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What retro game has the most replay value?
Video Games these days are more movies than games. And game developers are not good movie makers either.
That's a tiny minority of them. There's much more than the heavily marketed crAAAp...kid ;)
Probably Chrono Trigger, with its New Game+ and multiple endings
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Tetris DX is still one of the best versions of tetris
Pure original gameplay and snappiest controls

>The DX version is better than normal Tetris(1989)
>when you hold left-right-down, the blocks move more quickly and the gameplay flows better
It is even better than the NES version which had clunky controls as well
Singleplayer? Tetris
Multiplayer? CvS2
Strictly in the category of /VR/ retro,
it absolutely depends on your favorite genre.
My personal favorite if FF7.
But realistically, strategy games like Civ, Starcraft, and Warcraft stand the test of time.
Also CRPGs are a good contender.
Baldurs Gate 2 is a golden standard for one game you can play for years.
>That's a tiny minority of them
It is not
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Master of Orion 2.
Master of Magic.
It kinda is. Times are changing...
Well strategy games like AoEII have replayability built into the genre, there's also games like Nights where you do the same 8 courses over and over again to get better and better. Burning Rangers has randomized levels after beating the game which you go back and replay and are slightly different each time. There's also fighting games and racing games which are made to be replayed over and over again gunning for high scores.

For games not of those types I'd say Fallout and Star Ocean 2 would be my top choices. You can play those games in lots of different ways and have a slightly different experience each time.
This game is terribly repetitive even one time through.
That literally has nothing to do with OP's question.

I'd say something like Simcity or SC2000, but thar genre is almost cheating.

For a platformer, Umihara Kawasi has surprising replay value, especially if you use the "Journey" hack that was worked on by 4channers. Journey gives 99 lives and every door leads to the next zone, ie. No warps.

Personally I've also got great replayability from Joust and other older arcade games, but you have to make your own goals, like beating your high score.
I agree with BG2 for richness of replayable content.

I found RTS games to become too repetitive after a while; I don't deny that people can play them for years, but I feel that my 400th game felt a lot like my 300th.

City-builders also I feel start to get bland once I've found the "best" strategies and realize I do the same thing on every map (personal problem, though).

I'd like to toss out 4X games like Alpha Centauri (esp. if not relying on the base AI to play against) where there is a lot of depth to experience. I guess Doom doesn't get that old if you count all of the custom content.
Final Fantasy Tactics
also this: >>5580106
Super Metroid is one I keep coming back to not because of nostalgia but because the devs really thought about replayability when they designed it.
I always seem to find new things every playthrough
Super Mario games have a lot of replay value. Not the RPG kind of replay value where you choose different items and characters on different playthroughs, but by getting better at the game every time you play it until what was once almost impossible and took hours becomes easy.
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>Shit that has nothing to do with the thread, but I need to bitch about it anyway: The Post
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imo FF5. It's really remarkable how the experience changes each time you embark with another pants-on-head-silly job lineup, but the game still gives you plenty fair options to finish your run.
armored core 1
final fantasy 3
seiken densetsu 3
banjo kazooie
capcom fighting games
Street Fighter II
Fuck the /v/kiddies chimping out, you're right
>replay value
what am I reading
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I wish there was better AI for these because damn if they aren't great time vampires.

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