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File: 1552300276671.jpg (54 KB, 590x550)
54 KB
I wonder if 4chan team is aware about massive advertisement campaigns launched on >>>/b/ (and partially on other boards)


Basically someone swoops into most of the threads tagging 5-10 people in picture with advertisement logo in image of either website, and does it repeatedly through out of the day. Sometimes multiple times in one thread.

Both websites required paid pass to engage with content, this is really good way for them to advertise without being suspected. Can we safely report these posters, without getting banned ourselves?
Thanks fren.

I just don't want to get jumped on by toxic and poor anons.
This what you wanted?
Shitposting always existed, I've no objections with that. I'm referring to advertisement on images. I've been spending a lot time on /b/ lately, I see some patterns emerged. Just an observation perhaps worth following up.
No shit.

Suck my fucking cock hero and faggot fucking lazy piece of shit useless ass mods.

Literally 1 job. Keep this place from being fucked by spam.

You fucking cant even do that????
File: MU Rand.jpg (157 KB, 632x1263)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
/b/ was never good.

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