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File: 1554285977232.png (210 KB, 378x371)
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Autism edition
Previous thread: >>38232460

>Nuzlocke Info
>Difficulty list (vanilla)
>List of Romhacks
Coming soon (never ever)
>Pre-patched romhacks
>Emulator info
>Nuzlocke generator
>Pokemon Nuzlocke images
>Pokemon Bank Sprites
>Additional Templates
File: sun-nz-01.png (388 KB, 1300x1150)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
Starting the last game of the main franchise for my run, Sun.
No problems and no deaths on the first island. Since I've used all gen7 starters, Pikpek took the place of my starter.
Had luck so far in the natures and abilities so far, hope that it continues throughout the run.
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (661 KB, 1600x900)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
Okay, getting this second LeafGreen run started after wiping the last time. Tauros starter, as determined with suggestions from the last few threads. Let's go!
im new to nuzlocking, what game should i try to nuzlocke ? what are the most fun optional rules ?
For beginners I always recommend FRLG.
If you like gen 2, Crystal is a great start as well.
RBY are the easiest games to run because of the poor AI, but watch out for some of gen I mechanics/bugs, specially the Crit ratio and moves like wrap or bind.
If you want something more modern: BW2 and HGSS are good choices. Platinum may be too dificult for a beginner nuzlocker depending on your rules.
If you like the 3ds, XY are the easiest games to nuzlocke.
For aditional rules I'd go with:
Only healing against Gym Leaders and the Pokémon league, no healing during trainers/rival/evil organization battles.
Set mode always.
Level cap: the levels of your team cannot be higher than the ace pokémon of the next Gym Leader. In the pokémon League you can choose: the ace of the champion or the Ace of one of the E4 members.
Exp. Share Off against any type of trainer. Can be turned On to grind on Wild pokémon.
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (787 KB, 1600x900)
787 KB
787 KB JPG
First badge down.
Ultra Sun Wonderlocke is moving along great. About to wrap up the second Island. My team:

File: Ynuzlocke.png (265 KB, 586x372)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
oh good the thread is back i cant sleep

training up Triff on my way to the fighting gym, i'm not too worried about it but i figure he'll probably help
I've never Nuzlocked before. I'm going to start with Ultra Moon. Any starting advice?
don't start with ultra moon
do Let's Go Eevee
File: Ynuzlocke.png (23 KB, 580x74)
23 KB
I think I fucked up, I'd much rather have the Pancham I just lost than the Woobat I sacrificed it to raise. I just cleared Reflection Cave but now I have to train up this Snubbull too ugh I should just go to bed
i play lots of megaten. i'll be okay in regards to bullshit. i was just wondering if there were any sun/moon specific tips
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (905 KB, 1600x900)
905 KB
905 KB JPG
Second badge down, and wow, I actually had a much harder time than I've had in the past. Water Pulse hits harder than I thought - I only managed to win by constantly swapping between team members while whittling Starmie down with hits and status effects.
File: byON3rV.png (35 KB, 871x586)
35 KB
I'm usually the type to play one Pokemon through the entire game so it's hyper leveled, but I wanted to change that for the nuzlocke and use everyone a little bit, but keeping them all in the proper level ranges for stuff is a pain in the fucking butt
Should i stop trying to nuzlocke blazeblack2? This shit is soo grindy
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (911 KB, 1600x900)
911 KB
911 KB JPG
Three badges and we're on a roll.
Decided to try Blood and Tears since it MAKES you follow the rules so you can't cheat.First badge went worse then I expected.Gonna go recruit some new team members and will update when I get badge 2.

Also I kept knocking out potential backups while grinding.
File: Nuzlocke01.png (61 KB, 883x564)
61 KB
Forgot pic
File: Nuzlocke02.png (80 KB, 1199x575)
80 KB
So I'm already dead since I got cocky and wasn't expecting that crit.The game reset when I died and I lost some progress but it allowed me to catch another Geodude.Do I still gotta start a new game since I already had a pokemon from this area and can't reach the next route yet?
I decided to try to play with this new dude but if I die again I start a new game.Once I reach next route I'll also release this new one.
Why aren't there more hacks that enforce the Nuzlocke rules on you?
Never mind got one shotted by Oddish,new game it is.
I'd love it if someone would work on the other gens,the guy who made Blood and Tears should do that.Or anyone who can code in the rules.
File: Nuzlocke03.png (55 KB, 1201x569)
55 KB
Here we go
I like having the option to play it either way. Is it that hard for you not to cheat?
File: Nuzlocke04.png (144 KB, 1192x562)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Made it to Mt Moon again
File: QCLFAyO.png (877 B, 48x49)
877 B
877 B PNG
Rolled a die for the fossil,Even was Dome and Odd was Helix.
>>Pre-patched romhacks
is there an hack for evolving pokemon like kadabra etc etc without exchange in game like leaf green?
The universal randomiser has options to set trade evolutions for level 37 or other criteria.
Just one thing, Pokemon Center is on Route 4, not Route 3. That's a common mistake.
Thanks for the correction anon
File: Starters.gif (760 KB, 424x498)
760 KB
760 KB GIF
How hard is a Monotype nuzlocke, with all the normal rules, but you can only catch the first Pokémon of a route if it is the right type?

Considering either Poison in Red (Gen 1 is full of poison types) or Water in Gold (if all else fails, Feraligatr can carry you and learns the most important HM moves).
>start a run of Platinum
>keep getting mons that require trades to fully evolve

The graveyard keeps growing, but I've gotten up to Mylene without a wipe yet. It's been pretty dicey, especially since I'm not going out of my way to grind. Crasher Wake is my biggest fear; I feel like if I can get past him, the rest of the run should fall into place.
File: Nuzlocke05.png (199 KB, 1202x922)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
Made it to the SS Anne and I'm not looking forward to Lt Surge
doing a lil test before i Start fire red
>Inb4 filthy phoneposter
Thats where i keep my emulators nigga.
Wich starter should i go with?
File: Autismlock now in order.png (894 KB, 2272x2364)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
These threads die way too fast. Either way ive begun the sun nuzlocke and so far its going pretty swell aside from the loss of some vital team members and a luvdisc. Moving on to the electric trial with my MVP carbink.

glad to see your run went better this time. Good luck with your tauros
so easy mode ? neato.
If dubs my name is "Jesus2"
If singles "Fraggot"
Name him "Bubba", for me.
first female starter I have ever had
Nice dubs, Bubba a cute
Brock was my bitch. Time to fuck up misty.
0 deaths
>My rattata is the top percentage of rattata (31 attack IV)
File: Leaf Green.png (187 KB, 1460x870)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
thank you, im going to beat misty now
I took too many of them for granted. I'm sorry
Rival Anon will pay for this.
I left the Magikarp at the daycare, and I'm planning to level up my odish. I need a digglet or next gym will be TPK
I'm a retard
Starting up White 2, glad that the battle with Cheren went well after fighting the EXP scaling to grind up to his level. At least Audino mitigates that problem for the future a bit, but for now I'm just hoping for something good from Virbank Complex
Good thing Bubba works for a female, too. Good luck!
Finished all four Gen 1 games in my quest to play every single mainline game as a Nuzlocke.

Now we're onto Gold.

