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File: tegaki.png (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
Are you subscribed to pewdiepie?
I am. I don't watch him but youtube is going to be officially fucked if a corporation takes the number one spot from a content creator. I know I'm flailing in the dark and it's a silly thing to take a stand on but fuck man.
I agree
It's somewhat wholesome that people are willing to spread the word and continue the movement even though it's not at all necessary for pewdiepie himself
No, I'm not interested in Pewdiepie, besides, he's racist
Low IQ bait
File: kek.jpg (20 KB, 480x360)
20 KB
It was getting really fucking close earlier (100,000 sub difference)

Pewds got scared and made another video about it...

Just helping out because i legit think the zero deaths meme is pretty funny

bonus même
he's slowly turning insane
Looks like he might lose today :^(
We can only hope for the best
File: 1548347150824.jpg (108 KB, 1280x720)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
someone please tell me when it's over
I subscribed to him ironically. I'm not actually interested in the content he produces, but rather because everyone else literally will not shut the fuck up about him so better to hear it from the horse's mouth than see the manufactured outrage resulting from it everywhere else.
h3h3 are already waiting for a kid, minewhile pewdiepie is not even married

what he's waiting for?
He's very dedicated to his channel, might sound superficial, but it be like it is. Not something you should rush, either, since they're still in their 20s and have many more career options now then they will later.
(((H3H3))) are getting into their mid 30s, and they've stopped putting as much work into their main channel now that their podcast prints money for no effort required.
It's gonna be below 10,000 soon
Lads, I've lost interest at this point.
This site has an age minimum.
I think I've stopped watching him, same for Pyro.
They go for things that are trending.
Games and thots are not my thing.
I don't like pewds collaborating with that guy, it's like watching two old grown males rewiewing memes for teens.

A waste of time, frankly.
90 mil subs soon I hope the merch is actually good this time felix if you're reading make your merch actually visually appealing thanks
This thread aged like fine wine
well, well, well...
No I'm team T series
>cucked himself

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