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File: 1548032803207.png (139 KB, 410x454)
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>be Serena from Vaniville Town
>traveling the Kalos region with a gym leader and his little sister
>and, of course, much more importantly, that sexy boy from Kanto, my one and only true love, and the manliest man in the whole world, Ash
>insatiable desire to have him bend me over our lunch table every day and ravage my (his) body
>want nothing more than to give my body to him to do with it as he wants
>anything he wants
>picture myself sneaking into his tent at night and climbing into his sleeping bag so I can curl myself around his body
>unfortunately, he shares the tent with Clemont, so I'd get caught
>maybe I should get rid of Clemont
>nah we need him for cooking
>come to think of it, I really need to learn how to properly cook rather than just bake if I'm going to take care of Ash as his loving wife forever and ever
>also there's Pikachu
>thankfully, Pikachu will certainly accept me as his co-trainer after Ash and I get married, so there's no need to worry there
>my thoughts drift back to Ash
>wonder if he knows about my feelings for him and is only playing dumb
>Bonnie better not have told him
>if she did, I'm going to take Dedenne and chuck him off a cliff
>and how did she even find out in the first place
>am I that obvious?
>I mean, am I not doing enough to get Ash to reciprocate?
>I've done everything to show off my womanly figure to him
>padded my bra and started wearing tighter, smaller-sized shirts to accentuate my chest
>even padded my butt at night, when I'm wearing those cute, frame-hugging pink pajama bottoms
>sometimes even wear thinner panties and walk in such a way that my skirt will fly up ever so slightly and expose some skin from my ass cheeks
>think I've caught Clemont's eyes wandering occasionally, with a hint of blush on his cheeks
>that pervert
>my body belongs to one boy and it's not him
>plus just look at my mom
>it's in our genes, so I'm going to have some pretty big boobs and a pretty big ass when I'm fully grown
>I'm not really lying or faking it now
>I'm just speeding up the process, letting Ash see now what he'll see naturally in the future
>anyway, be in a town with a giant bookstore one day
>we decide to check it out
>Ash heads off to the action-adventure section
>Clemont and Bonnie head to the sci-fi and fairy tale sections
>take the opportunity to sneak into the section marked "Adults Only"
>the clerk is too busy helping out the others and answering their enthusiastic questions to notice me
>gone are the neatly-bound hardcover books from before
>instead I just see rows and rows of paperbacks with lewd titles and covers
>maybe I can get some ideas for how to better please Ash from these
>the lewd books are categorized by sex position and fetish
>my face is beet-red and it feels like Fennekin is using Flamethrower directly on me it's so hot
>reach under my skirt and start rubbing my pussy with my right hand as I browse
>see a section called "Anal"
>what the fuck
>from all the X-rated romance novels I've read, unbeknownst to my mom, sex is done with the pussy
>I mean, I know you're supposed to suck on his dick before that, but...
>but do people really have sex with their butthole?
>like putting a dick up their butthole?
>but you poop from there wtf
>nearly shove my entire right hand into my pussy in shock upon hearing Ash's call
>nice word choice, Serena
>without even stopping to think of the consequences, I shovel a bunch of those books into my bag and slip out of the backroom
>thankfully, neither the clerk nor Ash and the others see me until I make it to the regular sections of the store
>to avoid suspicion, I buy a cooking book while the others get theirs
>dumb bookstore owner didn't seem to even have a camera in that back section, so I won't be found out now
>we leave and head back to the Pokémon Center because it's getting late
>over the next few days, I sneak peaks at those books
>the girl characters seem to be really turned on by men sticking their dicks up their buttholes and fucking them
>still confused
>how can you get pleasure out of sex with your poophole?
>one night, while everyone is asleep, I decide to go use the computers in the Pokémon Center lobby
>use a VPN, obviously
>look up a bunch of blogs, forums, and chatrooms related to anal sex
>apparently, the main allure is the taboo nature of it
>they also say it's tighter (duh, I could've guessed that) and thus more pleasurable for him
>as I keep browsing, I see even lewder descriptions
>"It makes me feel like a cheap, dirty whore getting dominated and I love it!"
