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I bought this pass years ago, when passes were first announced, because I basically had every intention to support the site. Why not, right? I still want to do that.

But fuck this crypto shit. Ironically, Hiroshimoot, I live in Japan and can't even buy any sort of digital currency without a VPN. Oh I HAVE a VPN, but even after that process they want US IDs, which are all expired at this point and would cost me a stupid amount to go back to the states and renew. On the rare occasion something offers verification through passport the process will take 24 fucking hours. Or I could risk getting burned through shadier shit markets. What even is the point of this bullshit

On top of all that, due to the absolutely retarded nature of the ever-fluctuating digital currency market, all of this shit is inaccurate. That's right, I'm bitching that I have to pay 70 cents or more extra sometimes because the exchange rate just falls weird at this fucking hour or minute.

Basically I'm saying fuck you for making this the only means of buying a pass. Fuck your retarded ass
>hiros employs scumbag mods
>paypal and others ban 4chan from using their services
>have to use quasi illegal methods to support site now
t-thanks 4chan
File: 1507749474960.jpg (51 KB, 480x596)
51 KB
>fuck you for making this the only means of buying a pass.
I don't think this was a decision on 4chan's part. Payment processors cut us off because /pol/. If you want to blame anyone, blame them. I'm sure they're trying to work out a new scheme to get credit card payments back.

This happened last year too.
It took about four or five months till we could pay with credit cards again. I think that was one of the main reasons for the 4chan/4channel split. You could buy a 4channel pass with a credit card till recently. If you visited the buy or renew page on the 4chan domain, it was crypto only.
Crypto was chosen because it was pretty muh the safest method they had after being botcotted by all the major payment services. Blame poltards for making the site look like r/thedonald.
but that's exactly what it is
Ranking likeness to r/thedonald would go:
/ptg/>/pol/>/int/>popular boards>the rest of 4chan
Nah, I'm gonna blame payment services for thinking that's something worth blacklisting over.

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