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Progress Edition
Last thread: >>37057872

>pre-patched romhacks:
>Nuzlocke Info
>Links to official games
Most if not all of these are dead.
>Romhack Links
Most if not all of these are dead.
>Emulator info
>Difficulty list
>Nuzlocke Ruleset Generator
>Nuzlocke generator

>Pokemon Nuzlocke images
>Pokemon Bank Sprites
Additional Templates
Nuzlockes are very homosexual
How should i tackle usum? Have one pokemon per route, or count sub-zone by themselves?
Someone asked about this in the last thread and the opinions were mixed. I personally go by the location change notification in the top left but It's really up to you. One is going to limit your options alot more and remember USUM has totems and U-Necrozma to ramp up the difficulty later.
I just lost to Ghetis.

Fuck everything man.
Bump it thorugh the night
Anyone want to help update the OP pastebins? Most are pretty outdated but still stuff that can be reused

>prepatched Romhacks
Mega link is no longer working
>Nuzlocke info
Could be tightened up slightly but mostly fine -woud expand on additional nuzlocke rules here
>links to official games
Dead so should remove
>Romhacks links
Mostly dead - replace with a list of romhack and ratings, people can google
>Emulator info, difficulty list
Needs updating to include Gen 7 and Citra
>ruleset and nuzlocke generator
these are fine
also fine though not many default templates

Just edit the hack info and how you would rate it onto the template
File: Listlocke.png (14 KB, 800x700)
14 KB
If multiple people list the same hack I will just do a mean rating for difficulty and quality.
Yeah, I did it around a year ago or so, /nuz/ is just fucking lazy
It doesn't help that /vp's/ traffic as fallen pretty significantly. I was gonna just try and future proof it by removing links to Roms and hacks that could be taken down.

Potentially considering making the pastebin links into PDF's and hosting those for ease of reading.
So i've been meaning to ask: after years of nuzlockes why do prepatched games exist?

Do people really need something watching over their shoulder to make sure they use self imposed rules properly?
They're just a version with the Romhack patch already implemented. It saves you looking for the hack and patching it yourself.
Are we talking different romhacks of romhacks that force nuzlocke rules?

Because i've never understand the latter if you cant stick to the rules you've set for yourself it defeats the point.
Guys, where do Nuzlockes end in HeartGold and Platinum? Red and Rematch Cynthia?
>removing links to Roms and hacks that could be taken down
Yeah, definitely for the Official Games links

I noticed Prism doesn't have a link and the Prism website doesn't have it available. I actually used the WaybackMachine.com to go back in time to use the download link that was available back in the day. Don't know how you wanna do that.

I remember replacing all the links in the Official Games pastebin
Sucks the site got nuked
Just the romhacks for you to use as a basis for your run. Adherence to the rules is down to you at all times - unless you have someone to babysit you - but I don't see the point in cheating at them. There was a streamer years ago who got so much shit for using EXP boosts for grinding topkek
Sometimes people bend self-imposed rules due to losing an absolute bro
It's a nice option to have if people want/need it
I ended with Red
I ended at the Sinnoh E4
>Sucks the site got nuked
That's the danger but at least the prepatched rom's in the dropbox still work.

I really don't want to do an egregious overhaul, just tighten up whats there already and trim the stuff that's a headache to keep updated. Hopefully entice some more people to the thread if it looks like we're sprucing things up/
Ruleset generator also doesn't work so can be removed.

I was going to just add the list of optional rules to the Nuzlocke info section. Right now I have

Mandatory Nuzlocke rules:
>You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter per route, town or zone. If you fail to catch it then you do not get a second try.
>If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead; box or release it as you see fit but it can no longer be used for battles or it's learned HM's.

Strongly encouraged rules:
>Nickname each Pokemon you catch.
>No Legendary Pokemon.

Optional rules:
>Set battle style only
>No duplicate catches
>Only catch with basic Pokeballs
>Limited healing items
>No held items
>No TM use
>No gift Pokemon
>Levelling constraints
>No Pokemarts
>No Pokemon Centers

>If you fail to catch it then you do not get a second try.

Might reword to
>If it faints, you run out of pokeballs, or flee from the battle, then you do not get a second try.
How do I nuzlocke Gen 6/7 games? Do I disable exp share?
Would be good to have a definitive stance on this as well.
>Do I disable exp share?
This was my opinion to but someone the other day started barking about those games being tuned around it's use? I'd still say suck it up and grind because I've never had to use in those gens.
They added EXP share and then reduced how many trainers are in the game so you get far less exp. It's still pretty easy though. It's just personal preference. You could waste time grinding on Rattata all day or you could save some time by using exp share. If you're strapped for time just use the quicker method.
>This was my opinion to but someone the other day started barking about those games being tuned around it's use?

i dare you to leave xp share on and not end up horribly overleveled than anyone in XY

fine tuned for its use my ass

sun/moon had some kind of balance with the beginning of the fourth island but the first three are a cakewalk and the fourth island becames a cakewalk near its end as well

basically this fine tuned exp share theory is bogus, turn that shit off, why are you even nuzlocking anyway if you want things easy?
Is that all they changed? I'd say exp share is easy mode then. It's hardly grinding if you stay on level just by progressing with the story.
Well yeah if you have the time for a legit Nuzlocke definitely turn it off to maximize how much playtime your individual Pokemon get. EXP share lessens the Nuzlocke experience because you don't get attached to your Pokemon.
What is your opinion on switch and set mode? I always go for set but if i play a romhack that changes the switch option from knowing what pokemon will be sent out to not saying what comes next, I prefers switch mode since it feels more proper
set every time

you dont deserve a free switch just because
I feel like playing a romhack of usum. Rowlet, Litten or Popplio?
I honestly don't know if I can make an objective suggestion about the Alola starters.

Assign them each a number in your head and then pick 1
all three suck so get a random one and box it for route 01 encounter
File: SapphireLocke.jpg (721 KB, 1600x900)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
Continuing on from last thread; after sailing around running errands, made it through Slateport, the following routes, and into Mauville. With how we'd be leveling, decided to take on the city and let Marshtomp live up to his name. Brought down the thunder upon Wattson, (though the constant Supersonics and Sonic Booms did not make it easy-going). Caught a Gulpin that has been leveling up really well I've found. Got the start of a good team, though not sure what I'm gonna do when Shroomish evolves and I have two Fighting Types around.
Your team is nice, hope this time goes smoother than your Ruby run did.
It should. He has a Swampert. That's basically easy-mode. Watch out for critical hits and remember that Stevens Cradilly has giga drain.
Just lost my Weavile I trained for fucking hours into it's second proper battle. Goodra survived Ice Punch and BAM Outrage, so annoying.
File: 94d.png (307 KB, 815x608)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
>be me
>HG nuzlocke
>randomized wild and trainer mons
>randomized abilities, evolutions, and learned moves
>surfing to cianwood
>most common non is Shadow Tag + Explosion Gyarados
>whole team gets destroyed on the way there
Why is life so unfair?
At the last duo in Mount Lanakila too.
I literally have no idea what to use. Ultra Space Wilds spat out a Crustle, which is shit for the Elite Four. Gonna use Naganadel and Aurorus, both of which need serious grinding, alongside Wishiwashi, Mawile, Garbodor and Palossand. I am super fucked. This is the second time I've lost Primarina in the last battle before the Elite Four as well. God damn it this run has been abysmal in this last quarter.
Literally no idea what is worth using, that is. I am so done with this run.
File: SapphireLocke.jpg (745 KB, 1600x900)
745 KB
745 KB JPG
With new captures and evolutions, made some changes to the team. Put Makuhita on the bench with Breloom, (and also Cascoon which wasn't really up to much - just didn't switch 'im out 'cause there wasn't much else to replace). Brought in Numel, even though Marshtomp covers me for Ground, if only because I thought it'd be a little better than Slugma. And caught a Swablu - really hoping I can take it the distance, will really come in handy.

Had the fights against Team Aqua and Archie - Leaders proving once again to be tougher to beat than Gym Leaders surprisingly. Speaking of Flannery was pretty much cake with Marshtomp around so not much else to speak of there.

Thanks for the well wishes and advice.
File: SapphireLocke.jpg (754 KB, 1600x900)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
Sorry about the double-post, but kind of important update. First death in this run. And all things considered, I was expecting something like that in this gym battle.

Frankly Breloom more than made up for his loss within the first two matches - had he not taken out Norman's Vigoroth and the first Slaking, we wouldn't have been able to win. Couldn't stand up to the second though after all that. And we barely got through it either - Marshtomp proved just bulky enough that the second Slaking couldn't outright kill, and taking advantage of its loafing and need to charge up for Focus Punch, we were able to wear him down to KO, (ignoring when he healed up with Slack Off or Hyper Potions - fuck you dad).