>"I love the feeling of my phat ass being filled up with his cum!"
>"It hurts so good!"
>feel my thighs trembling
>with each description, the dirty, disgusting idea of butt sex feels more and more right
>questions race through my head
>I wonder if Ash would ever fuck my butt?
>what if he wants to but I'm not prepared?
>would he ever love me if I didn't do anal?
>I can't take that risk
>stick a finger in my own ass
>it feels weird
>push finger in a bit more
>feel a searing pitch
>it hurts so fucking bad holy shit
>pull finger out, wipe browser history, and take a late-night shower before heading to bed
>this is going to be harder than I thought
>some time later, we're walking through a marketplace in some other city
>tell the others I'm going to look around for something in particular and that I'll meet them back at the Pokémon Center later
>the moment they're all walking away, backs turned, I dash away in the other direction
>arrive at sex shop, tucked away in the seedy part of town
>walk in and pretend to be casual
>pray that the shopkeeper doesn't realize I'm underage
>see shopkeeper behind the counter briefly lift their gaze from their magazine to meet my eyes, only to turn right back to the magazine
>start looking for my target
>finally see it in the corner of the store
>it's cute
>it's pink
>it's a butt plug
>not giving myself any time to second guess my course of action, I snag the plug, plus some lube, and head over to the counter
>please don't ask for my age please don't ask for my age please don't ask for my age
>"That'll be 3000 pokéyen."
>damn I'm good
>"You can try it out in the back, if you want."
>holy shit what the fuck
>not sure if embarrassed or turned on
>thank the creepy shopkeeper and go to the little girl's room
>remove a towel from my bag and place it on the floor so I don't get every disease in the world all at once
>sit down
>my hands shaking, I slowly remove the butt plug from its packaging
>the blogs said this thing will help prepare my ass for Ash's dick, so it better work
>remove skirt and panties
>open tube of lube and squeeze some on my fingers
>reach down and slip one lubed finger into my anus
>then a second
>make little circles with my fingers to loosen my ass up
>still feels weird but not as painful as before
>keep at this for a few minutes
>time for the moment of truth
>drench the butt plug in lube
>so slippery I can barely hold it
>line it up with my butthole and slowly start inching it closer
>soon it's touching the entrance to my butt
>okay here goes nothing
>you can do it, girl
>start pushing it in
>close my eyes and clench my teeth
>the more that goes in, the weirder and weirder the feeling gets
>feels like I've got to shit
>but in reverse
>try to chase away those thoughts and focus on what needs to be done
>first inch is in
>starting breathing heavily
>feel like I'm about to hyperventilate
>sweat starts to pour down my face
>quickly grab the lube and pour more onto the plug and my ass
>just a bit more
>start getting light-headed
>about to pass out
>just then, as it feels like I'm about to quit and cry, I think of Ash
>"Hey, that's a cute buttplug, Serena."
>"What? You got it because of me?"
>"Really? You want me to fuck your ass and take your anal virginity, too?"
>"Awesome! You're the best girlfriend in the world, Serena!"
>"I love you!"
>freeze in place
>can it be?
