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I may have to share my computer somewhere in the near future. I can delate my browsing history rather easily and I don't really save questionable files. That only leaves my 4chan folder as a problem. How can I keep my 4chan folder on my computer but at the same time hidden from everyone except me?
zip, mark as system file, hide into c:\windows\system32

Create a container of the desired size (looks like any other file)
Mount said container (now acts like any other partition/disk)
Dismount said container after you've finished using the computer

Congratulations, you've mastered encryption.

Put it in encrypted rar or a VeryCrypt container.

rar will be simpler but depending on how frequently you add stuff to it it can take longer to integrate the new stuff into it, also extracting it first everytimeyou wanna use it...
Use different user profiles. Multi-user operating systems have been a thing on home computers for nearly two decades.


>>600048 >>600049 >>600051
None of these will work on a shared user account, because the computer thinks the other person is you, and won't stop them installing a keylogger.
label every folder on the computer as porn


If we are actually talking about someone who would actually try to spy on you then yeah, but why would you let such a person even 10m into proximity of your computer? Sounds more like OP wants to be sure against accidental discovery or normal browsing because curiousity- not someone actively trying to find stuff, because as soon as we take that into account...
A well hidden camera can break even the best HDD encryption...
Rar within a rar
Put a password on both
Just create them a new profile. Don't bother encrypting your precious 4chan files.

I recommend using Hydrus Network for your 4chan folder btw. That way, you don't need a folder :)
Just use a thumb drive Linux pc
what anime is this?
Amaama to New Game

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