Also I'm doing that thing where if a Pokemon made it to champ status I can no longer use it so that'll be more fun down the line.
Not gonna include the entire Eevee line, I just can't use Flareon anymore.
How'd you get a Mew in Yellow?
>He doesn't know the Mew Early glitch
So he cheated then.
Not technically cheating if it's the first Pokemon you encounter on the route, you need Abra to get Mew, so if he encountered Mew on Route 5, He could do the glitch and get Mew as his Route 24 catch.
*Abra on Route 5
it isnt cheating tho, its a glitch
File: Ramos.png (1.1 MB, 1730x878)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Vs Serena
Much the same as last time, Lucky Bob took it out in two Shadow Claws(I replaced it with Acrobatics after the fight). It got a Fake Out in and set up a Light Screen.
Sent in Oswald, who took almost no damage and killed it with a Power-Up Punch crit.
Sent in Froggo, who dispatched it handily with two Venoshocks.

Vs Ramos
Lucky Bob's Flame Burst reduced it to red health, then it hit back with a powerful Acrobatics crit(putting Lucky Bob in the red too, but his Sitrus berry patched him up). Ramos decided to slow Jumpluff's inevitable demise by giving it two hyper potions in a row as Flame Burst kept putting it into the red. He ran out of potions so Lucky Bob eventually killed it.
Lucky Bob was a bit too injured to handle this, so I sent in Klemper, who Thunder Wave'd and Hex'd it to death, taking very little damage in return since it resisted Grass Knot. Acrobatics wasn't used immediately because I had a Sitrus Berry and wasn't sure how much it would do.
Got the same treatment as Gogoat.
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (909 KB, 1600x900)
909 KB
909 KB JPG
Four badges down now and so far no deaths. Very pleased with Matilda, though this is about the point that I've lost about every Butterfree I've had, so, finger's crossed we can break that streak.
Thanks! If I remember right it was your suggestion for Tauros, so hopefully it was that which will make the difference this run.
File: sun-nz-02.png (457 KB, 1300x1150)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
Some fine new additions to the team. Since almost all Lush forest is filled with dupes for me, I was able to catch a Passimian, really wanted to use it.
Only one loss so far and again for the Lurantis Totem. The Wishwashi and Salazzle totem fight were a joke. The Olivia fight was easy enough with Leafeon.

good luck on your sun run fellow autismlocke bro
File: IMG_7741.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Level 5 Abra
LARA took out Falkner pretty handily, I didn't know that his Pidgeotto had Mud-Slap in this game, but sending in CATERKILLR and hitting Pidgeotto with Confusion took care of it.

Yeah I kek'd.
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (886 KB, 1600x900)
886 KB
886 KB JPG
Spoke too fucking soon.
Lost GOHMA to the female Grunt, but the gym was once again, super easy. Geodude OP
Update on HeartGold. I'm leaving town for the weekend, so I won't be playing. I decided to raise up Growlithe and got her to evolve into Arcanine. Started rainsing up Swinub and then it got crit by a wild Golbat. So now, Tentacruel is on the team. Almost ready for Clair.
File: BIG GUY X FINAL.jpg (1.27 MB, 2055x2236)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
Pokemon X is beaten... barely. I lost two team members (Sawk and Aurous) to the Water member Siebold. Diantha wasn't too bad, her Gardevoir got me down to just my Delphox but my Shadow Ball beat hers :)

I love the art man, I personally think the game difficulty ramped up after Ramos so good luck.
goddamn man that run has been a slaughter, I imagine Lanturn and Arcanine have been real MVP's - you might have to Intimidate switch Lance's Dragonites to win against him tho :O
X was really fun, as a game to Nuzlocke it is way more doable and enjoyable due to CITRA speedup, to anyone wary of the 3DS games because of the time investment give it a try, it's very different now. Onto Sun next, which I only ever played once - I never even bought USUM. Then I will be done with one full "lap" of games. My second lap I'm not sure how I'll structure, but I'll include one of each remake in this time.
does anyone have the issue where if you click the number tag it doesn't put the >>"23956923" in the reply box? I use Chrome and this keeps happening to me, anyway cheers

Congratulations on your victory. Sounds like you had a rough go at the E4, huh.

Arcanine, believe it or not, has not had a time to shine yet. It's mostly been Umbreon and Lanturn that have carried me most of the way. Togetic and Misdreavus have mostly just been around. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do for the E4. I still have the Kimono Girls and the next rival fight to look forward to after Clair, so I'm not going to get ahead of myself.
Do people still make Nuzlocke comics? Because I kinda want to make one.
Do it
You know what this may be fun. I wanna see anon
File: questionm.jpg (83 KB, 500x500)
83 KB
Question for Fire Red nuzlocke.
You know the Pokemon you can buy with the casino coins, can you get all of them? Or does that count as catching multiple pokemon within a single area?

In fact, if I got the Eevee, does that count towards the whole city?
File: team.png (60 KB, 426x268)
60 KB
I'm doing a randomized nuzlocke of HG. This is my team right after beating morty. thoughts?
Scarlet sweep?
morty had a lvl 30 Porygon-Z, so my only hope was double team on scarlet. most of my encounters have been grass types, but I love venusaur and meganium anyway so I'm not too upset
Yes it's one per city
So work on that dratini anon
BASED dugtrio Soloed my rival and the gym
I caught it as a digglet and she almost died like 3 times grinding
literally holded onto life by 3 ps
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (970 KB, 1600x900)
970 KB
970 KB JPG
So not long after losing Conan, Scout got taken out while I was grinding on Bikers by a Cue Ball. And here I thought I was gonna break my curse of dead pigeons. On the most positive, Matilda is proving to be the MVP of the team as evident by the fact that she is very clearly leading the pack in levels. Have made lot of captures thankfully so I've gotten some gaps on the team filled as well building up the box with plenty in reserve. Matilda solo'ed the entirety of Koga's gym like it was nothing, and I am hoping that things go just as well with Sabrina and Saffron City.
>Yes it's one per city
Fuck I already took the Eevee without thinking
>horn drill

File: Nuzlocke06.png (204 KB, 1204x886)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Lost my starter to a crit thundershock but Surge is finally down
File: Autismlock now in order.png (935 KB, 2272x2364)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
Beat the mimikyu trial. onwards to guzma. Team as a whole is solid although i feel a bit weak to fighting types and faries. Rip Dugtrio who died to a trainers gyarados because of my carelessness.

Rip your tauros man. hope the rest of your run goes swimmingly.

same to you man! lets do our best.
Had a fright while grinding when Chomper activated a wild Tauros Anger Point. Managed to get away safely though.
File: sun-nz-03.png (482 KB, 1300x1150)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
The Mimikyu fight as always proved to be challenging, taking away two of my team members.
Got really lucky with my captures, always wanted to use Turtonator and Mimikyu is too much of a awesome mon to pass up.
The guzma fight was easy enough with Dr. Peckers' Drill Peck. The Nanu battle was also easy.
Now is time for the whole aether ordeal and the rest of the trials.

it's a Skyrim reference, does it means something else?

is sun your last game in the autismlocke?
So hope died because I don't know how to even use insects, and poison is an awful typing. Had to beat the whole cave with dugtrio and two plant types, since Bono and Downey were useless.
I caught and boxed a voltorb, then in the cave caught a geodude I'm never going to use.
After that I caught a pidgey and named him Cucoo the third, and he did evolve into pidgeotto unlike his peers. He single handedly crushed the plant gym, and I didn't even need to use casps the Arcanine. I know he is a legendary so I'm thinking of swapping him for one of the based snorlax or a ghost type.
Bought the dratini and now I'm broke. I really hope I don't kill it by accident
Bubba and GoldenD Are still based. Huno is my bro too.

