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What are the best /vr/ Formula 1 games?
What are your favorite /vr/ F1 games?
NES: Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge
SNES: Human Grand Prix IV, Nigel Mansell's World Championship
Genesis: Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GPII
N64: F1 World Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix
PS1: F1 2000, Formula One 97
Dreamcast: F1 World Grand Prix II
PC: F1 Challenge 99-03, GP2
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Grand Prix 2 with mods was incredible.
>Nigel Mansell's World Championship
my fucking nigga. this is one of the best racing games period. so fucking comfy.
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Formula one for the genesis is a port of an home PC game called vroom. it's actually quite graphically impressive for the genesis and makes a decent arcade-ish style racing game, however it's a far cry from an accurate f1 game for sure.

you can get the game boxed for insanely cheap because it's typically found in a sea of bargain bin sports games due to it's rather generic appearance

GP3, GP4 are the ultimate best with features still not implemented in modern sim vidya like full access to telemetry dynamically drying racing line and such (yeah the latter at least implemented in pcars2, but maaan, 16 years was needed ? )

>To this day I've never seen more kino F1 incidents than GP4's ones
My nigga. My list isn't that different from yours, I'd only add a few games.

NES: Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge, *Konami's F1 Sensation
SNES: Human Grand Prix IV, Nigel Mansell's World Championship
Genesis: Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GPII (emulating the XE1-AP controller is GOAT)
N64: F1 World Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix
PS1: F1 2000, Formula One 97, *F1 '95
Dreamcast: F1 World Grand Prix II
PC: F1 Challenge 99-03, GP2, *GPL
Arcade: Super Monaco GP, Slipstream
>What are your favorite /vr/ F1 games?
Grand Prix 3, Warm Up!, Super Monaco GP
For me it's Formula One 97 on the ps1.
I want to give honorable mentions to 2 NES F1 games:

F1 Sensation features a semi-realistic gameplay, mid-race weather changes, car settings menu and all drivers, courses and even some real world sponsors from 1992 season, all somewhat impressive for NES game. It feels really strange to see a sports game for NES that uses an actual license with all real world names and locations but this game has one for some reason. Anyway it is a solid game offering an arcade-like experience.

Another game I want to mention is Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing (or just Turbo Racing for us eurofags) that features a car setting/upgrade system that is based around points that you gain as you go through the season. There is also a turbo system that gives you a speed boost while pressing up when going as fast as you can normally go but this turbo is limited and can be filled during pit-stops. However real reason I feel that this game deserved some recognition is because the rival drivers actually have some degree of AI and actually try to block your overtake attempts which is very impressive for a NES game.
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This is like 100% NIGEL Mansells just a different port!
Not F1 but Indycar Racing II was my jam back in the day.
When I found out it had all sorts of mods and an active community in the mid-00's, my inner autist became as happy as could be.
F1 World Grand Prix for N64
>SNES: Human Grand Prix IV, Nigel Mansell's World Championship
>Genesis: Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GPII
>N64: F1 World Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix
>PS1: F1 2000, Formula One 97
>Dreamcast: F1 World Grand Prix II
>PC: F1 Challenge 99-03, GP2

Incidentally these games also align with the best period in F1 racing!
This is my all time favorite but... Slipstream was also fun, a weird late System 32 game. Why would CAPCOM make such a high quality game for the Brazilian market?
the weird part is that I never saw any slipstream machine here in Brazil, I only knew the game existed through MAME
Now I'm intrigued, thanks anon.


on this note:
"Super F1 Circus 2" and "Super F1 Circus 3" got translation-patches
How do you end the qualifying session in these?
i tried emulating F1 2000 for the ps1 but it wouldn't pass the boot screen on pcsx-r
heard the game has protection so it can't be played on emulators, is that true?
pal-version is libcrypt-protected.
crack it or get a rip with subchannels (aka clonecd) or make one out of the redump-rip

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