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I don't think it's chronological or newest first, is it a black box?

How do we know 4chan isn't going to fuck up the recommendation algorithm like YouTube and start semantic censorship?
Why do you not know this already? It's ranked by the last post replying to a thread as long as they don't put sage in the options field.
Sometimes it doesn't work like that, I guess it's just caching
It always works like that unless the person sages. Sages used to be visible but now they're not so that may be what's throwing you off.
I thought this was a joke thread wtf.
4chan doesn't "rank" threads. Like >>91059 mentioned, threads are bumped to the top of the first page when people reply to them without saging. If a person sages in their reply, the thread isn't bumped and remains on whatever page it was originally on, but you would never know unless you actively noted which posts were new to a thread because sages are hidden. You can easily see this when you reply to a thread on a slow board like /vip/. It's less noticeable on fast boards like /v/ or /pol/.

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