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>series slips out of gamefreaks hands once andbetter than anything they ever made
>ywn have a shadow lugia in a mainline pokemon game
Damn, I really wish they'd bring it over.
>Genius Sonority
They made these two games with the limitations of the Gamecube, can you image what they could have done with the modern resources
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It sucks that the devs who made these have been relegated to making absolute trash. What's even worse is now that Gamefreak is making console Pokemon games we'll never get another opportunity for someone else to come along and make something like this.
Those games, despite having a super limited pokedex, have the entire Nationaldex implemented.
Pokemon Shuffle :^)
>Pokemon series will never have again a badass Ost like them
Hold me anons
I do have mine in Leaf Green, although I know you meant having it with shadow colors and moves
Good thing we have some good shadow lugia lewds
File: GXXE01-15.png (1.73 MB, 1184x944)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
>bad ass Ost
And bad ass protagonists
WES is like an action here in the manga, Michael is the fucking Chris redfield of pokemon, he moves massive stone blocks like nothing over lava
>Pokemon Shuffle
You know they'd blow GameFreak out of the water if they made a similar game to OP's pic if they were made to do so and instead of Shuffle at the time
>Make 2 games in 2 years
>They do more with the setting than Gamefreak has done in over twenty years with ~10 mainline games
How did they do it?
>How did they do it?
Tsukasa Tawada is a fucking legend and more people need to know how crazy of a composer he is
Yeah honestly as fsr as pokemon OST's go the this is probably the best only contenders are the mystery dungeon games. The mainline games are iconic but as good gen 4 was the peak

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