>look down and realize the butt plug is completely stuffed inside my rectum with just the flat stopper hilt sticking out
>just then a deep chill runs through my entire body
>oh fuck I did it
>it's in
>well I guess that's that
>time to get going
>start to stand up
>just as I get to my feet, an incredible wave of pleasure takes over, an even more intense chill
>legs turn to jelly and I almost collapse
>oh fuck that feels so fucking good holy fucking shit fuck
>somehow manage to keep my balance
>pull my panties back on, covering up the plug in my ass
>put my skirt back on on top of everything
>notice a full-body mirror to my right
>start modeling in front of it, posing and twisting my waist
>nobody will ever suspect a thing
>to everyone else looking, I'm just an innocent little girl
>visually-speaking, there's no hint of the absolutely filthy whore I really am with the pink butt plug jammed up my asshole
>curious, I lift my skirt and notice the ever so slight bump in my panties where the plug is
>wonder if anyone will see it
>kinda hope they do
>cover up again and then toss my towel into the trash because I sure as hell ain't using that thing again after it's been on this floor
>take one step toward the exit door
>feel a jolt coming from my ass
>thighs start shaking again
>take another step
>feel same feeling
>keep adjusting my walking until it feels just right
>now I'm basically swaying my hips sensually with every step
>perfect, I feel like the sexiest girl alive
>walk out of the restroom and past the shopkeeper on my way out of the store
>out of the corner of my eye, I think I see him look at my lower back area and then wink
>fucking pervert
>start heading back to the Pokémon Center
>with every step, I'm always aware of the plug filling my ass
>I feel so "full"
>realize I got to work on the walk a bit, though, because some people on the street start giving me concerned looks like it looks like I need to take a shit
>oh well I'll get used to it
>I mean, it's not like I ever plan to stop wearing it
>got to be prepared for Ash at all times
>be several months later
>a lot has happened since I plugged myself
>feel really horny all the time
>well, more than I did before
>took up Pokémon performing
>dancing and getting all sweaty in front of an audience of people, but especially Ash, is a feeling of ecstasy beyond words
>doing so while wearing a butt plug is indescribably hot
>always wonder how fucking hot it would be if it fell out during the performance
>maybe Ash could jump up on stage and fuck my new slutty fuckhole in front of the whole world
>oh fuck yes
>also cut my hair and got a new cute outfit
>don't ask why
>fucking Fennekin
>anyway, cute new outfit has an even shorter skirt
>Ash said it looked good on me
>he clearly wants to fuck me
>and he will
>oh he absolutely will
>wonder if he's seen my plug when I bend over
>I mean, I stopped wearing panties every other day to increase the chance that he might see
>soon I'll probably stop wearing them, period
so....this is the power.....of /padt/ autism....
>if he's noticed the change in the way I walk, he hasn't mentioned it
>maybe he doesn't know
>or maybe he does, but knows it's far hotter if there's uncertainty to the question
>the idea that as I walk down the road next to Ash every day on the way to whatever gym town we're going to next, a pink butt plug firmly stuck deep in my asshole, permanently prepping me for that glorious future day when he claims my asshole as his and, literally, fucks the shit out of me, and he is totally unaware...
>oh fuck that fills me with so much pleasure I can't believe I can even keep standing, let alone walk like nothing's out of the ordinary
>the only downside is that I've got to constantly clean the plug because I keep getting shit on it
>probably should've seen that coming
>I mean, I'm almost always wearing it
>during the day
>during the night
>when I eat
>and, yes, even when I sleep
>reach the point where it feels far weirder not to have my ass plugged than to have it plugged
>it feels like it's an essential part of me
>guess I successfully broke my ass in
>and maybe broke myself in the process because whenever I think of anything, my mind wanders back to my plugged ass
>and the idea of Ash fucking it hard, fast, and forever
>I mean, it's what Ash wants, right?
>I mean, is it fucked up for a girl my age to be wearing a butt plug 24/7 and to always think of my crush fucking my ass and cumming deep inside it?
>don't know why I didn't get plugged far sooner
>definitely was missing out
>maybe if I was wearing one at summer camp he could've fucked my ass when we met
>that sounds so wrong
>but, in my heart, and in my ass, it feels so right
>be one particular night
>everyone's asleep
>sitting next to a lake near our campsite
>time to clean my plug again
>drop my pajama bottoms and place my fingers around the rim of the plug
>eyes roll back into my head as I start pulling it out of my ass
>instinctively push it back in, then pull it some more, then push it back in
>I wonder how much better Ash's dick will feel?
