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How the fuck do you even beat this thing?
It comes in on something that can't touch it mid-game, uses its broken ass AIDS Z move and sweeps your whole team
the tapu are on every team for a reason
just play gen viii
Any fairy type stop the Z move.
Toxapex cock blocks it as well.
Fairy types, anon. it has 4x weakness to it and can't use dragon moves on them.
It learns Poison Jab
All it needs to do is predict the switch in and 2HKO it
you don;t need to be a fairy type to learn a fairy move. also, klefki.
Block its Z-move with a Fairy if you have one, put it in range of your scarfer if you don’t, don’t give it room to set up if you have neither. Its offenses are mediocre so even without any of the above you can beat it with things that have both a Fighting resist and good special bulk.
Why use that when you can just use Lele
>no Tapu around to cockblock it
>can just Gigantamax and get boosts over three turns instead of just one
>was already OU in USUM meta with 2/3 of its sets there not needing the Z crystal while being shot down by the Fairy quartet
Kommo-o is probably going to be even better in SWSH with less options to deal with it. Since it's an early distribution too, we can expect a unique Gigantamax form for it with a broken signature move.
>2/3 of its sets there not needing the Z crystal
2/3 of the sets on the analysis page don’t need the Z-crystal, it’s not accurate to imply that this translates to only 1/3 of Kommo-o need the Z-crystal when the one set that DOES need it makes up half (1695 stats) to 60% (1825 stats) of Kommo’s usage.
Also worth noting that the SpD set may become much less relevant depending on what mons survive the cull, since Ash-Greninja and Heatran are unconfirmed among others. Also, losing an exclusive Z-move for non-exclusive Dynamax boosting is a nerf relative to its competition that lost non-exclusive Z-moves for non-exclusive Dynamax forms.
Why would you ever use Gardeshit when Lele is a thing
Ur just bad lol
>Ash-Greninja and Heatran are unconfirmed among others
Also Blacephalon, which is one of the biggest reasons that set gets used on stall.
>How the fuck do you even beat this thing?
i beat it with a mono-Dark team, wasn't over levelled.

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