So with all that said and done, now we're down a heavy-hitter. Makuhita's back on the team, and we got a new teammate in a revived Anorith. (Kind of wish I hadn't picked the fossil 'til after I lost Breloom so I could have gotten Lileep, but eh, coulda woulda shoulda.)
File: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.png (897 KB, 869x443)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
>Do a blind USUM Nuzlocke
>EXP share disabled
> switch in disabled
>lose a few Pokemon here and there during some Trials
>spend a lot of time grinding on the 4th island
>first fight against Necromaza eazy OHKO with Z-Lariat
>get to final form
>lose entire party

File: v95uNZ0.png (249 KB, 1015x609)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
I think the last time I have an update was after I beat Pokemon Tower. Since then, I have defeated Silph Co. and Koga and all the trainers from the peripheral routes between Celadon-Fucshia, Fucshia-Lavender. So far, the game's being quite generous to me. I lost my Vileplume to something in the Cycling Road, then I tried to use a Hitmonlee and it died to a Dodrio's Tri Attack. If it was a Drill Peck, I wouldn't even be mad, but a fucking Tri Attack. I managed to get a miraculous Rhyhorn at the Safari and so far it's being quite useful.
File: TmkFq4t.png (242 KB, 1013x598)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Forgot to update the party.
Well, after the Kimono girls, I've just realised all my strength users are dead. I have some Kanto mons I could use, but, my rule was Johto only so RIP this run.

Gonna start a fresh one and either do
>Platinum but with my starter as a Stunky
>White 2
>Heart gold

If anyone cartes to pick before I finish rolling I'll go with your selection.
File: Soulsilvertemplate 4.png (213 KB, 658x878)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
I could also do Sapphire eitherway i'll need a new template
Good run, mate. Hope to see more from you again.
Thanks the levels are a bit higher than that template but it was a fun warm up run. I'll retry HGSS later down the line.

I started a Platinum and at the moment its

Pablo - Piplup
Sheila - Bidoof
Ryan - Starly

About to take on Oreburgh Gym. Will make a template tomorrow. Saw about 5 Ponyta, after accidentally killing a Machop, but the female Onix made up for it.

Pablo/Piplup - 12
>Met Route 201

Juliet/Budew - 11
>Poison Point
>Met Route 204

Ryan/Starly - 10
>Keen Eye
>Met Lake Verity

Sheila/Bidoof - 8
>>Met Route 202

>Rock Head
>Met Oreburgh Mine

Claude/Zubat - 5
>Inner Focus
>Met Oreburgh Gate
Sucks to hear you got shut down, good run. You planning on doing the Drayano hacks for HGSS?
>Took a break a few months back due to nuzlocke fatigue
>Finally decide to load up my Emerald Save again today
>Have only encountered 2 non-ultra-space/non-giveaway shinies since I began playing pokemon
>One was a Golbat while grinding for the elite 4 in Diamond
>Couldn't capture it because at the time I thought I needed full restores more than pokeballs
>This motherfucker comes up and slaps my run's ass
Feeling conflicted because aside from my original Ruby run, this is the only run I've ever done on an emulator. Feels hollow for some reason.
Maybe it feels hollow because if someone dies, you just replace them and level them up fast enough, thanks to speedup, that you don't even miss your old members.
File: Autismlock out of order.png (300 KB, 1200x1400)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
gotten past lugia.
Biggest bump in the road so far was when Silver decided to kill my quilava and pinsir. and then training up the diglett i got from around the safari zone.
then it died to a crit right after i had it grinded up. will probably replace it with gyarados but 3 water types makes me sorta meh type coverage wise.
either way heading to league and should probably do the league grind aswell
Bugsy's next and I'm not confident.
File: Capture.jpg (38 KB, 290x428)
38 KB
Use that plant and shove those vines through the eyes of your enemies
Omak can probably wall Pinsir, but that's about it. Even then, it has seismic toss.
If you wipe do you have to start over? Or just rebuild your team?
rebuild, but theres not much to rebuild it with so if i wipe i might have to start over
File: yellow4.png (238 KB, 1305x777)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
All right,a lot happened.
I defeated both Erika and Koga and,surprisingly,I haven't lost any of my members.
What helped me is how shit the gym leaders' team are in this game,seriously check out Koga-I thought Surge's Raichu was bad but he takes the prize no contest: Venonat lvl 44,Venonat lvl 46,Venonat lvl 48,Venomoth lvl 50.
It seems like a joke.
On to my team now,I'm really liking it.
I chose these guys because I love using mons that I like (Rhyhorn over Tauros and Staryu over Kadabra).
The real surprise is absolutely Farfetch'd,didn't expect it to be so good (all thanks to Sword Dance).
Now that I finally have a team I have to grind before going to Saffron City.
But all in all,I'm pretty confident.
Have we decided on the best ruleset for nuzlocking Let's Go? It's tradition for me to nuz each new gen of Pokemon but the way Let's Go is structured it'll be different from other games.
we have
You just dont nuzlocke it, simple as that
Nuzlocking Let's Go is the same as Nuzlocking Snap: you just don't do it, and if you try, you're being a retard.
Play Let's Go Pikachu with Anime rules. Limit yourself to only Ash's team and then add on rules you like.
Thanks, it was my first run in a long time so I'm pretty happy with it. It's awakened the fever again. I made a few stupid mistakes, like not relearning Headbutt quick enough after Furret died and tackling Chuck before my team was ready, but It's nice having the control taken from you. Make the best with what you've got.

Definitely Drayano's hack next time I try HGSS and i'll remove the johto restriction with the difficulty increase. Call it a gimmick but it's hard not to get attached when they're following you around.
File: Jynx Template - Clean.png (110 KB, 658x878)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
If anyone wants to use my Jynx template please feel free. I'm gonna stick to making a new one per run as part of my motivation.
The theme for each template will be my MVP from the previous run so the next one will be either the Togepi line or Miltank.
File: togepi.png (133 KB, 695x800)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Bumping with a clue to the next template. It's finished but I'd like to make a bit more progress before I update it.
It's creative.
File: images(3).jpg (6 KB, 249x249)
6 KB
Just caught one of these in my sacred gold redux run. Not sure whether to turn him into a Slowking or wait for Slowbro. Also, just got to azalea, and I'm indecisive on the Hoenn starter to get as well
File: 1482744979177.jpg (6 KB, 200x200)
6 KB
I'd say slowbro is better in the longrun since it's typically an answer to rock, ground and fighting types with high attack. More def over special
I'm gonna wait for Slowbro, thanks.
I also picked Mudkip and struck gold: brave nature so I can take advantage of zoom lens for stronger moves. Damp is usually shit, but with every random Geodude/Koffing carrying self-destruct, I can see it being useful. And it's female so that's something I can use for Whitney
Brave is pretty nice considering the many other possibilities. It doesn't harm anything important and slowpoke is pretty much a physical attacker til it evolves.

I'm currently clearing out the Valley Windworks then i'm gonna check on my honey.
I want to post my new template but this run is going poorly
Ok so I messed with the day on my DS to get drifloon and suffered multiple catastrophic events. I beat Gardenia but have 3 pokemon left. I lost two pokemon back to back against the double battle vs abra. Both super effective, both pokemon one shot.
I think that run is now cursed and I'm gonna man up now and just play flawless Platinum.
how did you fail gardenia with a drifloon?
Oh no I didn't lose anything to Gardenia but I lost a ton of stuff beforehand.
When you're with Cheryl in Eterna forest you double battle two psychics with abra that use hidden power. Back to back the hidden powers were super effective and took out two of my pokemon and I lost a load in some other annoying ways, crits etc. I was thin on the ground and I'd kind of cheated by messing with the clock so i called it.
theyre coded to always be fighting right? so why didnt you send out something resisting that?
Against the abra's? There were two of them and Im still not sure what the hidden powers were. It just happened the thing I sent out was weak to the other hidden power.
i know one of them is fighting as it always hits chansey super effective, i think theyre both the same
Ah right that would make sense. I lost Onix and Bibarel to them.
I was thinking it must have been grass otherwise.
its one of the things you just learn to watch out for with experience
Just finished Ultra Moon. Wishiwashi died to Incineroar's crit Darkest Lariat. Aurorus actually saved my ass with an Ancientpower boost, but Palossand and Mawile were the MVPs. Naganadel didn't do a lot, Garbodor did a bit as well surprisingly. Props to Mawile Intimidating Dugtrio and Garbodor tanking the hits.
Flawless Platinum is going a lot better than vanilla. Here's the team as of the windworks and Floarama town.

Jigglypuff is hitting hard with return and cute charm is proccing often. Ludicolo line i badass and I'm excited for the bold Flaafy after losing mine in SS.
Mostly, I'm excited for this Magby who i'm going to do everything possible to keep alive.