Any suggestions? Does my double trouble plant-poison gimp my coverage?
no, i am also lacking ultra sun. so just 2 more to go
Having a real rough trot of Black 2. Everything outside my team is dead, lost Leavanny, Sandslash, Raticate, Buneary, Liepard and Magnemite to random crits. Probably going to have to grind Joltik to Galvantula to stand a chance against Skyla
Luckily for you, as long as Galvantula outspeeds anything she's got, you should be 100% okay. Skyla's team is a joke.
File: Nuzlocke07.png (156 KB, 1202x601)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
I'm dead again!I swear they also upped the difficulty of this.Another new game I guess.
At least I made it to Rock Tunnel this time, it's progress.
File: Nuzlocke08.png (66 KB, 1199x570)
66 KB
Here we go again
What are you going to do about the fact that Arcanine isn't going to learn any more new moves?
yeah Bulk from Power Rangers' real first name is farkas
File: Nuzlocke09.png (151 KB, 1199x567)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Beat Brock again,hoping I actually run into a Spearow this time around since I'm only able to catch or KO the first Pokemon on a new route.
File: Nuzlocke10.png (200 KB, 1196x628)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
About to enter Mt Moon, losing my team this time really sucked and I had to train up 2 rats.
The rats are level 14 but i forgot to edit it,I really hope I don't get fucked by any more crits.Please.
I lost MANDOLYN to a critical hit, SPOOKY and LARA basically took care of Whitney though.
File: SS Dray Gens.png (599 KB, 1064x797)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
Doing a Drayano Generations run, skipping FireRed Omega because I really dislike Kanto/FRLG in general and figured I can just do Kanto in SS.

My order is SS->RP->VW->BB2->RR, might throw in something like Photonic Sun in the end just for some gen 7 action since its similar to Dray hacks.

Getting ready for Bugsy. Liking my team so far but prepared to get my ass kicked. Will probably box Bayleef temporarily for Zubat for help against this fucker.
>skipping FireRed Omega
File: nuzteam.png (484 KB, 820x604)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
Meant to post this too
File: wheeze.png (23 KB, 461x329)
23 KB
I hate going over gym leader ace level but in a Dray hack.. I think its warranted just a little. That extra level saved me from being swept, absolutely no doubt about it.

This was a +2 Wing Attack from full btw. Woulda been alllll kinds of fucked had Hypnosis not landed...
File: Clemont.png (1.1 MB, 1730x878)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Vs Clemont
Chomper took Aerial Ace like a Champ, then Rock Tombed it to death.
I swapped in Lucky Bob, thinking Magneton would go for its steel moves and leave me free to come in and wreck it. Instead it set up Electric Terrain. Not wanting to let Lucky Bob go down in one Thunderbolt, I instead sent in Froggo, who slowly Bulldozed through Magneton. The terrain wore off the same turn it went down.
Down in two Bulldozes.
Now to level up Chomper and Michigan once and my whole team will be fully evolved.

Morty got scary, but nobody actually died, so we're fine.
File: Willy Wanker.jpg (25 KB, 371x365)
25 KB
>fight Totem Marowak
>Send out random jobber Cubone with Thick Club
>It proceeds to OHKO totem Marowak before it could send out its partner
oh and I just realized I haven't recorded my run here. I'll post future posts every totem or something.
Thinking of doing a nuzlocke of a randomized ROM of Black 2 Challenge Mode.
>if your first encounter in an area is a legendary, don't catch it and try another encounter
>items are randomized
>no gifts/eggs/in game trades
>set battle style

What's /nuzgen/'s opinions on randomizers for nuzlockes?
>What's /nuzgen/'s opinions on randomizers for nuzlockes?
fun to play not so fun to watch
which is a shame since 90% of nuzlockes today are using randomizers

Enjoyable, but only if you fix it up so that past a certain level trainers only have fully evolved mons. Adds a bit mopre challenge late game than "oh look the champion is sending out his ace I wonder what- oh its a magikarp."
>playing randofuser
>team almost wipe
>stuck with two variations of ledyba

Is this hell
Wiped on Crasher Wake in Platinum. I fed my Luxray as fuck, only for him to be KO'd by the Gyarados through a flich, then a crit. I almost managed to save it, even with my Monferno getting a clutch crit Fire Blast against the Floatzel, only to be KO'd by the Quagsire when it was down to 25% health. Huge bummer, but I think it might not have been continuable even if I had finished the Quagsire off.

I don't feel bad about restarting though. I've had really shitty luck all run; it was a miracle I even got this far. But, them's the breaks.
So my randofuser run ended because while looking for Surf to go through lake of rage i talked to a bugged NPC that borked my game

So onwards to bronze and what the fuck is this shit
Go with Bort, and good luck.
File: sun-nz-04.png (493 KB, 1300x1150)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
Well, time for the finale.
Lost Farks to the first Lusamine fight, had no real answer to her Milotic since Hydro Pump almost KOed Deception. I switched after bating a safeguard but Farkas missed Rock Slide.
The Hapu fight and Totem Kommo-o fight were pretty easy. Lusamine 2.0 was somewhat easier than the first time.
Anyway, Sun is the last original game of the autismlocke, altho I still uncertain about doing Green.

good luck man

oh yeah, I remember now. But wasn't it Farkus?
how couldnt i after seeing that name

also shots fired
How does this version work? Is it a Gold/Silver variant or something quite different?
it does seem to be a GS modification since i had no gender option

map is totally different so far and i had to go to kanto to get a laptop for the local professor. dont ask

also this slag is my rival apparently
Did you choose a starter yet?
>this slag

Thus the words have been spoken, and Bort's rival shall be named Slag.
yeah, it was between charmande, totodile and didnt see the grAss one cause totodile cmon
rival have a pichu
this is the world map unused island is my favourite location !
File: 1353116487951.jpg (17 KB, 320x233)
17 KB
>trainer outside town is lvl 5 pokemon at most
>first trainer outside town got 5 lvl10+ pokemon

wow game. just... wow. there goes my rattata and thank god for rage
I think I'll buy flamethrower. It's not that big of a problem. on other news I think my birbs are cursed, Cucoo the third died and took golden D w it
File: sun-nz-hf.jpg (78 KB, 701x413)
78 KB
It's done.
No casualities this time, some close calls tho.
Mimikyu and Carracosta were the mvp. Turtonator is a great tank. Passimian was the least used during the league.
Anyway, now I'll se if I'll do Green or not, I don't have a lot of options for gen 1 pokémon. I'll need to use Zapdos if I want to make a team of at least 5 on Green.
File: Nuzlocke11.png (127 KB, 1365x570)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Entire party got wiped by Rocket Grunt's Raticate and Hyper Fang is the worst

This is fresh attempt 4.I'm going to keep trying until I can beat this.I never knew I was this bad at Pokemon.
>team is electric / rock / water
>second gym is gras

This is a conspiracy
File: Nuzlocke12.png (226 KB, 1365x653)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Beat Brock yet again
i dont think you can survive with more CLUTCH than this

too bad i still had the gym leader to defeat with just a water pokemon and despite fighting valiantly and killing a bellsprout, an oddish and a hoppip, it died to bayleef

ah well. NEXT.
File: Evolved.png (242 KB, 616x331)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
There we go!
I want to play SS again, is nuzlocke fun?

