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05/04/17New trial board added: /bant/ - International/Random
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Reminder that mods specifically ban Pass users more, do NOT renew your pass or suggest others to get one
My own experience doesn't seem to indicate this.
Hello where are the proofs?
File: 1552893838348.gif (105 KB, 511x512)
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But who will be here to make these threads once you're gone?
i am a concerned citizen who has bought a 4chan gold membership
do you have proof to your claims?
I can't see any reasoning behind OP's claim either.
If at all, pass users should be more understanding of the fact that serial shitposting and ban evading is discouraged, and take appropriate measures in case they really want to go off the rails – first and foremost that you shouldn't post with a logged in pass if there's a reasonable chance you're going to eat a ban for it, as that will only bust your IP address and not your pass.

TL;DR: Private mode is there for a reason.
File: 1553233635452.jpg (159 KB, 544x841)
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i make plenty of posts i'd report someone else for and i've gotten one warning in the last two years

I got banned and posts removed from /pol/ but that's because mods are fucking alt-right pussies who doesn't like criticism against their tribe, not because my pass
fuck the new spic jannies
Maybe you're just a loser
I just got a warning for one of the main rules, feels nice
File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
yeah caught a 30 day ban a while back for a satirical post about stealing (violating US law.) mods denied my appeal. meanwhile people are posting illegal drugs and how to make illegal drinks with codeine/drugs and those 404 at post limits.
its fucking annoying. i doubt ill renew because im paying to not post.
Hi guys. First I would like to start off by saying I'm a 4chan pass user. That's all.
>post child porn
>moot steal $20 from you
Why is this allowed?
Regarding the ban thing I never noticed more bans, in fact I suspect mods can't even tell if you have a pass or not, but I noticed that the pass makes it impossible to evade. Because back then I used to evade without even trying thanks to my constantly changing IP connection, nowadays even when my IP changes the ban remains.
they can definitely tell, Pass users got singled out far more often before I made this thread and messaged whoever lives in IRC. Now it's not as bad, but you never know with how erratic mental midgets get
How can you tell what happens to other pass users?
Be honest, your only data is what you yourself experienced.
Could have been just a chance in the moderation of your main board. At any rate it just makes no sense that mods can see who is a pass user and who can't.
It definitely factors in, but the basis of increased mod erraticity over that time spam is from the number of claims and discussion on /qa/, I don't know why you're claiming it's singular experience
File: 1540928339524.png (90 KB, 212x236)
90 KB
>I don't know why you're claiming it's singular experience
It's just logical: you have no access to data of how many pass users are banned in proportional comparison to ordinary users. You only have your own personal experience, and that is highly dangerous to trust, because you will always be using a pass, so any ban you suffer will be attributed by your biased mind as being because of your pass.
Of course, you could make reliable experiments by creating a shitpost with a pass until you got a ban, and then, at around the same time, and under the same circumstances, posting the same shitpost without the pass, and preferably from a new device with new IP. But I doubt you did that.
The number of claims and discussion on /qa/ and /vip/ is biased because once again, only users with a 4chan pass will complain they are being banned for having a pass. It's of course obvious and couldn't be any other way -- there's no way for regular users to complain since they have no pass. But pass users will always attribute bans to their pass.
Now, I am not asking for any scientific method to prove your claims because this is a dumb image board. I'm just saying that your claims smell like they are wrong, and these are my reasons for thinking that way
>there's no way for regular users to complain since they have no pass.
brainlet post

Maybe you should shitpost less?
If you're a retard, maybe.

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