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Can anyone share with me some mods from this game?

Being a piratefag is suffering when its about mods
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Bumping those dubs
It's like $15 or so, what're you, poor?
>paid mods
What the fuck? This shit used to be free.
I won't buy your game 11bitstudios
Nice try
I think it's free mods but the mod store doesn't work with pirated games.
I think I bought it at $4 something on sale two years ago. It may go even lower now and Christmas sale is coming right up.

Meh, it some point it becomes a matter of convenience. I used to be an avid game pirate, but Steam/Humble/GoG have made it so fucking convenient and cheap to buy, that I don't feel the need to pirate anymore. I definitely value hours of my time spent hunting mods over 4 bucks, but your milage obviously varies. Although it's a bit strange that you're so invested into the game that you want to mod it but at the same time refuse to spend a tiny bit of money so the devs can make more games? I get pirating a game you're not sure about, but you seem to be pretty deep already.

Oh well. I don't really have a horse in the race. I find TWoM extremely boring and repetitive. Maybe I shouldn't have exploited Katjas trading on my first playthrough?
Just look on rutracker, there is probably one with a mod pack.

Or just spend $4.
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Fine then
I'll wait for the christmas sale and buy the game
Google Steam Workshop downloader
>The game that this item belongs too does not allow downloading of its items...BUMMER!
All around me are familiar faces
worn out places worn out faces
More like 11shekelstudios
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