Will anons really be interested in my team and adventure? I would feel special if somebody gave a shit about my Pokemon game desu.
Little off-topic but since you guys are experts at romhacks, is there any rom of Platinum out there that lets me obtain all pokemons INCLUDING trade and event exclusives but without the bullshit additions? most of the romhacks I've seen always include either revamped EVs or difficulty, or just outright change dialogue
just use randomizer to remove trade evos
Little new on this. I have Pokemon Randomizer but how do you turn off trade evos?

and no, catch-em-all mode is the exact opposite of what I want since it just randomizes all wild pokemons so its unpredictable
there's an option on the first page that makes all the trade/bullshit evos turn into natural progression ones

for event shit you could just add yourself all items with a save editor i guess. i'm not that savvy about how events worked in platinum but i know you can do it for the gen III games
shit, adding them myself's gonna feel weird but its better than a shitty romhack. Thanks m8
i will care anon. show me your travel
Arcanine is in the daycare
Things went incredibly wrong. I did everything in my power but everyone but Bubba is dead.
I don't think I can make it bros. I'm really in the verge of giving up. Sabrina killed my two biggest bros.
I'm gonna try to beat koga so I can catch zapdos. Hope him being a birb doesn't condemn him to death like all my other birbs.

I have the masterball so if I don't lose against koga I'll catch it right away. Give me a name pls
Or I'll just call him ThndrCucoo
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (958 KB, 1600x900)
958 KB
958 KB JPG
Saffron city conquered - the gym actually was easier to manage than the Silph Co takeover. Seemed like the chances for poisoning have shot up much higher than they would be normally because I kept having to make stops off to heal statuses. Rival fight actually gave me trouble - Most everything else I was able to work around, but fucking Charizard actually managed to get some serious licks in. Didn't really have anything with a high enough Special Defense so it did high damage even against like Sandslash and Slowpoke. Just managed to pull out a win by blocking with Ninetales for a while as I set up confusion and try to whittle it down with attacks. Giovanni was a little difficult, but it mainly came down to that Kangaskhan which we won't be seeing anymore.

Matilda took care of the whole gym herself again, and that's about the last time I think I can do. Still, she's gotten lot of experience in that time so I won't have to worry about her too much up 'til about the E4.
>Caught a Goomy
If Chomper ever goes down, I have a reserve now.
File: vwrandomizergyms.png (269 KB, 2000x440)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Doing a randomizer of Volt White, I've had to have a couple slight alterations/mulligans just because of the way I have the randomizer set. For instance all trainers are type themed, so kind of hard to progress in the game when the second trainer is a ghost type with only normal moves and HM/Cut related stuff. Other than that, been a relatively nightmarish experience, Lenora was an absolute fucking nightmare.

The starters it gave were Igglybuff, Mudkip, and Chikorita, went with Igglybuff, Bianca has Chikorita, Cheren has Mudkip, I believe their type themes are Water/Flying respectively, N's has been Water/Poison.

Anyways, first two gyms to the side and my teams as I did them. I'm lv. 25 now across the board and I'm terrified, Lenora legit terrified me with this party.
Decided to do the Green run.
My team is literally the only mons I could catch so far. Because of the champs clause, I have 6 or 7 avaiable pokémon on gen1 that I can use, without counting Mewtwo and Mew of course.
Anyway, I'm banking on Luna for now to carry the team. Things will change when Salem evolves tho, Persian is one of the best pokémons in gen1.
File: green-nz-01.png (297 KB, 1300x1150)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
forgot the pic
File: sprites1.jpg (60 KB, 588x538)
60 KB
Man, I'm loving these sprites
Maximum SOUL
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (944 KB, 1600x900)
944 KB
944 KB JPG
Minor update, managed to obtain another badge. But on a down note, I cannot fucking keep Sandslashes alive no matter what I try. Currently my total death count is tied with how many fallen Pidgey-mons I've had at 3. Anyway, considering between bringing Rhyhorn or my newly revived Kabuto on.
Holy shit congratulations man! you actually did it you madman.
File: green-nz-02.png (380 KB, 1300x1150)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Just caught Krabby at Vermilion.
Everything so far has been really easy due to the fact I'm way overleved since my team was so small. I have only a few pokémons left that I can catch.
Does the Farfetch'd trade is still a thing on green? Is Kangaskhan in the Safari zone on green aswell?
Emerald is DONE
and your OTHER Ghost type
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (975 KB, 1600x900)
975 KB
975 KB JPG
So I brought on Rhyhorn, went on Bill's island errand, and got the last badge I need. Rival fight actually went better than last, Slowbro now able to take Charizard on without bursting into flames. Now it's onto Victory Road and the last bit of grind.
Finally learned how to use this. Next time I'll add everything from the start.
I'm going to grind some for the two underleveled mons. Cucoo the 4th will deal with that cursed Machamp, or at least will try. Honestly playing in Set makes it incredibly hard to plan out correctly against the 4Elite
At least Rival Anon is my bitch As things are right now. Hope his Eggy boy doesn't become too much of a problem in the final fight
File: green-nz-03.png (400 KB, 1300x1150)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
I just realized that I said that I caught Krabby at Vermilion instead of cerulean. Brain fart.
Anyway, the farfetch'd trade exists on the Green version, but I already lost Dux. I don't think I ever will make Farfetch'd a champ.
Anyway, Koga almost took down half of my team, but Luna pulled through.
The Silph Co. ordeal was easy. Sabrina was also easy with Salem and Luna.
If I lose another team member, I'll go through the hassle to capture Zapdos.
They're all Lv. 28-29, I'll get around to doing the nicknames and proper stuff later and proper screens, I'm just lazy and I like the way teamplanner has this set up, but I'll fix it.

Turns out Burgh's Gym is now Fire, took down two of his trainers and took a break. So far this has been a nightmare run, but Chelsea/Primeape learned Thunder/Ice/Fire Punch upon evolving so that's rad.
File: nzteam1.png (88 KB, 849x172)
88 KB
And I forgot the pic, good job me.
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (993 KB, 1600x900)
993 KB
993 KB JPG
>Made some last minute stops
>Celadon for more Game Corner prizes
>Power Plant; captured Zapdos
>Traveling Victory Road, grinding
>During grind, Dodrio killed by Primeape; bummer
>Gandalf the Zapdos placed on team; good because we'd been lacking an Electric member
>Final team pre-League is as follows

Not sure how this will go, bit of an odd make-up. I see Butterfree, Slowbro, Zapdos having a lot to do maybe also Rhydon. Victreebel and Ninetales I expect might see action once or twice. Regardless, will soon be closing the book on Kanto.
File: Nuzlocke13.png (89 KB, 1365x567)
89 KB
Got screwed over by that damn Raticate again, this time a flinch at low health lost me my starter.Had to start training Fred.Hopefully I get another Spearow on reserve for Dux...
File: MAD1.jpg (213 KB, 487x573)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Never mind,the Raticate took him out in 1 hit when he was level 16.Fuck me I hate this game.New Game start again.
File: Nuzlocke14.png (75 KB, 1364x560)
75 KB
Here goes my fifth try
File: 001.jpg (19 KB, 220x220)
19 KB
Red Nuzlocke, first reply names him.

