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>people are going to be so focused on the bigger issue of the removal of Pokemon they won't be vocal about other parts of the game that are wildly not up to standard
>the games will be delayed to patch back in the Pokemon but the games themselves will still be below mediocre
it's the Sonic movie all over again. There's way more issues than just the roster but it doesn't even matter anymore
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what are you talking about anon this is totally acceptable for a 2019 pokemon game
It didn't matter before. Half of the sóy faggots are defending even this. Normies defended all the utter shit besides this. It's been over.
I lost hope ever since people defended ORAS removing the BF.

This is the path apologists led us on.
>we are cutting mons to imrpove animations btw
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You're not wrong, but it's not like they would focus on any of the issues SS has if the game had all Pokemon in it. It was the absolute minimum everyone expected from Gamefreak and they failed to deliver even that.
>the games will be delayed to patch back in the Pokemon
You are retarded if you actually believe this
I have to agree.

I’m way more concerned about the graphics and animations looking like shit on a console significantly more powerful than the 3DS. They couldn’t even overhaul the UI. It’s embarrassing.
the Pokemon directors are inactive on Twitter when they're literally at E3. They're fucking panicing. The delay fix is coming but the games will be dogshit nobody should buy but do anyways
>the games will be delayed because zoomers got mad
Japan doesnt even give a shit about sjws, there is no way in hell anything will change. If you had even double digit IQ you would realize this
There won't be a delay, they're just going to patch national dex in with Pokemon Home

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