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what's a good first crpg for someone who completely missed out on the genre? I always played on consoles and I think I only tried Final Fantasy games. I would prefer something with more depth so it actually feels like a game instead of some anime.
Dragon Quest 3
Might and Magic 1
Lands of Lore
Ultima 4 + 5
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday
Wizardry Gaiden 1 - 3
SMT if... (unless seeing japanese school uniforms immediately triggers you)
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Baldur's gate
Icewind dale
Neverwinter nights

I think those are typically some of the most well known ones
Wizardry 1. The one everyone started on back in the day.
Start with Fallout 1.

Avoid the Wizardry and Might & Magic series for the time being, they aren't a good starting point for a beginner.
I almost put this on my list, but decided that M&M1 was a better choice. I feel like as a first experience it edges out for playability as a gateway to other games in the genre. As a consolation I put the GB Gaiden games on the list because I feel like they have enough modern improvements that would be a good introduction to someone new to RPGs.
Infinity Engine games: Baldur's Gate 1&2, Icewind Dale 1&2, Planscape: Torment.
Or Fallout 1&2.
Those are the classics, that most wRPG fans played at one point or another, and are easy to get into.

If you wish for something less obvious, try Might and Magic 6-8, Wizardry, Ultima or Elder Scrolls games like Arena, Daggerfall or Morrowind. Aside from Morrowind, those may be a bit harder to get into for a newcomer.

Go M&M3-5 -> M&M1+2 ->Wiz5/Wiz Gaiden -> Wiz1 -> Wiz4
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Is Wasteland worth a play?
I would go for it. If only to satisfy your curiosity.
It's an old-ass game and some concepts and ideas there are borderline archaic from modern perspective. There is absolutely no handholding whatsoever, you can get lost very easily, some skillchecks have bizarre applications and the interface can be infuriating. And you better start taking literal notes about what's going on.
But once you get past the initial barrier and figure out how the game works - there is a solid game underneath that.
Does the steam version have the Manuel? I've had it for a long time, but I never bothered to touch it.
I think it should have. I own a GOG version, and the Manual in pdf by default.
And you really should read it beforehand IMO.
Wait for the remake.
There's gonna be a remake?
What gets remade specifically?
The studio that made the Bard's Tale remasters is working on it.

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