Or her, that's OK too, there are no genders in Gen 1.
Olivia if female, Cornwallis if male
Butters it is, then.
Butters died, apparently I'm bad at this game.

Should I try again with the same game, try again with a different game or just give up?
File: Nuzlocke15.png (177 KB, 1363x564)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
Beat Brock for the 5th time

Try again!Can't always get it done the first or even second try.
All right, I began again, this time I named Bulbasaur "Attrition" because if I ever get to level 7, I'm going to abuse the hell out of that Leech Seed + Growl combo against anything with more HP than Attack. Wish me better luck this time.
Never mind, Bulbasaur died again. I'm beginning to think I should pick a different game than Red.
Kek .
Keep going anon, Its worth it
Maybe go for fire red? more balanced game
If you go for bulbasaur again call him Forrest

Allright It's now clear to me that the name Cucoo is cursed. Had to use an old buddy Drowzee and level him up from lvl eleven lol.

My team is all lvl 55 and I'm gonna buy some stuff to keep them alive in battle.

Wish me luck anons, if I make it to the hall of fame should I go for the Post-game and Second E4? Is it possible to fight the gym leaders again first?
Fuck I forgot the pic. Arcanine is my bro
I have Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal.

Maybe I'll give it one last try and see if my rival's Charmander is going to do him in for the third time in a row. Forrest it is.
File: Nuzlocke16.png (260 KB, 1365x868)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Beat Misty,so far doing better than last time.
Forrest died to not only one, but two crits from Charmander. This is enough for today, good night. Maybe I'll try tomorrow.
Doing a randomizer of black 2, how fucked am I?
I beat Clair, but still haven't gotten the badge, this is bullshit.
CABELA absolutely... Stomped.
Good luck anon and go for it, the islands aren't really too challenging.
>Aron starter
>Cleffa first caught Pokemon
Jesus this couldve been a better start
those are both bros anon
believe in the team
Anon you get a free potion from the pc in your room
Also rival first battle is not an end point for nuzlocke
I'm worried about E4 part two desu
I won! Lapras was my MVP. Machamp took out Zapdos tho, and therefore I'm banned from owning any birb in the Kanto Region. Bubba avenged his buddy

Then lance took out Downey the Hypno. He had fought valiantly, but Bruno is a Crit-slut

I'll try to do Islands tomorrow, but since I caught a Ditto I'm thinking of Mating one of my remaining champions and using that for a Leaf Run
Leafrun anon finish yours so I can also do mine lol
File: green-nz-04.png (402 KB, 1300x1150)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
All gyms are done. Now just a final Rival battle and the league stands in my way.
Captured Zapdos but won't use it unless I lose someone..
Fucking hell, I guess I have to pull the drugs out from under my bed and try again.

Also, congratulations.
File: green-nz-hf.jpg (56 KB, 590x484)
56 KB
Green is done, Luna was the mvp of the entire run.
Now all original games were played. I'll definetely try to keep it going with some hacks to see how much I can stretch this autismlocke run.
File: nuzlock 3rd gym.png (439 KB, 2000x634)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Ok Burgh down, wasn't too bad at all, almost lost Sara but it happens.

Olivia the Jigglypuff Lv. 31
Kevin the Jumpluff Lv. 30
Chelsea the Primeape Lv. 31
Sara the Kingler Lv. 32
Dave the Dugtrio Lv. 31
Azure the Cubchoo Lv. 30
Beginning my Nuzlocke of Black.

The naming theme is those randomize default names from Darkest Dungeon.
Expect many Ancestor quotes.
>Lost my first battle to a crit


Thanks anon. Decided to raise a Growlithe. What name should I give her?

I'm gonna play SoulSilver next. And since it sounds fun, No champs allowed rule lol(except arca Ofc)

Good Girl.
Honestly I know Oshawott took a serious deathblow but I really don't feel like going through the intro again.

Next deathblow is a fo'real one.
File: nz rival teams.png (162 KB, 865x480)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
I know it's a randomizer and that sometimes it just switches teams randomly, but so far its been consistent with the rivals on every encounter, so Cheren, why did you decide to change it up, I'm not thinking a Lampent/Chandelure strategy is gonna work out for ya.

Hell Bianca's Zangoose and Lopunny put up a far better fight.
File: LeafGreenLocke.jpg (936 KB, 1600x900)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
>Zapdos pretty much handled this one; only stumbled when Lapras' bulk managed to survive what had been OHKO Thunderbolts to hit back hard.
>Had to swap out briefly for Ninetales when Jynx came in, then brought Zapdos back out to clean up Cloyster

>Solely a Slowbro showing

>Expected Matilda to do well, but was disappointed - status effects continued to be a bitch to deal with
>Rhydon brought in briefly to fend off Golbat and Arbok
>Manage to pull through in the end; Matilda MVP

>Lead in strong with Zapdos for Gyarados
>Surprised when Aerodactyl brought in; Slowbro responds and washes it out
>Continue on employing standard Ice Beam spam while tanking Hyper Beams and Outrages

>Once more lead in with Zapdos; Pidgeot OHKO
>Rhydon; Slowbro Surf OHKO
>Gyarados (confusingly); switched back in Zapdos, OHKO
>Alakazam; switch in Butterfree
>General strat working, but blocked as Alakazam keeps getting healed back up
>Manages to hit back with critical Psychic
>Matilda... KO

>Rhydon sent in, tanks Psychic assault for revenge kill
>Exeggutor; Ninetales Flamethrower OHKO
>Charizard; decided to leave Ninetales in while healing Slowbro to swap in next turn
>Some crits later, Ninetales down
>Slowbro returns to make the final kill

This was about the most difficult run I've had I think going through the Kanto league, not nearly as easily won as when I did FireRed. Losing Matilda was awful; we'd come so far, I thought I was finally going to break this curse I've had with Butterfrees. For what it was worth, she stuck with me to the very last, further than any had done before.

All in all, I don't think I've had such a sporadic journey through Kanto since I started with Red last year. And with that I close the book on the original Gen 1 region, and the semi-last leg of my quest of Gen 3.
SS locke, was doing E4 (round 1)
Was doing fine until Bruno. Lost My Dragonair when his Machamp survived with almost nothing. Crobat SHOULD have been able to kill it, but why the FUCK does Rock Slide hit pokemon in midair!?
File: Nuzlocke17.png (268 KB, 1364x860)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
This run has been abit bette ith only 2 deaths so far,I traded George the Spearow for DUX BUT he got killed of course.At least I have Orian the Pidgey for Fly and hopefully no one else goes down.About to clean out the Gamecorner's Basement of trash.
About to fight lance. Lost 2 at Bruno, none at the others.

