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05/04/17New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
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New 4chan pass user.
Can someone tell me how to set up uBlockOrigin and Privacy Badger correctly to not get the Another ip is using this Pass" or have to relogin-in every 15mins and only get 1 or 2 posts in before having to use captchas again.
If I turn them both off, it works fine.

Can I use DeCentraleyes with the pass ?
Help da newb!
stop using proxies/vpn, script-blocking got nothing to do with your ip changing
Hey I am not using a VPN.
Am using my Dorms wi-fi though. Has a sign in thingy
>Am using my Dorms wi-fi
You need to use a vpn
anon you're technically not even allowed to use a vpn to browse 4chan, read the fucking rules before you tell people to do it
Nobody really cares if you use a commercial VPN which is permanently rangebanned, especially if you need a VPN to properly access 4chan at all, as pass users generally tend to not evade (because bans have been tied to their pass ID in addition to their IP for a long time) and avoid bans in the first place.
OP just needs a means so their IP doesn't keep changing all the time, which otherwise doesn't work out with the 30 minute cooldown.
Yeap this
Whitelist sys.4chan.org and sys.4channel.org in ublock
I don't know about the others
VPNs (or any other rangebanned network) are allowed for pass users

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