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File: trfh9XA.jpg (53 KB, 640x360)
53 KB
also I'm pre HRT MTF so rate how feminine I look

https://imgur.com/a/o0eBZ full album
You don't do your eyebrows or wear any makeup
Feminine eyes. Passable lips and jaw. Masculine nose and chin. You would look like the last pic with a little plastic surgery. As the other anon said you could use some make up and thinning out the eyebrows just a little.
This is pretty disgusting
You kinda have a young Winona Ryder thing going on. I like it. I hope that doesn't offen... what am I saying, this is fucking 4chan.
>young Winona Ryder
You should send her a photo of you and so for her to autograph it.
>You kinda have a young Winona Ryder thing going on.


this is literally my forum I love winona ryder so much she is my god

if youre saying this out of the kindness of your heart and it isnt a setup this is the best possible compliment and I love you unironically
dont do it. please. you'll ruin your life.
I would be tempted to call samefag, but this is pathetic
What an abortion of a website, maybe if you're going to shill something it should have more than 10 members. Even your shitty Discord troupe probably has a few orders of magnitude more relevance

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