I lost spearow to Roark's lileep because I'm an idiot who can't count to 5. I was juggling some injured mons and thought he'd used all the Ancient Power PP but he still had one left.
Also, really enjoying the hack so far. More trainer pokemon is great fior challenge and for grinding exp. I expect things will get a lot harder though.
File: SapphireLocke.jpg (818 KB, 1600x900)
818 KB
818 KB JPG
Back! And things have been not well.

I made some poor tactical decisions and lost two of my best all-rounders in the process. Not been so bad though - caught Voltorb while stopping off in Mauville, and on the way over to Fortree got it and Gulpin to evolve. Following that though, I felt like doing some extra grinding in the lead-up to the gym fight. So I got Marshtomp to become Swampert, and paid a trip to the Game Corner. Thought if I could get it bulky enough to weather an Earthquake or two from Altaria, I could use Ice Beam to bring it down. Also handy as a back-up in case anything happened with Electrode.

Though, I might have overdone it as we had no real problems. Six badges down, two to go. Will likely do a little exploring now, see if I can't find any new captures to fill the vacant slot on the team and bring the others up to snuff.
File: Yellow5.png (245 KB, 1302x778)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
This run is going well,holy shit.
Siliph was a joke,Jessie and James are pushovers.
I'm finding Cheryll,she can take hits well and put to sleep her enemy well enough.
Sabrina's battle was pretty uninteresting,it was basically Fagfur using Pin Missile ad nauseam.
But for Alakazam I had to change first with Hoshi,who could take only one hit,then with Cheryll,who proceded to sing and Double-edge her way to victory.
What the hell is up with teams in this game?
Sabrina had Abra,Kadabra and Alakazam.
Is this what happens when you try too hard to follow the anime?
Maybe half the reason Let's go is shit is that it's a remake of Yellow,the other half is that,well,it's fucking Go.
That image made me realize that we'll never get hacks past gen 5 because of the 3D shit.

You can't edit maps or make new towns or anything in those engines.
File: Autismlock out of order.png (302 KB, 1200x1400)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
A little bit closer to completion, League finished.
Pidgeot died to Ariados of all things due to get poisoned at 6 hp. my own mistake but i regret it. The rest of the team were extremely solid, and im happy i made it trough without any more casualties than that.
onwards to kanto, and somehow getting a 6th team member
>tfw haven't even started Gaia because I'm too undecided on which pixel filter to use
send help
are wonderlockes allowed itt?
Of course.
RIP Broloom
just go vanilla
Started a Wonderlocke today. Just got to Rustboro. The disobedience antics are out of control already, both Larvitar and the bunny almost got KO'ed by Seedot and Lotad. Decided against using Ralts and Wurmple since I already played countless games with those 2.

btw first time using this template generator, but I haven't been able to make a smaller image without fucking it all up. Anybody has any tips?
File: 1471131188937.png (317 KB, 650x933)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
What are the best romhacks to nuzlocke?
File: OmegaRed.png (346 KB, 1053x720)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
Starting an Omega Red run bbs
Nice to see all of these custom templates, keep up the good work boys
Glazed, Prism, Moon Emerald, Theta Emerald are pretty fun
the hardest, most bone crushing ones
I'm not one to play hackroms, but I liked to play Gaia.
File: OmegaRed.gif (3.01 MB, 1053x720)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB GIF
Oooooookay boys, it was a close decision between Squirtle and Bulbasaur, but it ended up being SQUIRTLE SQUAD WHERE WE AT
File: OmegaRed.gif (367 KB, 1053x720)
367 KB
367 KB GIF
Patrat...over Pidgey, Fletchling, Pikipek, or Fomantis

Well, my run went slightly awry... by which I mean I got fucking destroyed by fucking Bugsy. My Magnemite's thundershock paralyzed Heracross on the switch from Butterfree's U-turn, and then it preceded to sweep my whole team.
This is the fourth time I've lost now, I'm gonna give it one last try before calling it quits and trying a vanilla game
Bump. Starting new job today but I'll pick up my platinum run and some red wine because 'm a middle aged woman and update more tonight.
>a middle aged woman
What is your opinion on using a "rematch trainers" cheat in order to agilize grinding?
Especially when you wipe and you have to build a new team with the PC reserves, like what just happened to me in BW postgame
If you're in the postgame then it doesn't really matter does it?
I always try to include the postgame in my runs, (not just in HGSS) in order to face the hardest battles in each game, even though sometimes it can be a massive pain in the ass.
Still, I'm going to use the cheat. I'd prefer to grind off that nurse at the stadium with the Lv.65 audino rather than spend thrice the time grinding the wild ones at the giant chasm.
File: SapphireLocke.jpg (837 KB, 1600x900)
837 KB
837 KB JPG
So fuck me, I lost my fossil Pokemon while trying to grind it. Probably should have gone for Lileep after all.

Surprisingly, I got Swablu to evolve to Altaria and she's stuck around with me thus far. Made some new captures, and in preparation for the fight with Tate and Liza, I decided it was worth doubling up on typing and took Sharpedo out to play. The match itself went pretty well despite being slightly under-leveled - I had Swampert in as well, and while most of his attacks didn't do great damage, he still managed to whittle away health and gave a solid target for them to concentrate on while Sharpedo got in Crunch attacks. Will have to move on soon to continue the plot and hopefully next update I will not have had any other major losses. Hopefully.

It was a terrible loss, but not one in vain.

Hey, nice seeing you again - you were one of those that inspired me to take up this challenge in the first so it's good knowing you're still active.
File: 5193125533c20_194278b.jpg (27 KB, 223x319)
27 KB
And I just realized I forgot to edit the image to show Electrode's growth. Whoops.
Well it is technically cheating, but you've extended your run past when most would have decided the run was finished.
Under different circumstances, i'd say you're cheating, but you're already playing on your rules so I don't really see the problem.
It ended up becoming weed so im not sure you want me as your mommy
File: LGP Nuzlocke.png (190 KB, 972x541)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Decided to do a nuzlocke for my second playthrough of this game. Obviously I don't expect to have too much trouble as long as I keep my levels on par with everything.
Yo, I try to be active, but I keep dropping my runs right after I start them. I just lose interest too quickly, just like this Omega Red run unfortunately.
But I usually lurk in these threads.
File: first chekpt.png (36 KB, 720x480)
36 KB
Just started up an Emerald nuzlocke. Gonna be abiding by level caps along with item limitations (maximum of 3 per battle) as well. For clarity, I used my trainer ID to determine my starter. Haven't done any Gen 3 nuzlockes before so hopefully this goes over well.
Well, flawless Platinum has defeated me. I ended up wiping after Eterna but suffered serious casualties in the galactic building.
I think the difficulty hacks are maybe a bit much for me but im reusing my template for whatever I do next.
Sapphire or HGSS? I need a win.
Ok. I'm gonna get some food then ill post an update in a bit, thanks.
Cuckold Emerald
Next post gets to choose which game i nuzlocke along with the starter i should pick
Liquiput (the only viable starter in a nuz desu)
File: -.png (294 KB, 1460x870)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
After getting my ass handed to me multiple times in Platinum and getting thoroughly bored with Ultra Sun, I decided to go back to square one and do a proper full series randomized Nuzlocke this time.

My starters were Magmar, Jolteon, and Dragonite. Oh game, you're not even trying to make this a challenge. I picked up a few decent mons (and a Golduck) and found a fucking Articuno in Viridian Forest. I should've just run from it but I took the risk and Thunder Waved. Somehow survived the Ice Beam (why the fuck does it have Ice Beam at level 3?) and managed to hold it off with Wrap and caught it in the last ball. I'll probably box it once I have a full team, Dragonite is broken enough for one run.

Apparently it was opposite day in my game because everyone and their mother led with fully-evolved mons only for their ace to be some NFE shitmon. DICKS had Omastar and Rattata, Brock had Jolteon and Diglett, and that fucking lightyear kid led with Arcanine (which very nearly rekt my shit with Take Down) and then sent out a fucking Growlithe. Oh shit nigger what are you doing. Brock gave me the TM for Thunderbolt, which is neat.
nah i still do
I only use it in HGSS due to the horrible way it is actually handled and the even worse level scaling on wild Pokemon
can i get that template? was gonna do a tism locke myself
It's in the generator. The name of the template is "Generations".

File: Futurewallet.png (7 KB, 254x374)
7 KB
Decided to do a blind nuzlocke of Storm Silver. I have no idea what I am in for but here we go with a gutsy boy.
File: doubt.png (30 KB, 380x282)
30 KB
I have a suspicion of who will be the first to die.
>finish Ultra Moon nuzlocke a few days ago
>really rough ending, lost nearly all my team that I had for most of the game including my starter right before the Elite Four
>decided maybe I should stop nuzlocking for a while after this run
>only 2 days later I already have the nuzlocke itch again

Why am I like this?
File: aces.png (4 KB, 253x192)
4 KB
Rom broke and online fixes were not working so this was almost a very short-lived nuzlocke. Saved by obsessive in-game saving.

