice hands-on training with simple JS coding.
So i've got this code where the built in turtle moves, and the icon is constantly moving with it. However i want to make it so that it will stop when the mouse moves over it. I've tried a For Loop solution, but that didn't work. So now I've got this:
var x;

x = 0;
//Fast Movement Until Mouse Touches Icon
function MoveFast(){
while (x <1){

//if ("image1", "mouseover") x = 2; DOESN'T WORKK FUUUUU
if ("image1", "mouseover") x =2;
The issue is that the turtle (and icon) will only move once, then the program ends as if it's completed.
I'm fairly certain it's a syntax thing with if ("image1", "mouseover") x =2;
And so my guess is that i messed that up and so it always thinks that x =2 when it reaches that line and isn't listening for the condition.
Any ideas?
A non-empty string is a truthy value, so "image1" == true, and "mouseover" == true as well. Your if statement just reads `if (true, true)`, so x will always be set to 2.

You have onEvent with the same strings at the bottom of your screenshot, so that's probably confusing you. I don't really know how you want either of these two to work, so I can't give more explanation there.

You should be using `if (valueOne or valueTwo)` instead of a comma if you're trying to check two values. Are you trying to run that event with that if statement? I don't know the syntax for python events, but it doesn't look like you're even returning a value from that event. If you are trying to trigger the event, that doesn't look like the right way to do it; there's another method you need to use to trigger it.
I though you mentioned python, not javascript, my bad. The if should be `valueOne || valueTwo`
Thanks. I'm at work right now, so I'll give it a go when I get home.

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