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I remembered that worms is a thing that exists and now want to get back to it.

is world party or armageddon where the cool kids hang out now?
Worms 1 design best design
Armageddon has the best mod support, and an actual playerbase
Armageddon is the best.
Man, I really want to play some shopper right now. Where I can find the game with online support?
Get the steam version, or pirate it. The GOG version has some compatibility issues with mods as I know
I didn't know you could play modgames online on the steam version, I thought it was just the vanilla game.
Hogs of War for a proper 3D game.
Most of the game is customizable to your heart's content, and other things that usually couldn't get modded can be changed using worm kit files
I think 2 hit the sweet spot
Armageddon is basically 2 with more weapons n options.
Armageddon always was and still is the best.
>Hogs of War
My nigger. Do you play it on playstation/emulator or the PC version? I heard the latter had some nasty compatibility issues.
>Play Armageddon on 10sec turns
>Rapid chaos everywhere
>Play WMD on 10sec turns
>Retarded AI keeps running out of time
Worms Clan Wars is on Humble team17 Bundle at $ 1

Not him, but I used to play it on playstation/emulator.
File: 220px-Worms2-cover.jpg (27 KB, 220x287)
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Except it had way less options, limitied to a consolified shit interface. Fuck every Worms game post 2.
avoid the world party "remaster" unless you can get it dirt cheap on sale. It's a buggy half-assed port that runs like shit no matter what your hardware is. Armageddon is still the best game, and the one people still play the most online.

anyone who says otherwise is simply a worms novice and/or has shit taste
While I do agree that most Worms games after Armageddon were reliant on gimmicks, Worms 2: Armageddon (AKA Reloaded) was quite solid, too
As for the rest...
>WMD is a mixed bag that tries way too hard to appease everyone
>The 3D Worms games are quite finicky
>Not to mention that Ultimate Mayhem is missing a lot of content
>Revolution feels sluggish and the water mechanic doesn't add too much to the gameplay
>Clan Wars... meh
>Open Warfare suffers from "handheld crunch"
And there's the spin-offs, but not only are they not retro, they're not that great, either
One version of Armageddon that I think deserves a bit more love is the N64 version. Controlling the Super Sheep is a LOT easier in it. Sadly, there's not much content in it.
>Except it had way less options, limitied to a consolified shit interface.
What options is Armageddon lacking that Worms 2 has? The fucking Homing Cluster Grenade? That's about it. I have no idea what you're talking about. Armageddon is a much richer game.

Don't get World Party BTW OP, it came out later than Armageddon but is completely unsupported and Armageddon ported most if not all of the WWP functionality anyway.
For me, it's OpenLiero X
>Armageddon ported most if not all of the WWP functionality anyway.
Not the customizable map gimmicks
How sad would it be to be a developer trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice. I doubt they will ever make a worms game that people will be more satisfied with than WA. Hell, it could be 2035 and people will still play WA while the other dozens of "newer" worms sit unplayed.

Honestly, how was WA so perfect, and how could they top it? I'm not asking rhetorically, I am genuinely curious how it could be topped.

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