Welcome to the team, Syd
You've convinced me to start a Flawless Platinum nuzlocke, haven't played Platinum or a variant of it in years
File: Nuzlocke1.jpg (193 KB, 2534x1334)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
It's good to be back
File: grass sass.png (5 KB, 255x192)
5 KB
>3 grass types and a dizzy punch sentret
surprise aroma lady was actually a nice surprise but I am glad Sydney joined the team or this would have likely ended badly for Lenny.
File: one shy.png (4 KB, 255x220)
4 KB
>motherfucker's jgglypuff put the entire team to sleep.
>MVP Lenny woke up and solo'd.
>Reason critical kills buizel on route 31
New team members.
File: har har.png (7 KB, 255x157)
7 KB
meant to include who the motherfucker was in that one but I got distracted by the new additions to the team.
Just beat Roxanne, basically with a Bulbasaur and a Skiddo I got from the Wonder Trade in the nick of time, since everyone I was training started disobeying me too much to be any use.
I've never done a nuzlocke before, and I can't play my DS at work, but I can play on my laptop. Which DS game should I lose my nuzlocke virginity to? I also never played any of the DS games.

Diamond/Pearl are shit and HGSS have fucked up level curves

Unless you wanna try a hackrom, but I don't know if you wanna lose your virginity to that
File: Blue 1.png (202 KB, 1030x551)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Started a Blue Nuzlocke. Have never managed to finish one of those.

Getting ready to face Brock, I feel like everything will go to shit already.
He only used Defense Curl and Bide lmao won it without losing 1 HP
File: Nuzlocke2.jpg (241 KB, 2534x1370)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Wasn't having much trouble until Mars' Purugly, cunt had Frustration.

Gardenia's Roserade was a pain too, team is a bit battered and I don't want Pingu to get ahead by too much. Also a pain that a lot of good mons are in Eterna Forest and Cheryl's Chansey makes sure you'll never catch anything during a Nuzlocke there.

But overall having fun.
File: hang on crocogator.png (8 KB, 253x188)
8 KB
Got too cocky, almost lost Lenny but he held on with one sliver of health.
Hypnosis is going to kill me this game. Swap, asleep, swap, asleep, swap, asleep.
File: Capture.png (56 KB, 719x389)
56 KB
Back with some more Gaia Nuz stream

started another run since last thread and about to fight the fourth gym (Bug type)

Also dubs names my Shedinja, if I can ever find the Name Rater.

Socrates for Shedinja
I'll take it because I got dubs
>Wasn't having much trouble until Mars' Purugly, cunt had Frustration.

That's how I lost my starter. I'd taken a few unfortunate hits on things already Elekid with Fire Punch was scary and she crit me wth frustration after I charmed and switched to Prinplup.I lost more during the forced double battles in Eterna Cheryl's Chansey died at the start of a battle so I had to 1 vs 2 against 6 Pokemon and then lost more in Galactic building in Eterna.

New job is going well, except I fell asleep yesterday evening and woke up at 1 AM, so I'm determined to also achieve a Nuzlocke victory this month. I just don't know if I am good enough for the difficulty hacks yet.
File: yikes.jpg (134 KB, 744x1126)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
It's weird because it's challenging but there are times where I feel like I'm overlevelled so I stop grinding and then suddenly wild Pokemon are 2 levels higher than my starter

Goodbye Pingu
File: nuzlocke3.jpg (300 KB, 2349x1482)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Just now at Veilstone
Route 215 was pretty killer
I don't feel so bad after reading your posts. I'd heard flawless Platinum was hard but I was starting to feel like a massive scrub.

Drayano's hack comes out this month according to his twitter so I'm not sure whether to wait for that and just run something vanilla in the meantime to practice.
I'm playing Sun with EXP Share on because i have never completed a nuzlocke successfully before. I'm still losing 'mons but no where near as many.
USUM is bullshit without exp shares but if you want to play with them on might as well play with a difficulty hack. Another good rule is not using subareas as new capture zones.
Hey guys, nuzlocking Sun
20 minutes before I could actually catcha pokemon holy shit[/spoiler

Is the hauloi outskirts considered route 1 or is it a separate area? Also, got a timid pikipek and litten. Pikipek has keen eye of course.
It has a different name, it's a separate area for me
You can consider it another route since the game barely has any of them
Yeah, i'll just consider anyplace that spawns the route's name as a new route, thanks bro never trained a slowpoke before.
File: Blue 2.png (222 KB, 1030x623)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
While Brock was a complete scrub, Mt. Moon was brutal. Losing my starter so soon (and just after he had evolved) was a bit of a shock, and 2/3 of my team had been replaced by the time I got through.

I did a considerable amount of grinding to get this team to decent levels, beat Cerulean Gym's trainers, and now I'm wondering wheter to take Misty or my rival first.
File: monkeying around.jpg (247 KB, 690x650)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Dusting off my copy of Pearl after not touching it in nearly a decade. First Nuzlocke, wish me luck.
Well, struggling with what to do at the moment after my failed runs. Off to work in a couple of hours so i'll decide over the course of the day I guess.

My options are:
>all DS era hacks

Can't find my LG or Emerald cart and I have just failed flawless platinum so I'm leaning toward something vanilla now unless someone has an easier hack to suggest?

Here again, Smeargle killed me, lol.
To be honest, i was playing half assedly, because there's so much dialogue, someone should mod this game to add a skip button.
File: 1520750712275.jpg (126 KB, 1007x742)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Update: my level 9 shinx died to a level 4 kricketot bide crit while I was grinding. I didn't think the pain would start so early. RIP Minx
Just googled what Bide does. Really stupid of me.
don't worry bro, just be more careful

what other mons do you got?
So what nuzlocke comics do you all find worthwhile?
Do Platinum.
File: 1536547464689.jpg (38 KB, 605x586)
38 KB
Loved Sandshrew's name.

One of my most pleasant surprises in gen 1 was when I trained a Sandslash on my autismlocke. It's a sacred monster, he just can't stop slashing everything in his way.
gracias mi amigo
File: YELLOW6.png (245 KB, 1301x776)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Starmie sure is amazing.
Very well guys,now the only obstacle left is Victory Road,after that,only the League and eternal glory.
Our brave bird will lead the way,aided by all the others.
I can't believe that I lost only 2 mons.
Let's try to keep them at that number until the end.
Will leave another update when I'll have reached the League.
After this gen 1 is over and finally I can move to 2.
Wish me luck bois.
good luck!

the little guy is powerful indeed - not a surprise that one of them killed my Spearow. Glad someone spotted the reference.

I still haven't moved, think I'll fight Misty first, she seems a bit easier than my rival.
Well,after a nice nap here I am!
Time to fight and finish gen 1!

Thanks anon!
Thanks Anon. Vanilla Platinum it is. Not long back from work so ill need a bit to grab food and tings but updates will be later.
File: trainercard-Jumpy.png (21 KB, 430x110)
21 KB
The League went buttery smooth
-Lorelei was defeated just by using Fagfur the Jolteon zapping everything except Jynx,who need to be paralyzed with Thunder Wave then Pin Missiled.
-Bruno was handled by Hoshi the Starmie who simply used Surf on the various Onixes and Psychic on everything else
-Agatha was pretty easy too,basically Hoshi spamming again with help from Rambi the Rhydon against Gengar
-Lance was the only problem,or better,it was his Dragonite.His continous crits forced me to sacrifice Trippy the Dugtrio to let Fagfur win with a lot of difficulty.
-Blue was easy,very very easy and everyone did their thing (the surprise was seeing Cheryll the Wigglytuff beating that fucking Alakazam). Even Miku the Farfetch'd succeded in killing Exeggcutor so I'm really proud of everyone.

Finally gen 1 is over,I was getting tired of the handful of tracks it had and its visual style.
But now I'm going to Jotho,baby.
Later this night I'll already start.
Rolling the starter
1-3 Chikorita
4-6 Cyndaqui
7-9 Totodile
0 First reply picks my starter.
Congrats anon! I don't think I would have the patience to beat Gen I three times in a row like that (or the skill to do it too). How did sacrificing the Dugtrio helped anyway?
File: Screenshot.png (94 KB, 1322x558)
94 KB
Thanks for the suggestion, been having a good time even though things have only just begun!
Thank you,but I don't think gen 1 is THAT hard.
I mean,the critics are frustrating (since they are connected to speed there are a fuckton of them),and the movepools are very bad,but you can use these problems to win.
For example consider how bad are every gym leader's move sets are,and how stupid is their AI (like using recover for absolutely no reason).
Once you accept the jankiness of it all you start to enjoy it
Still,playing Kanto 3 times in a row made me appreciate more its design, especially the freedom you get after the Pokèmon Tower
The real problem of Kanto is the music.
The tracks were seriously too few,and some became grating after a while (especially the bicicle).
As for Dugtrio,his death saved my ass because Dragonite was using Blizzard,Fire Blast and Hyper Beam.
These moves just with one hit would reduce to few HP every member.
But by letting Dugtrio die I could use Jolteon and ,thanks to its speed,sand-attack Dragonite.
This made him miss his hits and let me win.
But Dugtrio's death was essential for this,so props to him.

