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Are these worth playing? What emulator should I use if so?
>Are these worth playing?
They are great. Very worth playing. The core gameplay is closer to Revenge of Shinobi than any of the others, though as I'm sure you've read the core gameplay varies itself by way of the different abilities each ninja possesses.
>What emulator should I use?
There are a few all-purpose 8-bit/16-bit Sega emulators that can do the job. Genesis Plus GX works well if you prefer a libretro core.
Tnx. Will do.
They're great. Imagine a mix of Revenge of the Shinobi and Megaman.

The graphics are great for a portable system and Yuzo Koshiro manages to make the sound chip really sing...
GG Shinobi II: The Silent Fury is a goddamned masterpiece of handheld gaming
Tnx. I have to check em out.
i am so glad to hear this from someone else.
i think shibobi 2 should have been game of the year this year
GG Shinobi is fucking awesome and the equal of the Genesis/MD and arcade games
Tnx, I plan on checking it out. I loved Revenge so I should like this?
They're literally system-defining titles.
No joke, the 3DS VC versions are actually pretty decent if you feel like paying for them/emulating them. Especially since you can actually change which button does what, unlike Nintendo's own shitty VC options.
File: M2_logo.png (1 KB, 300x159)
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Not surprising consider who was in charge. Wish there were some more games in the lineup though, the lack of Sonic Chaos in particular seems odd.
Yeah they're not exactly like Revenge but that's the basic feel

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