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Does /vip/ play Monster Hunter?
I did, not so much anymore. Mostly played MH3U on Wii U and MH4U on 3DS back in the day when they first came out. Got MHGU on Switch last year but hardly played it at all.
Personally I've struggled to bother playing GU. Did at least two EX deviants back on XX sometime ago, but can't be fucked picking it up again. At the very least there's word of people being able to crossplay English-patched 3DS XX and Switch GU with the former using CFW and a cheat plugin to redirect itself to the international server the latter uses, which to think of it isn't much of a stretch considering the JP version technically does 3DS-Switch already.
Worldfag? Go kill yourself
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>not enjoying every MH
Started with MHTri, then MH3U. MH4U Afterwards. Just got MHWorld recently, but it felt like an information overload at first. Gunlance best weapon btw
I always preferred heavy bowgun. Are gunners considered a meme class? I was never really gud at MH, just played because frens.
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Pre-MHW games, Gunners at least need more bare minimum knowledge to get into since they're not very accessible to new players, especially since they had their own armor type you can't mix and match with Blademaster stuff outside of helmets. Bowguns especially come to mind, but Bows could also have different shot types for each charge level and it's another thing to think about.

In MHW though? LBG is safe as houses, but it in earnest deals dick for damage outside of something like Kulve Taroth. HBG is actually good if you can use it properly (read: Cluster spam or Spread), and Bow in this game does a retarded amount of damage with Critical Element sets. Either way, playing more like a third-person shooter helps accessibility but they're mechanically a lot less interesting than they were. The abolishing of Gunner armor also comes at the cost of unique armor designs.
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