>because this feels really fucking good already
>finally pop it out
>feel a shiver go through my body
>anus pulsating
>it's literally begging to be fucked
>it was designed for Ash's cock
>start licking the plug so I can taste my Ash
>I mean ass
>it's reached a point where I literally can't think about my ass without also thinking about Ash
>and him plowing it and filling it up with his cum
>oh fuck yes
>start to picture it
>me and Ash, together and alone, naked in a cheap, filthy motel room
>Clemont and Bonnie are somewhere else because who the fuck cares about them
>anyway, we're making out
>Ash has his tongue stuffed down my throat
>got my arms wrapped tightly around him, my nails digging into his back
>his hands are caressing every inch of my body
>starting with my breasts
>down my sides
>my waist, my hips
>and finally they're on my ass cheeks, squeezing hard
>then he gives me a double-handed smack on both cheeks
>ass jiggles from the spanking
>was my ass always this big and jiggly?
>moaning with intense pleasure
>eventually our mouths separate and he gives me that boyish grin of his
>fuck he's so fucking sexy
>love him so fucking much
>gonna marry the shit out of him soon
>he asks me to bend over across the bed and raise my ass in the air
>do as I'm told because I'm an obedient little slut for my man
>as I do, I hear him giggle with delight as his eyes focus in on my butt plug
>without a word Ash gets closer
>suddenly I feel him kiss both of my ass cheeks and then start rimming the area around the plug
>blushing so hard I feel like I'm about to turn into a Tamato Berry
>feel him wrap his lips around the hilt of the plug and start sucking
>then he digs his teeth in and starts pulling the plug out himself
>oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes
>with a pop, I feel my filled anus empty, and another chill vibrate through my body
>as I turn my head, I see Ash sucking on the plug
>as he notices me watching, his filled mouth twists into a smile
>he pulls the plug out of his mouth after sucking it bone-dry and looks me in the eye
>"Your ass tastes really good, Serena!"
>feel like I'm about to burst
>instincts kick in
>"Fuck me!"
>"Fuck my ass right now, Ash Ketchum!"
>before I know it, his massive throbbing cock is at the entrance to my sphincter
>"Hurry up! Put it in!"
>gradually feel the intrusion of his dick as my asshole spreads
>shudder in absolute ecstasy as each inch burrows deeper into my (his) fuckhole
>"Hhhhaahhh! Oooooohh! A-Ashhhhhh... Unnnngh!"
>feel my anal muscles squeezing his meat tightly
>his guttural moaning is like music to my ears
>wonder how he must feel, the pressure of my anal muscles pressing forcefully against his dick as he pushes deeper and deeper into my rectum
>then, I feel his balls brush against my skin
>he's in
>balls deep
>every inch of his dick is now inside the warm pocket that is my ass
>no turning back now
>"P-Pound my ass!"
>he didn't seem like he needed encouragement
>slowly he draws his cock out, my ass still clinging to it, and then pushes it back in
>he does it again
>and again
>and again
>the plug never felt THIS good
>he spits on his cock to act as lube and plows in deeper and faster, making my asshole more slippery
>hear the impact of his hips slapping against my ass, causing it to jiggle more with each thrust
>"Harder! Fuck my ass harder, Ash! And faster!"
>he obliges
>the sound of our flesh connecting echos loudly throughout the room
>my brain is becoming mush
>can't think of anything other than Ash hammering away at my ass, slamming his cock as deep inside as he can
>can't even form complete sentences anymore
>"Ash. Don't stop. Harder. Deeper. Faster."
>slap slap slap
>"More! More! More!"
>slap slap slap
>"My ass belongs to you, Ash! Now don't stop fucking it!"