> Sprite the Shiny Tauros, 51
> Matterhorn the Heracross, 48
> Crasher the Steelix, 40
> Mr. Burns the Magmar, 49

I don't even know what to lead with, since his Gyarados will have that Intimidate bullshit going right from the start, and my only Special attacker is Fire-Type. I had planed on using Dragonair, but he was killed by Bruno.
>Losing teammates in the final battle
It hurts bro.
Yeah, it does. Especially since the Rock Slide thing really caught me off guard.
File: d54.png (276 KB, 600x600)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
Hey guys, it's been a while since I've played a Pokemon game. I'm trying to decide between Omega Ruby or Sun/Moon. Which do you guys like better? I know this is a Nuzlocke thread, but every other thread is basically waifu wars, so this seemed like the best place to ask.
It's one of if not THE most upsetting loss I've had, practically like losing my starter. She had come along so far, done better than I ever could have expected of her. I wanted her to finish the League with me. But not like this.
She is a good girl.
If Dubs my name is BASED
If Singles Is RETARD
File: images (13).jpg (11 KB, 320x272)
11 KB
File: NuzSS1.png (68 KB, 1084x311)
68 KB
Look at those fine numbers. This will be a good run.
Here is to hoping no birb dies this time.
SunMoon is more fun for variety and difficulty if you tone down exp share and refresh use but you have to endure the handholding. ORAS have some cool stuff like dexnav but... its still gen III and piss easy
File: 001.jpg (356 KB, 1300x700)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
and i'm back to not finish yet another run wew
File: NuzPlatinum4.png (9 KB, 256x384)
9 KB
I'm back with a new badge
I was a bit worried going into this without anything super effective against Ghost but it was surprisingly easy
Street Dragon Rage'd Duskull
I switched to Scrambled when Mismagius came out, who was able to Sweet Kiss/Metronome it out
Haunter was Charmed all the way down and Tam came in to wipe it up

interesting 2 steel and 3 ghost types. definitely one of the least conventional champion teams.
I saw someone start a randomizer so i decided to try one out. The rival has totodile, so this will be interesting
File: 1475710047174.jpg (32 KB, 512x512)
32 KB
What's the point of doing nuzlockes if you're going to abuse refresh/amie to make your pokemon survive deaths?

I see so many YT nuzlockes ruined by this bullshit and its pissing me off
File: NuzPlatinum5.png (10 KB, 256x384)
10 KB
Dammit. I lost Bond right before making it to Veilstone.
I was planning on pulling Wifi to the team but I wasn't sure who I was gonna replace. Looks like I don't have to choose now
Randomizers are pretty fun, you get to use a lot of Pokemon you usually wouldn't. You may have to mulligan on some parts early on just due to how it works. Like you may not have an essential HM slave for cut or strength or anything.
there's your problem, the target audience for YTers is 8-13 year olds.
File: nz 1.png (90 KB, 1439x407)
90 KB
At Elesa now, decided I'd do a tad bit of grinding, caught a new friend.

Eevee is named Johann/Male, Lilligant is named Alice/Female.
I did it. I fucking did it. With 4 Pokemon left, I beat Lance (1st time) in Soul Silver. I lost Matterhorn to a bad call, hoping Guts would be enough of a boost. But Crasher, my Steelix that started the fight underleveled at 40. beat fucking FIVE of his pokemon. It beat Gyarados, Charizard, Aerodactyl, and Two Dragonites.
It's definitely letting me use pokemon i haven't thought to use before, although two steel/psychic might bite me later. I just beat Cheren, so onto Roxie
File: Nuzlocke18.png (385 KB, 1316x830)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
Lost Biff right before facing Koga,may he rest in peace.
Hey man, if you have bravery, try it with Volt White/Blaze Black one of these days, it's what I'm doing >>38299169 and oh boy has it been an utter nightmare of extremely close calls.
>>List of Romhacks
>Coming soon (never ever)
how long would that list be?
Just beat Roxie, I thought that would be the run ending battle, everything had a type advantage against psychic, but i managed to pull through
I've heard about volt/blaze, i assume they're in the dropbox in the op?
File: FR Nuzlocke #1.png (52 KB, 1200x245)
52 KB
Let's do this shit
>I've heard about volt/blaze, i assume they're in the dropbox in the op?

I gotta assume so, not sure, I've had Volt White for ages just sitting around myself. I could prob dropbox it later for any anons if they want.

Be careful of Burgh. I feel like right now I'm gonna call you Robot Anon since most of your team is like metal robot things.
N's team/Ferris wheel. Solid team, I like it, easy battle though. Elesa's gym appears to be Flying in this Randomizer, which is cute, she's taking after Skyla, I hope her's is electric.

Elesa being flying makes her calling Juniper about electric types funnier though.
File: Ns team.png (92 KB, 849x187)
92 KB
I always forget to upload pics.
I'll definitely try it out. Hopefully it's a challenge I can do
Its not too bad just expect double battles.
File: FR Nuzlocke #2.png (156 KB, 1200x404)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Brock down.

Failed the Route 1 catch due to damage variation. It was a Rattata, so not a huge loss.

Fun fact: I missed Tackle twice in a row trying to catch the Mankey. Shit bricks when it turned out to be Adamant.
Well, I beat Cilan, but lost a couple allies.
Rip Dismas the Patrat and Laci the Lillipup.

"A trifling victory, but a victory nonetheless."
Is there a decent place in Kanto to grind (Soul Silver)? I got there with only 3 adequately-leveled pokemon, so I need to level ones from the box, or maybe catch new ones if I'm lucky, since I don't have a flyer anymore.
>is there a decent place to grind in GSC/HGSS

the answer is always no

your best bet is to find a fully evolved mon which is fast to kill and kill it for hours and hours and hours
I was afraid of that. That's how I prepared for Claire/E4. It took quite a while.
That's how I prepare for Morty in all runs, so many Girafarig killed.
This is fucking horseshit. Some pissant biker's Wheezing on cycling survived with a sliver of health and landed a fucking CRIT EXPLOSION on my Shiny Tauros, which was over 10 levels higher. That should not have fucking happened. I lost my starter forever ago and kept going, but this is fucking bullshit.
Be strong anon
The nuzlocke god giveths but the nuzlocke god taketh away. Do not waiver your faith
"You will endure this loss, and learn from it."

Anyway, I'm currently grinding up for Lenora, her Watchog scares me and even though I have a Roggenrolla I'd still rather not face her underleveled.
I reacted out of instinct and turned it off, so I suppose I'll just have to deposit him anyway. I don't think I made any real progress since I last saved I will NOT release him. I'll wait to trade him over. Unfortunately, this means my run will probably be over soon, since I only have 2 decently-leveled pokemon. Even worse, if I had tried to control the slope better or just used Steelix, I'd still have him.
how do event pokemon factor into a nuzlocke?
I don't know how much longer I can keep going. Not just for lack of spirit, but I don't have many pokemon that can keep fighting.
Keep pushing on to the task's end, Anon. I believe you can seize victory even with lowered numbers! Have you caught everything in various towns and cities?

Oh, and does the outside and inside of Pinwheel Forest count as one area? Or can I separate the two?
I basically just got to Kanto, so I have some options on things to catch.

