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ITT: God-tier fighting games
Mizoguchi my nigga. Too cool for this world.
I have no fucking clue what they were smoking when they decided that Wheel Kick or Balloon should be fully fucking invincible.
Also, the stun system is absolute nonsense in a game where rapid jab moves are as good as they are.
In fact, I have no idea what they were thinking with any of this game's fucking move properties.
Game's still fucking great, but god damn.
Zazie's my man.

I still wish Ryoko had any way to approach, but she'd be completely fucking busted then.
The tiny handful of times I can actually get in on anyone with her (usually because they're bad), I can just throw loop repeatedly (unless I screw up like an idiot, then I just fucking die). Usually, I'll end up looping for a bit with the lame grab instead of that crazy 1/3rd health one, partly because I can't get terribly close, partly because I'm rushing.
I know what they were thinking, that Karnov was a boss character. The fact this gets played at tourneys is a joke.
Karnov is a very strong character, but Ray is fucking retarded.

Ray has better than favorable matchups with the entire cast. Ray would still be extremely strong without Wheel Kick, but Ray is completely god damn busted with it, because it's a fast, fully invincible anti-air.
also, unless Ray is retarded and throws out Wheel Kick ages early, it beats Balloon really, really easily
and you can just Wheel Kick through his projectiles really easily

> The fact this gets played at tourneys is a joke
The game is fun as hell. It's still fucking stupid, but it's fun.
Anything made in China.
if you think karnov's revenge is good then you might wanna go to a neurologist and get that tumor checked out man.

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