Soon I'm starting Gold (about 20 minutes from now),let's hope it goes as well as Yellow.

I wish to you good luck anon!
File: SapphireLocke.jpg (841 KB, 1600x900)
841 KB
841 KB JPG
Have completed the last bit of the story and gotten the last badge. Made a few more catches, and looking to do a little bit more exploring in areas I hadn't quite gotten around to, but following that, lots of grinding on the way to and through Victory Road and up to the Elite Four. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here on.

Me gusta mucho
What is the Champions section of these nuzlocke templates for?
I like the idea of nuzlocke but every time I've tried dabbling with it, it just ends up being a tedious grindfest because you get super paranoid and cautious about your mons dying.
For those of us doing the particular challenge in which we Nuzlocke each game in the series; one major rule is that you cannot use any Pokemon from an evolutionary line that you had previously used to complete a game with. This helps to keep track.
Ah interesting, do most people end up doing a no dupes style clause where they can capture another new one if they have used it in a previous play through?
Are randomizer's fun for nuzlockes?
Started my first nuzlocke ever 2 days ago and here is my progress.
So many deaths but I think I can do it.
Ok, I have made a new template and I am ready to go. Gonnna smash through since it's Friday tomorrow and I can get a Drifloon if I'm quick. Thanks again.
Bump, will post progress in a bit. I feel like this is going to be the one since all my mons seem to have +sp def natures instead of minus this time.
File: Fire Red final.png (247 KB, 1012x600)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
It's finally over. I'm so happy. I'm going to play Leaf Green only after I finish playing gen 2 and gen 4, I'm really tired of Kanto and I dislike gen 3 a lot.

Everything went according to plan, Mr. Mime is based. Calm Mind + Baton Passed basically every E4 and all went well. Only the rival made me break a sweat because it had Whirlwind, Roar and an Alakazam. Psychic types are truly too overpowered without a dark type to stop them, they're unstoppable. I realized this in Gold and then this Alakazam confirmed. It was the only major thing causing me trouble through the entire game.

I'll be starting Silver now, I guess. Either that or I'll finish Diamond.
Congrats, nice team man. Go for Silver.
File: BIDOOF was caught!.png (12 KB, 540x222)
12 KB
>starting a nuzlocke in diamond/pearl/platinum
File: Platinum 1.png (256 KB, 1000x700)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
First update, Gardenia is down but I had to sleep after that.. Eterna galactic building later today.

>Died to an early game crit
>I zoned out whilst grinding like an idiot
>Critical hit magical leaf from Gardenia's Roserade

Overall, really liking the team and will continue to update on my hopeful success.
So I lost in the first five minutes in heart gold randomized to a teddiursa that knew dragon rage. Anyway I restarted and it's showing the same randomized starter options as before, how do I get it to randomize every time or is it set until I make a new file?
File: 156186981.gif (500 KB, 500x271)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
>Prismatic Moon
Fucking difficulty hacks man, god damn it
>dragon rage
One of te most broken moves ever in Romhacks. I played a mod of platinum where you each start with a dragon-pseudo first stage. I ended up with Dratini and got one shot by a gible with DR.
File: desmume-screenshot-0.png (14 KB, 256x384)
14 KB
bidoof is suffering
Does anyone have a guide about emulation with downloaded games for retards?
Bidoof is actually pretty damn useful all things considered. I ended up with one stuck on my team (no replacement until death run) for the whole game, and return/surf are two incredibly good neutral moves. he just gets kinda shit on by cyrus and a good chunk of the E4, ESPECIALLY in plat where everything seems to have thunder fang
File: Gold1.png (168 KB, 1301x776)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Absolutely love your template,nice job.

>tfw I actually love Bidoof and Bibarel
But probably Mistery Dungeon played a role in that.

So,Gold is off to a solid start.
Geodude as usual is extremely useful in Jotho.
Falkner was weak,his lvl9 (?) Pidgeotto was dominated by Rocky II.
I hope I'll find some unusual mons,because I'd like to have a team as memorable as my Yellow one.
And holy shit,Cyndaquil is useless. I've always picked Totodile so I didn't know it was like this.
Who knows there is (((hopefully))) more time to get to like him, the fun has only just begun!
Thanks man and don't give up hope. Cyndaquil is at least good for Bugsy and then at least averagely competent mid to late. Love the Spinarak's nickname.
Not sure whether to sub out one of my water types for the Rotom. Prinplup is my starter, but I feel like Shellos is better in the long run. Eitherway im sure whichever I box won't be there for long.
File: drifloon.png (585 B, 80x80)
585 B
585 B PNG
Based drifloon
Cyndaquil is great once it gets Ember, then falls off for most of the mid-game as Quilava takes literally forever to evolve. Then you get Special Fire and Thunder punches and murder everything that isn't a Rock or Dragon type after that.
* has been tering it up since it got stockpile. I've been giving it oran berries on big fights, stacking a couple of boosts and starting to sweep when the speed gets doubled.
The main problem with my team is a lack of power.I have a lot of -attk and -SpAttk natures across the team but im hoping things improve after I get some more second stages. About to finish off Team Galactic in Eterna and then move on.
What do I do if none of my pokemon can learn an HM?
oh shit, Gible from the secret wayward cave

I ended my run after losing my hm users but idk, its up to you if you have something dea that can still use.
Well I caught the Gible It's fucking Modest and it killed my Shellos with Dragon Rage. RIP poor fudge who was well on her way to MVP status at this point.
I also lost my Prinplup to Jupiter's Skuntank Night slash crit so now I'm training the Psyduck up that is currently level 5.
>>>37178039 (You)
Also I got a mild male Ponyta who I named Zoot. I just need this god damn Budew to evolve.
Game's being really great so far. No deaths, got nice mons overall and didn't suffer with crits.

The most difficult battles were against Rival 2 and Morty. Had to PP stall Gengar to deal with him safely, but all's well.

I'm currently in Ecruteak and I hope I can get a Miltank or a Tauros on the route on the left of Ecruteak to close my team.
File: Silver 1.png (178 KB, 1014x603)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
Forgot the pic.
File: Platinum 2.png (263 KB, 1024x700)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Fantina is down, but,I forgot the gyms shuffle round in Platinum so my template is wrong.
Gabite has been a huge blessing with Dragon Rage and Bronzor is an OG tank.

Drifloon died to an underlevelled/TM'd shadow ball I wasn't expecting from a gym trainer.I still really want this budew to evolve, it's had a soothe bell on for ages and it's stopped learning new moves.
File: Blue 3.png (208 KB, 1030x610)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
Things went awfully wrong in my battle with Misty. Starmie was just way too powerful. I had to raise these two from scratch, and they're my last chance. Should I grind more?
Managed to do it this time! My rival is next.
That's rough, buddy.
File: 54644646453.jpg (100 KB, 500x477)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>Gary killed my Beedrill at Silph
It's ok now. I've got a Pidgeotto, a Golbat and a Butterfree up to speed. Now, should I invest in my newly captured Bellsprout or Meowth?
Probably Bellsprout. There's a million Normal types in Kanto, and while Bellsprout has the issue of either evolving sooner or having shit moves (wait until always crit Razor Leaf in my experience), it's better overall. Also Victreebel is one of my favourite Kanto mons and you should use it. Persian does get Slash but it takes the entire game to do so. You're better off just using Snorlax or something.
holy shit gen i movesets are the worst

ill keep training this bellsprout without ever evolving it
File: Gold2.png (231 KB, 1299x776)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
As one who used bellsprout (as you can see) let me tell you one thing : DON'T GIVE UP
I know gen 1 movesets are shit but Razor Leaf is fucking amazing and will destroy basically anything with crits.
It's broken.

>headbutt trees in Route 33 hoping for Aipom
>get Spearow
>headbutt in Azalea
>Pineco selfdestructs
>go in the forest
>find Paras
>crit and he's dead
Fucking end me.
At least what I have is extremely solid but my boxes are looking grim.
Oh right,Bugsy.
Geodude defeated his Scyther before it could set up his Fury Cutter,so it's all right.
Silver was way more difficult and I almost lost Homu.
Now I'm listening for a bit to Azalea Town's theme before starting my journey to beat Whitney.
File: SapphireLocke.jpg (882 KB, 1600x900)
882 KB
882 KB JPG
Last update before I take on the Elite Four.

I made a few new captures in some routes I hadn't gotten around to, and from there spent time working on how to proceed. Sadly I had to box Swalot - she'd been a mainstay for quite some time, but had fallen behind the rest and I did not see her being of much use in the League matches. Fortunately, in her place I brought in Hariyama and Lunatone, and spent time along with the rest training them up.

