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what are some of your favourite depictions of beer/ale/alcohol in retro games?

as a career alcoholic, I always enjoy when videogames kind of match this aspect of my life
>drinking the jew liquid

cringe and bluepilled
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I guess a lot of NES stuff was edited out by censorship
File: mother_cafewarp.png (8 KB, 256x224)
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The localizers at NoA changed it to "Jackie's Cafe", but the original is Borges' Bar (I don't even know why they changed the whole name, I wonder if the localizers also didn't know the reference Itoi was making with Borges).
You can spot a few drunken guys in Fourside.
is there any reference to drinking in any Final Fantasy?
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File: tapper_arcade_game.jpg (53 KB, 390x706)
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Used to play this as a kid at the bowling alley arcade TRIGGER WARNING: back in the day

That warning is for bait biting bait anon. He knows who he is.
Tapper is a good game but a BEAUTIFUL cabinet
File: last eichhof.png (98 KB, 640x480)
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I played this thing a bunch as a kid. It's a space shooter where you play as beer fighting other beer and you buy more beer as powerups/options
File: u7_blue_boar.gif (27 KB, 320x200)
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Ultima had plenty of booze in most if not all of its installments, and yes you could drink it.
Actually the tavern was a staple of CRPGs from their earliest days. As it should be.
Beer is in Final Fight and it's a low tier healing item that barely does fuck-all for you.

Ralf from KoF also swigs a 40 ounce before he fights.
Every playthrough when I receive the fancy wine from the Triad leaders after uniting them, I save a spot for the bottles in my inventory until the very end of the game, when I chug them all down and hit the self-destruct button.
classic DX alcoholism
>you don't want to fly one of these birds all wound up
what's the reference then
File: os20010528.gif (29 KB, 596x756)
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I don't remember what game it's from, but there's nothing more classic than the giant flagon in the 3rd panel here.
Jorge Luis Borges
Baldur's Gate and its sequels would let you drink various beers, ales, lagers, wines, and brandies, at inns, taverns, and bars. There was also a bottle of wine item which one could drink from.

Drinking enough would put a status effect on you.
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144 KB PNG
The fuck are you talking about? Beer was first made by ancient egyptians.
The point of Bozo's night out is to get as drunk as possible. https://youtu.be/hukNZxmG4As
I like the jug in gauntlet personally

I can’t post pics from this location but it looked like a clay jug with thre x’s in it

Shit was cash. Elf needs food, badly.
Isn't it even older?
Maybe, maybe not. The first beer recipe was found in Egypt and it's dated to 5000 B.C more or less. Beer is actually older than wine so winefags can go cry in a corner.
I recall Tyrian had some "lol alcohol" stages where you collected beers with the silly music playing.
File: 8eyes nes.gif (11 KB, 256x224)
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8-Eyes is a crazy game. You drink tea with the final bosses after you defeat them. It is delivered by a skeleton. Pretend it is beer
Most cultures developed ale/beer on their own, which suggests there's a rational approach to it.

Compare to sausages as a concept, every culture that eats meat figured out that stuffing meat scraps from butchering in left-over intestines for casing made a lot of sense, so I'm thinking there must be a similar very common idea that people arrived at to all make beer.
Isnt Conker's story all about how he got pissdrunk at a bar one night?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (69 KB, 1280x720)
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I always liked it in Harvest Moon 64. I liked how they got away with straight up calling it beer, wine and liquor and not renaming it to fucking juice or coffee like most games did. I liked how your performance at the New Year's Eve drinking contest depended on how well you built your tolerance by drinking throughout the year. I also liked how you could just go into the wine cellar at the vineyard and steal free drinks from the casks with your empty bottle.
Not really when it comes to sausages. Salting to preserve such meat is a more rational approach. Still, the Egyptians were the first people to streamline the process of making beer but who knows how really old it is.
The SNES game did call it juice.
How much better is the 64 game compared to that one?
A lot. The N64 one is usually a considered a contender for "best Harvest Moon game", alongside Back to Nature on the PS1. Back to Nature has deeper farming mechanics, while 64 has better characters and social interaction, so which one is better is usually down to personal taste.
I hope you're talking about /vr/. For years I heard this shit and now I'm married in 64 and its been nowhere near as good as harvest moon fotm. Not even remotely close. A shame because I love its aesthetic.
File: tapper-screenshot.png (22 KB, 1024x960)
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>root beer fags need not apply
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513 KB GIF
Based as FUCK
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My favourite!

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