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Can someone please do an edit of this image so Mr. Lennon is wearing a festive/seasonal outfit? I'm thinking maybe a Santa hat and a few other festive elements
Don't bully John Lemon
fuck the scouse cunt, if it wasn't for his death we would of seen the joke of a man he really was
>the joke of a man he really was

he wrote or co-wrote more number one hits than anyone else. whether you like them or not, he was a musical genius, and had one of the best rock voices ever.
he wrote songs when every lyric wasnt taken and was guaranteed a no 1 because of the world wide fame of the band, have read some of the fucking lyrics lol, hes just a fucktard that turned his back on his mates for the highest paid and ugliest prostitute known to man
>every lyric

nobody was interested in the Beatles because of lyrical content, at least not for the first several years, and not really much after that. the music itself was what we liked, and George Martin's engineering was spectacular.

It's ok if it doesn't appeal to you, I understand that. And the whole Yoko thing was weird and inexplicable. I think he just wanted to distance himself from the Beatles as far as he could. Or maybe he actually loved her.
i like them and him i was just after a rise from u that went on a bit to long
>that went on a bit to long

that was "too long".

and I thought I had the attention span of a garden slug. I guess it's true that generational IQ is dropping. How fast is the scary question.
>if he wasn't famous he wouldn't have been famous
Trying to get a rise out of people doesn't mean you have to be dumb about it.
where is this written anywhere in this thread you dumb cunt

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