Had numerous options when it came to move loadout and the like that made it difficult to settle on, but I went with what I felt was the best possible selection. Swampert is the primary attacker, mainly for the likes of Drake and Steven, but also to swap in whenever things get intense for anyone else. Altaria helps to provide some defensive bulk while also providing counter against Drake and Steven should the need arise. Electrode is going to be focused on Glacia's Water-mons as well as Sidney's Sharpedo and Steven's Skarmory.

Sharpedo's got Phoebe and her ghosts covered, as well as also contributing to the anti-Drake and Steven offense. Hariyama will get to square off against most of Sidney's team as well covering bit of Glacia and Steven. Lunatone I don't expect to see much of, but is a handy back-up for if and when shit gets real and I lose someone.

'Ere we go, lads!
Good luck, anon. We're rooting for you.
File: SapphireLocke.jpg (802 KB, 1600x900)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
We made it through. Good news is, better than last time! But just barely.

Surprisingly we didn't lose anyone through the actual E4 matches. Took a while with a lot of swapping around to circumvent enemy status ailments, but each of them went down with no major losses and even left us with healing items to spare. But of course, we then got to Steven. Surprisingly after leading in with Skarmory, he didn't immediately try to just beat us down with Metagross, and I'm wondering if maybe that would have been better. Instead we got caught up in fights with the likes of Claydol, Cradilly and Armaldo that either wore many down or took them out - namely Sharpedo, Hariyama and Lunatone. In the end it came down to our aces, his Metagross and Swampert. We did prevail, but not without an intense fight. Actually managed to tank a Hyper Beam hit that dropped us into the red with barely 13 HP to spare. In the end, just wasn't fast enough to prevent us from dropping the hammer on it.

So that's Sapphire down, and with my starter still alive! Feels good. Will be moving on fairly soon to a new game, mulling over what to do next. As of now, I'm a little burnt out on Hoenn so I might decide to go as I said with original release order and start up FRLG.
hey anon, how do you download the images while using sprites to display your team? The download function is disabled here as soon as I turn on sprites
Oh shit congrats and nicely done. Stoked to see the Altaria there as well as your starter. Go for FRLG, you're definitely better splitting the triple Hoenn up. Good luck.
Honestly doing Lg-E-Fr is the roder that burns you the least out. Frlg in a row is really lackluster and will drain you

Congrats on making it trough btw. Rip Lunatone i was hyped to see if that one survived
Nice job. I see your Hariyama died, like all of mine do. It's one of those Pokemon I can never keep alive. That, Mightyena and Manectric are the gen 3 mons that always die on me.
Everything was going so well then a wild geodude self-destruct crit my Budew. It had to be so close to evolving.
and barely anytime after that, I lost the meditite I was using to replace it to a wild Ponyta's crit flame wheel. RIP Indira.
I actually don't download them,I simply take a screenshot.
File: Blue 4.png (367 KB, 1060x868)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
Things are looking up. Lt. Surge was calmly dispatched by a Diglett and a Drowzee I managed to caugh. Atm I'm grinding my Bellsprout on the tunnel, it's a great spot for that. A shame that I had to waste a moveslot for Cut, but that's life.

Who should I leave behind if I get something nice in the next routes? Drowzee, Diglett and Bellsprout seem powerful; who has the most potential between Butterfree, Pidgeotto and Golbat?
Decided to give a shake at platinum after Heart Gold went completely south. Things are going somewhat smooth, and about to take down Gardenia soon.
File: FireRedLocke.jpg (640 KB, 1600x900)
640 KB
640 KB JPG
And we're back with the start of Fire Red. And in returning in to Kanto, I've picked up with where I first started in the original Red, with Charmander at my side.
Good luck, anon. Fire Red is such a tiresome game, specially after playing Kanto 3 times. I hope you can get it done without suffering too much.
File: FireRedLocke.jpg (758 KB, 1600x900)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
Well, as you mention it, so far making good progress. First badge was pretty easy, though that is to be expected I suppose.

I hit a bump when in the process of grinding the first Rattata I captured on Route 1 was lost fighting against a Pidgey, though I caught a second on Route 2 that's been sticking around so far. Had some close calls, but still, not a terrible start.
File: Gaia champion1.png (43 KB, 726x488)
43 KB
Just beat Pokemon Gaia

I only had 2 mons left for the Champ fight and SANIC swept with +6 calm mind (I was playing a healing restriction rule mind you where I only had 2 full restores left for this fight. Luckily his lead was Wailord which was setup bait)
File: Gold3.png (235 KB, 1299x774)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Seriously fuck it and its milk drink.
It was so fucking frustating especially because Dahlia couldn't put it to sleep because she had shit for defense,while Keroro had to miss 8 times.
I remember Morty being even worse,but I won't give up.
Except that my Ghastly died to a random mon just after beating Whitney.
Still,i've got my nice Geodude and he's a total bro.
So it isn't all bad.
File: Brown Nuzlocke (2).png (575 KB, 1320x873)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
Started my first Nuzlocke challenge ever. Went with Pokemon Brown, because I've never played it before and didn't want the advantage of knowing gym leader's pokemons and levels and such.

There's one tile of grass at the second city which contained high level pokemons. Caught Steve, the pikachu there at level 16 (the Gym leader Karpman at that town only had a lvl 12 and 14, both water types). Since I only knew it was a water type gym, I decided to train Steve a little more. Almost instantly lost him...

First badge down, now in the next town. Some guy gave me a free Porygon, Mental. Easy so far
This is it. I'm sick of losing at this hack. If I fail this run I'm never touching BB/VW again.

File: Blue 5.png (412 KB, 1060x954)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Just reached Celadon. Lost two companions in the meantime, including Vilma, the Bellsprout I had been delaying evolution for quite a while. Self-Destruct is so frustrating. Also caught a Voltorb and it's been a bit shit trying to level up this guy, since he has to rely on Sonic Boom. Three Pokémon evolved too. So there's that. Couldn't cut the trees on Route 8, so no catch there for now, and accidentally killed the Bellsprout I found on Route 7.

After the Rock Tunnel things get so non-linear for a Pokémon game. It's a very nice change, but I get kinda lost. I think I'll take care of the Cassino before taking on Erica.
Damn, Misty killed a lot of your pokemon. Starmie is no joke
File: vwtemplate.png (25 KB, 669x288)
25 KB
Oshawott it is. We get genericbwteam.jpg to start off but Lillipup is a solid catch that should carry early/mid game. Everything is going fine.

I usually use rock types like Onix just for Selfdestruct.

I haven't played that hack but romhacks in general give you giftmons a lot. Early game Porygon is insane.
Good luck anon

>not one but two Butterfrees died
I'm sorry,but still you got Hypno who is based as hell

Ok this run is going to fucking places.
First of all Morty.
Well he wasn't that hard,he killed only my poor Flaafy.
But the Rocket Base,oh boy,that sure fucked me up.
First of all a random selfdestructing koffing killed my Ariados.
I then tried to use Venonat because,you know Bug/Poison and all.
Big mistake,Venonat is shit.
But I couldn't get out yet,so I pushed on using Tauros (obviously godlike) and Graveler (who still hasn't let me down).
And then,executive battle.
And what's worse,she critted Poliwag.
I still can catch something in the water routes near Olivine City,but still.
It was pretty sad.
I don't really know what to use now.
I was thinking about catching a Tentacool or a Mantine and using Mankey or Machop.
But maybe I can use Slowking since I have a King's Rock.
Or I could even wait to Ice path.
Any Ideas?
My box is plain to see,and grinding ain't a problem,since I'm one of those autists who love to grind.
>I haven't played that hack but romhacks in general give you giftmons a lot. Early game Porygon is insane.
So far it's only Porygon. I've come across a lot of people who want to trade though. Not easy in Nuzlocke games I've noticed
File: vwtemplate.png (34 KB, 884x288)
34 KB
I always always always lose Oshawott. Right when it was about to evolve too. The Cheren/Plasma fights were rough so I'm going to go through insane lengths to grind the new team up. I'm not proud of what I have but at least it's not stuff I've used before. Having a FWG is also neat I guess.

Thanks. I always instinctively switch to things like Graveler against Explosion mons like Koffing but obviously it's risky if you're against other Graveler that might have EQ.

I would personally go for Slowking, mostly because it's not something I use a lot. I would wait for your sixth mon though Machamp is very solid too.

Trades are generally pretty unreliable though the boosted EXP makes grinding easy. I assume Brown is Gen 1 only so chances are you'll be able to trade with some of them eventually, if there's a lot of them.
File: 1539675192499.png (67 KB, 449x1197)
67 KB
Last year, I played through FireRed/LeafGreen and had a blast. My team was interesting, the game seemed to be paced well, and it was generally a good time.

