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So is megaman legends worth playing? I have heard it is on the clunky side of early 3D games.
The controls do take a bit to get use to, but after just a couple hours you indeed will get used to them and you'll be immersed in a colorful world of fun dungeon exploration, funny and/or likable characters, and the single most compelling story of any of the Mega Man franchises.
Yes it's worth playing. It embodies the vibrancy and visual direction of games released during that time on the PSX. However, it was made when d-pad was still the primary control scheme of a TPS. You're not going to get the same autonomy of a 3d game released today.
It's pathetically short and feels like most of the content is missing.
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(said your wife about your dick)
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Love this game - still replay it probably once a year. A full run of all sidequests and weapons takes me like 10 hours, so it's short, but it's still a lot of fun.

The graphics are very stylized, leading to a very cartoonly look, but coupled with the colors and the overall light tone of the game, it works well. The controls can feel a bit goofy, but I always start a run by going into the menu and changing the turn/rotate controls, and by the end of the tutorial dungeon ( MEGAMAN! MEGAMAN!), it all feels fine. The music and overall ambiance created by sound between the town and the ruins is very nice. There are a good number of hidden events and items to find, the characters are fun, and the voiceacting is pretty solid.

2 really spreads out, since 1 takes place only on one island, and 2 is more of a race-around-the-world kinda thing, and it loses the feeling of actually getting to know everyone in town and having a place you really want to help out. The minigames in 2 are really obnoxious to deal with, and there are some events that annoy the living hell out of me (rescue quest for the girl with the two retarded brothers and the ENTIRE underwater ruin), but some functions were improved, like easier zenny collecting. Misadventures of Tron Bonne is a prequal, and is made up of a variety of different games/puzzles, which can be interesting. It still includes a lot of action gameplay just like the previous titles, though.

tl;dr - Give the first one a shot for sure. If you like it, try the others.
its clunky, but its not that hard, and its a shooter, not a platformer
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Amazing art direction. Interesting world to interact with. Not so challenging that the clunkiness becomes a problem.

Also has top waifu. Very recommended.
It's very fun, and the main problem with the controls is just that they're not what you're going to assume they are in a game like this. They work fine once you get used to them.
I enjoyed playing it getting all the parts and doing the side quests.
1st is tits, 2nd is shits
we need a megaman legends 3 where megaman returns from the moon, the bonnes get a moment of awesome, rock becomes a super fighting robot, and roll marries rock
You'll love it or you'll hate it control-wise, but story wise it is extremely comfy, and I usually hate using that term. It's mainly about goofy antics and fun times like an old Saturday morning cartoon with a surprisingly charming VA cast. Even when it tries to get 2deep at the end of each game Rock just wants to get back to Digging with his bros and thwarting the Bonnes regardless of his so called destiny, which keeps things from ever getting too serious, but in a good way.

>ywn see Data upload Trigger's old memories/personality into an OG purifier unit
Are there any games that have the same aesthetic as Megaman Legends?

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