If the map card shows a transition or the encounter list is different, I'd say each counts. I use that rule with Outside/Inside Virbank/Desert resort in B2/W2.
File: SSNuzlocke2.png (228 KB, 1163x644)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Lost my first catch right after i got it. It seems my tendency of being a bad bird owner continues, but Nunis sacrifice wont be in vain.
Headstart is based and i will go out of my way to protect him.
Falkner is defeated and so im one step closer to the league
use them, might as well
File: RIP Tauros.png (59 KB, 342x246)
59 KB
It's ok Master, I died like a man in this explosion, remember me well, and stay golden.
Though they may be a painus in the anus to train, at least you'll have backup.
Also that's sounds good to me.
I'm about to start a volt white 2 nuzlocke completely blind i've never touched the original or vw2
any tips?
My Drifblim is almost at the level it would learn Shadow Ball, but I'm thinking I should stick with Hex. I'm almost certain to have either Thunder Wave or Will-O-Wisp on it at all times.
Be a higher level than you think, you're going to lose Pokemon, trust me.
Thanks for the tribute. He was a good Citrus-colored boi.
You're welcome. I had a Primeape years ago on LG I was attached to, he fell in a blaze of glory, a struggle match against Blue, he won me that Champ spot though. I'll never forget you Butt.
Are you gonna use the challenge keys you get before your starter to unlock challenge mode difficulty?
File: NuzPlatinum6.png (9 KB, 256x384)
9 KB
Six badges down
Lost Scrambled to an Ice Fang and tried having Dart the Croagunk but ended up trading her out for Twitch
Im going to leave it as is. I don't want to make it harder, and I definitely don't want to make it easier
>challenge mode
Thanks for fucking reminding me I have White 2.
He was strong and sparkly, and will be missed. I'd always wanted a shiny Tauros because I loved the ridiculous color scheme. I can never replace him, but hopefully I can form a strong bond with another to help me through.
You will, use his teachings going forward. He's your Nuzleaf.
File: renegade-nz-01.png (362 KB, 1300x1150)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
Time for some hacks.
Starting with Drayano's Renegade Platinum.
You can get a lot of good pokémons at the beginning. Eevee at your house(you can evolve it before the first gym), an egg with either Elekid, Smoochun or Magby, and a fucking Beldum from Steven in Oreburgh.
The thing is, if you are nuzlocking it: it's extremely necessary to get these mons.
I already have more deaths then team member. Almost blackout twice and Espeon and Beldum were on red when I bested Roark.
Anyway, since I'm going blind and knowing Drayano, it might be the first time I wipe out on this autismlocke.
I had a hard enough time without nuzlocking that one,he did a great job making it challenging.Good luck.
>Pidove has Super Luck
>Air Cutter

File: ah uuu.png (365 KB, 992x909)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
>Really want Gengar
>Can't get one cause emulating

I hate it
I'm at floccesy ranch, looking for a herdier now. I'm worried about the first gym with this team right now
>pokemon pictures didn't save
what the fuck
You could hack the game to get rid of trade evolutions.
Is that as tough as it sounds? I have really no experience with that stuff.
If I was able to do that could I switch it to evolve at a certain level? What would be appropriate so it's not sort of cheating in my nuzlock? Like 36?
>open randomizer
>open rom
>check "change impossible evos" on the first page
>save rom

Yeah its like rocket science i'd give up on gengar forever if i were you

(this does exactly what you want - assign a level to trade evos)
Got it, thanks a lot
File: nuzlocke 4th gym.png (893 KB, 2000x1312)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
Randomizer so far, Elesa was a joke, Staraptor was the scariest thing with close combat, almost killed Azure/Beartic.
Doug has literally solo'd the trainers before cheren
I think I'm ready to take him on I'm scared guys
Get to lv. 12.
>forgot random low lvl chump horseas can still have dragon rage

aaaahhhhh and my paras had exactly 40hp too right before chuck ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
He'd have died upon evolution anyways, it was fine this way, he'd have wanted it like this, serving you. Honor him, The Dragon Scorched, remember thy name, Paras.
>He'd have died upon evolution anyways

All i want him for was as the spore hit and run user. Mostly i wanted him for Chuck tbqh. Now its all on beedrill's tiny frail shoulders
I managed to beat him without losing anyone. But munchlax with metronome is fucking ass
I want Parasect to be good too, but the Mushroom kills him and he sucks. ;_;
File: 1366392108787.png (145 KB, 258x285)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
>if i have waited a single day i could get another mint berry and save my goldeen

it hurts bro
it was between her and beedrill and beedrill deserved to live
File: EmeraldLocke.jpg (675 KB, 1600x900)
675 KB
675 KB JPG
The quest continues with a new challenge, and the last leg of this journey through Gen 3. Emerald is go!
File: Nuzlocke19.png (346 KB, 1182x768)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
I took care of Lavender Towns ghost(accidentally encountered and couldn't catch a wild ghost)

Shooed Team Rocket out of Silph Co

Beat Sabrina

Revived both my fossils

Beat Blaine

Now all i neeeed to do is last badge,rival battle then become the champ.The last leg of this journey has gotten much easier.
File: Valerie.png (1.14 MB, 1730x878)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Vs Valerie
Lucky Bob yawned at it, then proceeded to Power-Up Punch it twice(it used Iron Defense before falling asleep). A Crunch crit activated the Sitrus Berry due to Gluttony. Flame Burst ended Mawile.
>Mr. Mime
Lucky Bob slays it with a single Return
I decide to play it sorta safe- I don't remember how physically bulky Sylveon actually is, so I go for Yawn... and it Charms Bob that turn, so at this point I'm better off sending in Froggo. Froggo proceeds to Venoshock, Growth, then Venoshock again, and Sylveon wakes up and uses Swift. I predict accurately that Valerie will use a Hyper Potion and use Toxic. the boosted Venoshock kills Sylveon in one hit the next turn(it might actually have been a crit, I'm not sure).
>oh it's brawly let's talk to him
>get sweeped by his team
Well that was fun
Just restart. And don't talk to gym leaders outside of the gym
File: IMG_0235.jpg (16 KB, 344x326)
16 KB
My computer died and I had to get it replaced.

My past runs and bros are fucking toast. So I need to restart from Red. Give me a starter Pokémon that's NOT one of the OG 3 and I'll use that.
never mind

i fucking rolled goldeen
consolation prize so i'll just name my nigga ditto
File: renegade-nz-02.png (526 KB, 1300x1150)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
I fear every trainer battle on this hack so far.
A Kricketune almost rekt my team and I had to sacrifice a recently caught Goldeen to beat it.
I don't how I maganed to defeated Mars without losing anyone.
The addition to go through route 216 before the second gym leader was a nice touch. Got some good captures along the way.
Had to sacrifice Croagunk against gardenia to heal Nihilist.
The Jupiter fight was a blood bath, almost lose 4 pokémons if it wasn't for North's Thunder Wave on Skuntank. Still lost 2 of them and Armageddon survived with 2hp because of Aftermath.
So far it has been brutal but also fun. I'm using a lot of pokémons I never used.
Finally finished a Kanto runthrough
does anyone have a download link for sacred gold or storm silver?
yeah those battles are optional for a reason
they're a good source of EXP once you can guarantee wins on them though
What's /nuzgen/'s opinion on Hidden Grottoes? I got fucking insanely lucky that my first one on Route 5 was an Adamant Blaziken (this is a randomizer), and since it was a grotto, it had its hidden ability of Speed Boost, so I'll be pretty pissed if I lose him. I'm using it, but I just now realized it has the met location as "Hidden Grotto" rather than "Route 5" like I would've expected. So, would the rule be:

1. Hidden Grottoes count as the route they're on, you can use all grottoes you like but it counts as your encounter for the route
2. HIdden Grottoes count as the met location, therefore I can catch a Pokemon on Route 5 now, but I can't use any more grottoes

What do you guys think?
I think they should be counted as part of the route
i count hidden grottoes as their own seperate encounter, as in only one per run. The next hidden grotto with a mon is uncapturable.
>losing to the very first rival battle
Is this a sign?
No, just mulligan it and keep going, intros are boring and long anyways.

i never care much because its a RNG fest and unless you want to waste items, just die cause it doesnt count anyway
I do this with grinding myself, its far more efficient to just go until they faint rather than running back and forth between the Pokemon Center, it's the only time I mulligan on Nuzlockes myself. Just a massive waste of time if I do need to grind from say Lv. 40-45.
>ditto survives with 1hp, transforms into my kingler, attacks me faster next turn and kills it with guilloutine

Why does this game hates me this much
Just had my first death, Kevin the Jumpluff, Lv. 40, he died to a crit from a Charmeleon in Cold Storage, should have synthesis or switched out, figured he'd survive a crit still, my fault.

Alice the Lilligant, time for a training montage.
>tfw Icon solo'd Cheren
holy fuck that was tense
>munchlax used metronome
>munchlax used aeroblast
>icon survived with 2 hp
Option #2
Anyone have any romhack suggestions that have fakemon? I played Vega and loved it, I played red adventure chapters and hated all the unexplained type changes
File: FR Nuzlocke #3.png (237 KB, 1200x667)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Misty down, though it was a close thing.

Idea was to put the Starmie to sleep using Margarine, then switch to Hank and Absorb it to death. Woke up before I could kill it though, and a Swift plus a crit Swift would've killed anyone on my team except for my starter. Had to use Galapagos to tank and wait for damage variation to work in my favor so I could get Tackles in.

Was training up the Magikarp in case my encounters were shit, but
I managed to get an Oddish so it's probably boxed forever unless someone dies.
Use exp codes or rare candies
It would appear Clay's gym is Ghost, shouldn't be too much of a problem when I get Alice caught up.
Just beat Roxie, Icon pulling most of the weight this gym too, Hopefully Burgh doesn't give me too many problems
Cherish Kingler, he's great when you get him, tad squishy but he does work.
I have the exp share on him right now because he can't hit for shit
Mine is a staple >>38304186, she's been pretty consistently powerful, she just can't take a hit hardly. Vice Grip does wonders I find.
File: 2.png (327 KB, 1308x779)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Moving on up in the world.
Really sucked Nena died though, fucking got crit'd by a Hyper Fang for 3/4 of her health.
you got a rom for that moemon?
File: Pre-Misty Red Team.png (713 KB, 2402x1504)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
My team before challenging Misty. I'm deliberately throwing catches I don't want as veterans off to the box because I'd like to use good shit from Kanto later on in FRLG and HGSS.
>wasting beedrill this early

Its surprisingly competent for gen II meaning you can still dump it "early" but reap its benefits. Cant think of a single time where its useful in gen I
I intend to waste things with Twineedle while the move has any value. Of course, this is only for clearing routes, I actually would rather keep Venomoth and Ariados around for later games.


>Goldeen soloing Misty with a single Potion heal
I'll ask my friend when he's online, he got it for me.
the only things that can be "wasted" with twin needle in gen I are psychic and psychic is too OP in genwun for beedrill to make a difference. at least gen II got dark for you to play around as well
eh, true, I may ditch it for Muk/Koffing when those become available.

>not hitting the numerous Grass/Poison types for 4x effective damage

Beedrill has a field day in Erika's gym.
>Beedrill has a field day in Erika's gym.
who doesnt? erika is a chump

also i play with the randomizer fixes for too long so maybe im misremembering but bug being strong against poison?
It is in Gen 1.
File: renegade wipe out.jpg (92 KB, 765x429)
92 KB
So Aaron of the Elite Four just came out of nowhere and asked me to battle right before Hearthome city. I said no since I have no bug resistances on my team. He didn't take no for an answer and didn't let me go until I battled him. I had no way of defeating him and he just wiped me out like nothing.
I will start again the game but know I'll just overlevel my team since I lost 20 pokemons even before I could manage to hit the third gym city.
pic is my death box and what I had left I i wanted to go on
File: Rapeseed.png (23 KB, 750x750)
23 KB
Not the guy in >>38276882 but I made this.
Id love to if I was good and consistent at drawing.
I love Rapeseed's face.
File: Nuzlocke20.png (349 KB, 1182x777)
349 KB
349 KB PNG
Blood and Tears nuzlocke anon here, after i beat up Blue I'll be at the league.Besides the 4 failures I still liked this game.
>So Aaron of the Elite Four just came out of nowhere and asked me to battle right before Hearthome city. I said no since I have no bug resistances on my team. He didn't take no for an answer and didn't let me go until I battled him. I had no way of defeating him and he just wiped me out like nothing

haha that cheeky drayano, he's so good at balancing and being fair!
Considering doing a blind Nuzlocke for my first run of Sword or Shield, but with one of the two following rules:
>a. I get to catch the first Gen 8 mon of the route, other gens are not available to me at all.
>b. Mostly standard Nuzlocke rules, but the first Gen 8 mon on a route is treated as a shiny would be if it is not the first mon.
I always want to use mostly new mons on my first run through a new gen, hence this.
Sounds fine, I've been doing nuzlocke runs on every new game since B/W2, been loads of fun.
I did this with Moon when it came out. I even had did a Corsola chain in order to try out Mareanie.
I'll probably go with option b.
Allows me to have a team and avoid overleveling on early routes if there's a lack of Gen 8 mons.
I'm also not gonna have this be a part of my Full series Locke, it's just gonna be it's own little thing.
I remember my Y Nuzlocke (which has been my highest level team since Gen 3/4 actually was like Jolteon, Arcanine, Pinsir, Aegislash, Flygon, and Sylveon. So yeah, I'd try to make some custom rules for catches just in case.
File: Autismlock now in order.png (922 KB, 2272x2364)
922 KB
922 KB PNG
beat lusamine a second time at the cost of my granbull who somehow survived the dragon trial. Going up to the league and finishing this run with whatever team member i got. I guess jangmo o will make a good team member

Beyond unlucky. best of luck on your next run. I know you can do it.
>just found victini
How are legendaries counted in nuzlockes? Are they safe to use?
The original rule was no legendaries, kill them, or skip them until you run into something else if its a randomizer, but to each their own.
File: Nuzlocke21 END.png (161 KB, 1056x584)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
Holy shit I thought it was over when Blue's Venusaur killed Andrew after surviving an Ice Beam but then it used Growth when I sent out Sam and then Drill Peck got the win.The death that affected me most this time was Biff the Raticate.My next run will be Mind Crystal since I played enough of regular Crystal lately.
Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
Only if you consider grinding to be skillful. For most people its just a needless timesink. We can't all be blessed with infinite free time

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