So, this past week I've been playing through LeafGreen, and it's just been a fucking slog. I felt like I had to force myself to play through the Team Rocket and Silph Co stuff, and I just took out half of the gyms as fast as possible without thinking or caring. In the last stretch of the game I lost a lot of my team and was able to piece another team together, but I'm severely under-leveled right at the gate of the Elite 4. I've gotta decide whether I want to level these guys up a bit, or whether I want to just give up.

I feel like I've played and replayed the games in so many different ways now. I can't stand the newer Pokemon games... Maybe I should try Romhacks or fangames? I'm not really a big fan of randomizers, either. Maybe I should try my hand at making my own game in essentials or something?

All-together, I've probably completed around 35~40 nuzlockes. I already took a break for a few months. Is it just time for me to stop?
File: Emerald_Nuzl.png (325 KB, 1601x643)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
Trying my hand at an emerald nuzlocke
And things are kind of looking grim, the only 'mon on my team that can hit Magneton for neutral damage is Chips and god knows that's not a solution I want to resort to.
File: vw01.png (10 KB, 256x384)
10 KB
Honestly, I think FR/LG are easy enough games that you'll probably have more fun going in underleveled. I'd go for it unless you really don't want to, Vs. Seeker leveling goes by fast.

Pokemon is a repetitive game. You could try hacks/fangames, ROMhacks usually only change the teams you're fighting and the things you're encountering so if you want something more difficult/new encounters that's the way to go. Fangames are more interesting but it's still the same game at the end of the day. I'd give them a chance (I don't know many fangames but I heard good things about Uranium).

Shroomish evolves soon and hits it with Mach Punch. You could also go for Rock Smash Loudred which is a lot weaker.
yeh, all in on Breloom might be my Wattson strat
having no in battle items and gym leaders using 2 super potions per battle does make things difficult
page 10 save rave
first response decides starter for alola
second response decides it's name
File: vw02.png (5 KB, 256x384)
5 KB
I didn't expect Woobat to evolve so soon. Either Drayano changed how it evolved or he made its base happiness higher. Regardless, Swoobat is going to be my main thing to beat Lenora since I forgot that Lava Plume hits my own team members.
here you go (ass monkey wasn't allowed by the game so I used 5's in place of the S
File: Autismlock out of order.png (303 KB, 1200x1400)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
Ive been far too busy, but heres the team so far, i will probably just steamroll the gym leaders and start the grind for red.
Current team isnt very diverse, but it gets the job done, better than pearl where i had 6 tanks
Watch out for Blue's Dragon Dance Gyarados, that thing has wiped me!
i will keep that in mind, thank you
File: platinum3.png (278 KB, 1024x700)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Crasher Wake is down and my team is pretty damn based. Rotated a couple of mons into storage and redid most of tbe lineup between Hearthome and Pastoria but im happy with the end result.

RIP my poor remorid that died whilst grinding at full health to a neutral non-crit.
There's also a Golduck in storage that I forgot to add but it can't fly so it's not in the party.
File: vw03.png (9 KB, 256x384)
9 KB
Barely managed to beat Lenora without any casualties. Watchog is too strong.

Yeah, now it's just four tanks and two averagemons. Good luck.

I don't know how people keep getting Lickilicky in this game. I'm jealous.
I'm currently playing Gaia nuzlocke and I tried to put Gaia on the Snes Classic but it won't play, anyone have success getting hacked roms on there?
What is everyone's thoughts on running through a Nuzlocke using only one Pokemon? Does it make it too easy smashing through everything with just a starter, or is it a challenge to have everything potentially end with just a single mistake?
I think that it isn't really a nuzlocke at that point.
File: vwtemplate.png (39 KB, 908x287)
39 KB
Unfortunately I lost Pansear against that Heracross that destroyed me before. I thought I'd be fine to lead Swoobat but that ranger had Glare Dunsparce which made things complicated. Oh well. I also got the worst possible catch in the desert route so basically I have to rely on Swoobat to do most of the work which is fine because it's been getting overleveled from all the Bug/Grass forest trainers. I'm worried about Crustle/Volbeat but maybe Herdier will evolve by then and Palpitoad should do well. I don't have Fire/Rock coverage so if it has Tail Glow I'll be in trouble.

Also, I'm probably going to find another Cacnea/Maractus in Desert Resort. Calling it now.

It's a lot easier. It's basically a sololocke where one pokemon gets so much EXP it can steamroll through the game through level alone. It obviously depends on the pokemon and early game/specific matchups might be tricky but it's usually one-sided.

Also I think RNG encounters is 60% of the fun of nuzlocking so I'm biased.
How do you actually just go through with it and get rid of the pokemon? I always make excuses that it was cheating or i wasnt ready etc next thing you know Im halfway through the game with all my pokemon
Just defeated Giovanni for a second time, Hypno managed to solo those guys with Hypnosis + Confusion. What didn't go very well was the battle with my rival at Sylph. I wasn't prepared, and his Gyarados surprised me, killing newcomer Big Guy and long-timer Claudio. Just before entering Sylph I had decided to box Roy on the grounds that Electrode's learnset is too bad to bother, so my team was reduced to a trio. Fortunately, Sarah Bonito (the Lapras) is a new addition.

Before all that I did a tour from Lavender to Saffron, catching a bunch of Pokémon including a lvl. 33 Nidorina and a lvl. 26 Venonat. Had to skip encounters for at least one route since I'm lacking a cutter atm. For the same reason I haven't faced Erica yet. Should I include anyone in my team? The other Snorlax I have to catch maybe?

Based lineup

I did that the first time I played Pokémon. I was a little child who couldn't read English so I steamrolled everyone in Johto with my Feraligatr. It wasn't as fun as raising a team.
File: vw04.png (10 KB, 256x384)
10 KB
Basically Swoobat just clicked flying moves and Burgh's whole team died. It's a little disappointing that it was this easy but finding defensive answers to things like Heracross and Yanmega is difficult.

We're moving to the part of the game that's blind for me so expect lots of rage deaths.

Remember that Jesus died for your sins and he'd be very disappointed in what you're doing.

If you don't believe I don't know how to help you. You're probably new to nuzlocking; just get more experience and you'll have less deaths and less reason to cheat.

Nidoqueen is very solid but if you still have Dugtrio you don't have to swap it out. I usually don't like using Snorlax but if this is your first time you could try it out. It's good.
>Jesus would be mad at me

Holy crap wtf
I've been wanting to do a Unova nuzlocke, only for their audinos for any needed new recruit training (I can't use cheat codes)

Which game is comfier? BW or BW2?
I'm back niggas.

And I'm here with silver. Rolled Chikorita. Let's see how far this gets me lmao.
FR/LG is too tedious, specially after playing through them for 10 or so years. You should try to play BW or something else that you played just a few times and see if you can still have fun. If you can't, just wait and someday you'll have fun with it again.
>Based lineup
Thanks although I cheesed a bit of it. There's an entrance to wayward cave with 30% Gible spawns and Platinum ups the spawns of some of the cross gen evo mons at the expense of things like Stunky and Glameow for some reason.If I was playing DP my team would be alot worse for sure but i'm happy with it at the moment.
I've never used a Garchomp in game before so I'm excited for that even if he is Modest.
Such a blessing that the Beach next to Pastoria has two Heart scales as well. My Leafeon has Razor Leaf so it's not a complete gimp. I'm not sure whether to teach it dig or not but at the moment it has Razor leaf, Return, Aerial Ace and Synthesis.
File: gold5.png (275 KB, 1303x777)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
Went berserk and defeated 3 gyms in a night.
Now,having lost only Mankey in the process,I'm going pretty good,especially because I've just found a fucking Jynx in the Ice Path.
I'll use her well,I promise.
The gyms weren't all that difficult:Bruno was easy as pie thanks to Slowking,Jasmine (by the way she is cute fuck you) was defeated by Homu alone and Pryce was handled by Tribot and Tauros.
I never used Tauros and I knew that in gen 1 it was a beast,but holy shit he's amazing in gen 2 too.
It doesn't care about anything,it's just a killing machine.
I love it.
But this adventure hasn't ended yet.
Now I'm going to stop the team Rocket in Goldenrod city and then I'll defeat Claire,who I hope will be dealt with easily thanks to Jynx.
I still miss Ariados,I loved it even though he was useless.
Godspeed to you sir. 3 levels til she gets Ice Punch and starts knocking skulls.

It's my Birthday on Monday so I traded in my Old DS yesterday and ordered the Pokeball 2DS XL and its already here. Absolutely based and the novelty of the pushable button is gonna take a while to wear off.
You're so underlevelled it's making me sad.
File: 1536502261357.png (20 KB, 1120x574)
20 KB
I'm actually retarded,I forgot to change my old mon levels
It's actually
>Homu 30
>Rocky 28
>Sleepy 28
>Tribot 29
>Milkman 29
>Beauty still 22
I caught Jynx literally 30 minutes ago and had a pause.