>just then he pushes me up further on the bed
>wrapping his arms and legs around my naked body, Ash presses his chest against my back and pushes his dick even deeper into my rectum than I thought possible
>like a fucking machine, Ash loses control and starts bucking wildly, the flesh of his hips slapping against my ass checks at an incredible rate
>my mind is gone
>the feeling is indescribable
>he's growling like a fierce, feral Pokémon
>"Hey, Serena, what're you doing?"
>stop cold
>in an instant my fantasy vanishes into nothingness
>and in front of me stands the source of that question
>it's Bonnie
>instinctively scream
>realize my pajama bottoms are down and that I've got the butt plug back in my ass, with my hand on it
>realize I just spent the past couple minutes fucking myself with my plug
>and she saw me
>and heard me
>quickly scramble to pull my bottoms back up and pretend like she didn't just see anything
>"Oh, uh, h-hey, Bonnie! W-What're you doing up for?"
>realize I'm holding the plug
>jam it into the pocket of my hoodie
>aside from wide eyes, Bonnie's expressionless
>"What's that, Serena?"
>"T-This? Uh, um, well... it's nothing!"
>the silence in the air is torture
>"Why did you have it in your butt? Where you poop?"
>feel like I want to die
>desperately try to come up with an explanation, but nothing's coming out
>"And all that stuff you were yelling about Ash?"
>this is it
>I'm dead
>my life is over
>she knows the extent of my filthy secrets
>and if she tells Ash
>overcome with horror, I don't say a word
>sweat waterfalls instead
>"You know what? I actually don't wanna know..."
>"Forget I saw anything."
>as she starts to walk away, I lunge at her, placing my hands on her shoulders and turning her to face me
>"You're not going to tell Ash about this, are you!?"
>after a moment to process, Bonnie's mouth curls into a mischievous smug grin
>"Oh, don't worry, Serena. Your secret's safe with me."
>"That is, as long as you do me a couple favors."
>fuck my life
>getting blackmailed by an 8-year-old
>still keeping the butt plug though
>because one day that dream will come true
>and I'll be ready for it
>and so will my ass
>because as Ash always says
>"Never give up until the very end!"
Okay this is epic
So what happens next with Bonnie and Serena?
Fuck this was really well made
I thought Serena gonna Last Resort Bonnie into the lake

10/10 anon, I mean, Serena
File: lovecraft smiling.jpg (18 KB, 250x296)
18 KB
very impressive, I approve.
Your hometown is shit.
File: olp.gif (564 KB, 400x308)
564 KB
564 KB GIF
>"Never give up until the very end!"
lmao im not going to read this shit
Unironically better written than it deserved to be. 10/10
Serena's character would be 50x better if she weren't on a kid's show and were allowed to be a lewd slut.

File: laughing shauna.gif (344 KB, 610x720)
344 KB
344 KB GIF
>"Never give up until the very end!"
Being real, do people exaggerate Serena's desire for Ash in general?
Teases Serena into the stratosphere
Not at all,shes a slut who'd drop her panties at his word.As if he actually got turned on by humans.
File: 1555158937904.gif (1.96 MB, 800x450)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB GIF
>"Never give up until the very end!"
SIR do you require assistance? it appears you have suffered a severe stroke
What do you mean? She has a childish crush on him, the type that makes her blush profusely at the thought of going on a date or dance with him, and which eventually culminates on her kissing him. But in most episodes he just acts like any of his female friends without dropping her spaghetti or anything.
Of course there's nothing lewd about that because it's fucking Pokémon.
File: steamrena.webm (845 KB, 1280x720)
845 KB
>Serena's desire for Ash
*she just acts
File: Aku the therapist.png (358 KB, 532x640)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Hardly. Serena has no personality, or anything resembling an arc. Her character revolves entirely around Ash, and her desire to have a relationship with him. They eventually attempted to remedy this by making her suddenly care about contests and performing (like Dawn and May before her), but it is done in such a weak, frankly obvious attempt to give her some semblance of depth that it rings hollow.