>Ice Punch
Just what I was hoping for.
Going to take a nap,anons.
Wow i'm a fucking dumbass who forgot Falkner has nothing over level 10 and leveled everyone to 10 with Chikorita at 12. He was surprisingly difficult, and almost took out Geodude. The only reason my best mons are alive is due to Mud-Slap existing is because I managed to get my hands on Chikorita's Reflect and Growl. Boutta go punk some niggas in the Slowpoke Well. My team's almost full, and I've got a few viable box subs in case of a wipe to Bugsy's infernal Scyther. Fuck that nigga. I kinda want to use Slowbro or Slowking this time around.
RIP LickiLicky and I want to die.

>Double battle vs Raichu and Gyarados
>Gyarados has Ice Fang, Aqua tail and Twister
>Raichu has Thunderbolt
>Capable of hitting 2 of my team for 4x damage
>its the fucking fog route
>Misses and lots of juggling because both hit hard
>Stalemate ended by Aqua tail crit
I couldn't get a pair out where something wasn't either too weak to take successive hits or was 4x weak. The constant misses due to fog and sheer power of Raichu and Gyar with base 90+ STABS meant I nearly lost Bronzor and Lickilicky just got unlucky during the chaos. I would have lost Gabite too had Gyardos not missed it's first ice fang and If it weren't for the hasty nature, Lickilicky might have survived, but RIP to the current MVP.
Good news is I was mere minutes away from teaching it the second Return you get but oh well. Might hatch the Togepi egg.
God damn it. Croagunk one shot by an ice punch from a Sneasel at the same level Picked up a swablu to lessen the blow but this is less than ideal after losing Lickilicky.
50% of Platinum is Cynthia asking you to do something for her and then follwoing two steps beind to make sure you've done it. Why ask me to bring this charm to your damn Grandma if you were coming to Celestic town anyway? I've been here 5 literal minutes.
Alright I'm actually itching to play some muthufuckin' Pokemon
I'm rerunning Omega Red
Looks like I'm picking Bulbasaur too
File: vwtemplate.png (587 KB, 1725x478)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
General update. Got all the Nimbasa catches. I'm not impressed.

Also, Chatot has Moody which is silly.

BW2 is comfier but I still think you should play in order.

Chikorita's the best and you need to respect that.

She's testing you, duh.

Also I want to hear what more people have to say about Toxicroak in DPPt because after evolving it's still frail and still not as strong as I want it to be. It would be a lot better if Bulk Up wasn't post-game.
BW2 has more mon variety if you want to capture duplicates, I'd say BW if you want the dupe clause
I'd honestly argue that Chikorita is the most useful of the Johto starters for a Nuzlocke. It gets a small handful of useful utility moves by level up, it learns few of the most valuable TMs. It's efficient in Gen II. It is also the most versatile of the 3 in Gen IV IMO as it can run a team support set or a Swords Dance sweeping set, with Earthquake the only valuable TM it uses for an optimal offensive set. I honestly wish I had saved it for HGSS, but eh, what can you do.
oh and chikorita is the bulkiest all around. it helps SO MUCH.
I want to do a autismlocke, should i bother with the original red/green or just do all the official translated version?
Okey boys
For mine I did
English Red
Japanese Green
Japanese Blue
English Yellow
That way I got different exclusives for each playthrough.
File: OmegaRed.png (83 KB, 1053x720)
83 KB
Forgot template
File: Blue 6.5.png (415 KB, 1250x954)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
oops, forgot the image yesterday

here it is, slightly updated after beating the fighting dojo
File: OmegaRed.png (153 KB, 1053x720)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
I got a Helioptile!
Never used one before. Gonna grind and get Gary, then I'll update you guys when I exit Viridian Forest
File: OmegaRed.png (245 KB, 1053x720)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Aight boys, we out here in Pewter
The team is lookin' bretty good
I'll grind and face Brock
File: OmegaRed.png (372 KB, 1053x720)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
With Brock down, I'm heading toward Mt. Moon
Tayberry and Titan evolved as well. I'm hoping I can find a Sun Stone for Ellie. Hopefully it's in Celadon.
Looking good so far
File: vw06.png (23 KB, 256x384)
23 KB
Everything that could've went wrong went wrong against Elesa. Basically Galvantula was the main threat but I repeatedly missed Sleep Powders and Leech Seeds until I got crit. And then Galvantula was free to spam Thunder, get many crits and paralyses, and kill my two best team members.

And obviously with my grass counters gone Cheren got to snipe me with his stupid Serperior that has Contrary but can still boost up with Coil because that's fair.

Time to do lots of (safe) grinding before getting to anything else.
>Also I want to hear what more people have to say about Toxicroak in DPPt because after evolving it's still frail and still not as strong as I want it to be.
Mine died before I could even evolve it. Full health to a neutral hit from an equal level opponent. I'm sure it's great fun in normal runs but I don't see it being great for Nuzlockes.
File: silver 2.png (223 KB, 1163x605)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
Finished Radio Tower, on my way to Claire.

The game's being quite easy and generous to me so far. Makes me think if I'm going to get careless at the League and just lose everything.

I don't know what I should use to be my 6th mon. Maybe I'll grap a random Kantomon like Murkrow or Houndour, I like them both, but I don't think they're worth.

So far, Heracross is being kinda disappointing since he doesn't learn any fighting moves, but his normal moves are strong enough to make him strong. Espeon is just plain bad since it took too long to evolve Eevee and had to babysit him to lvl 36 to get my first real move, but after that, he's being great.

I'll try to give more frequent updates since it's more fun this way.
File: FireRedLocke.jpg (849 KB, 1600x900)
849 KB
849 KB JPG
Took a while for an update, but I'm back. Wasn't so confident about tackling Misty at first with the team I had, so I worked on catching, grinding and evolving 'til I felt I was in a better place. Eventually got to a point where Beedrill could learn Twineedle. In that time I also left a Zubat I caught at the day care center for longer than I had intended and got it about ready to level. With that and Bee, we were able to beat the gym and am now working on getting prepared for Surge by working through all the SS Anne trainers.

Morty is fucking easy if you have Crobat and Flaaffy. twave into confuse ray into bite works every time. sure I used 3 awakenings, but eh, whatever works. No potions though. Whitney went down a little too quickly, as did Bugsy.
File: FireRedLocke.jpg (862 KB, 1600x900)
862 KB
862 KB JPG
Kind of skipped an update, but there really wasn't much of a huge appreciable difference from the last one at the time - I had my Nidorino evolved to Nidoking and he pretty much did a clean sweep of Surge's entire Gym. Had a few close calls in Diglett's Cave when we ran into some high level Dugtrios, but nothing much else to speak of.

We made it through Rock Tunnel to Lavender Town and then to Celadon. By this point I had about three solid Grass-killers in Charmeleon, Beedrill and Golbat, so no problems there either. For the moment I haven't really moved on to exploring the Rocket Hideout as I'm currently embroiled in underage gambling. Had a pretty good string of luck so far, so I think I might try to see if I can't get a Porygon. I'm at least coming away with one Pokemon from the prize counter.
File: silver 3.png (227 KB, 1162x601)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
I fucked up at the last part of the Radio Tower. Didn't know the guy had a lvl 35 or so Golbat and Heracross was leading, thought I could kill with a Headbutt or at least flinch it, but I missed and he landed a critical wing attack, though I'm not sure if a regular wouldn't kill Heracross as well.

Caught a Swinub at the Ice Path and will be using him since I really don't know what else I can use, though he's kinda redundant since I already have a Nidoqueen that can EQ and a Feraligatr that can Ice Punch.

Defeated Claire very easily. Two Ice Punches for each Dragonair. I'll admit that I got very lucky since the Dragonairs missed the Thunder Waves and only landed one Dragon Rage. Kingdra was going to be a issue, so I switched to Kendrick, paralyzed Kingdra and got a free switch once he Hyper Beamed me, which did no damage at all.

I forgot how plain the Dragon's Den was in GS. It's so useless. You go inside a small cave that only has lvl 13 Dratinis and Magikarps to grap one single item.

On my way to the Pokemon League now. Had to lvl up my Magikarp to use Waterfall, since for some reason both Tentacruel and Feraligatr can't learn it.
Meant to say Dragon Breath when I said Dragon Rage. Also, one Dragonair landed a Thunderbolt, but it dealt like 1/4 of my Feraligatr's health.

I have to admit that I'm kinda disappointed with Feraligatr. I remember using him and he was awesome until the end, but in this run he's being kinda useless. His Special Attack is bad and I only have Strenght as a Physical Attack.
Porygon isnt that good sadly, i even invested an ice beam and thunderbolt into it. but it just couldnt pull its weight and died to Lorelei after a grind to get there. youre probably better off with the eevee

good luck on your run btw

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