The writers did not write a character; they wrote a satellite orbiting the dick of a boy that doesn't care. Nothing of her "plot" will ever amount to anything; the off-screen kiss at the end of the season will never be revisited, nor will they become an item. Exactly one person on the staff was lobbying for this pairing, and they are no longer in control. Serena may as well not exist.
It's practically her only character trait.
>Serena has no personality
Suitable picture considering how off you are.
To be fair the average Pokemon character is pretty one-dimensional
Completely spot on

>Implying she has any personality at all besides "muh satoshi!"
Is this the Serena Sunday thread?
>being girly isn't a form of personality
What did they mean by the steam
Ah, yes, such an engaging character.
>"I love Ash."
>"Have I mentioned I love Ash, today?"
>"I hope this makes Ash senpai notice me!"
>"This will surely win Ash's heart!"
Name one aspect of her character that actually didn't involve Ash to some degree, that neither was done by previous female companions, nor amounts to anything a sane, humane individual would do.
she came so hard it became Steam Eruption
So what do you want? That she was straight up feminine, that even though she didn't like it she'd still would basically be a ranch hand with the whole Rhyhorn thing?
>nor amounts to anything a sane, humane individual would do
So what did you mean by this? Because Pokemon in general isn't sane.
I just want a qt french girl to steam at the thought of holding my hand
Okay im not really into anal but that was hot
So hot i didnt even mind the ending
Hey, the shipping shitposting thread this’ll be-
What the fuck is all this
That's literally her only character trait. She's a nothing character without obsessing over Ash.
Serenafags are fucking cancer.
Based greentext. Bravo OP.
Literally copy-pasted it. >>38568348
File: Dawnblue.jpg (404 KB, 1146x1200)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
yes, they do. Serenafags are among the most cancerous bastards in the pokemon community
>he says while pretending Charm up wasn't a thing
Same author. I gave them a preview to test the waters.
File: 1316134.jpg (75 KB, 600x695)
75 KB
What the heck
Where is the rest of the story ?? I want to know what happend next !!! NOW
Imagine when she finds out his second kiss was with a Pokémon
Are you talking about Lele?
I don't think she'd care much about Pokemon kissing him on the cheek.
File: 1520260829898.png (684 KB, 513x1302)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
A female must have written this because there's no way a guy would put this much detail into something like this. Regardless it's pretty based.
OP here to answer some questions, because I might as well.
I don't know what happens next. I knew from the beginning that it'd end with Bonnie catching Serena mid-act, but I left the specifics of the blackmail up in the air because I didn't have anything that would feel properly satisfying beyond what anywhere else here could imagine themselves. I will admit, though, that what >>38569814 said was an original contender for the "dark ending," if you will.
As I said >>38571689, I put it on pastebin for easy access and posting and slipped a link earlier when I still didn't know if I wanted to post a separate thread.
Nope, I'm a guy. Thanks btw.

And for further clarification, to add on to that last question: 1) No, I don't own nor have ever owned a butt plug. 2) I based everything about butt plugs/women's POVs on anal sex off of actual online posts/blogs, shit from /gif/ and porn sites, and just plain guessing.
File: 1536432107511.gif (982 KB, 485x327)
982 KB
982 KB GIF
File: kek.jpg (38 KB, 599x449)
38 KB
Kek, It's fucking hilarious that people are still butthurt about the kiss. How does it feel to know that ash is banging serena day and night while your shitty redhead gorilla waifu(misty) is crying like a beta cuck?
>Projecting this hard
Hello, /padt/.
File: ZOwOGuX_d.jpg (32 KB, 640x717)
32 KB
Holy shit the butthurt is real!
No, before that. People seem to forget his first kiss was the chick from movie 2.
It doesn't count because it was on the cheek. Also by that rationale his first kiss should be his mother
File: 1412403591997.jpg (8 KB, 200x200)
8 KB
File: 1554942963548.gif (113 KB, 244x248)
113 KB
113 KB GIF

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