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I got an important question
is 4chan pass based on IP or its based on devices that its logged into?
er... both? Like if you go to a new device with your pass but it has the same IP and you were banned on that IP you will still be banned. However if your device changes IPs, you will still remain logged in.

It depends what you mean by 'based'.
I bought a pass only to be able to use it with a vpn for those privacy points and I want to know if some other shitposter that might be on the same server with me can benefit from the pass or get me pass banned
It links to an IP when you log in but a cookie is stored on your computer
If someone else is using the same IP it won't work for them because they won't have the cookie to match the IP

If you switch to a different IP it invalidates the old cookie
Or something like that
If you get your pass banned it will stay banned even if you change IPs
If you change IPs and logout your device won't be banned
Nobody else will be able to use your pass or get it banned
thanks anons
its not much but have some (You)s for your troubles
me and my sister both use the same pass, I think it's based on IP and cookies
Technically that's against the rules dude, better delet before ur pass gets b&
I don't think so, I remember it is against the rules to sell your pass.
since me and my sister use the same IP it's like her phone is another device of mine, like my phone as well
>3. Passes are for individual use by the purchaser only.
>4. Passes may not be shared, transferred, or sold. Passes that are found to violate this term will be revoked.
Be careful my friend
I'm pretty sure that making us buy another pass, it won't even work because it will go conflict with mine as soon as I post with mine (same IP)

I really hope they meant "sharing" in the term as to sharing the pass with someone on the internet, like a web friend which both him and the purchaser take turns.
You can have as many passes on a single IP as you want, I believe, since the login is only active on the browser with the cookie. You could even have multiple passes on a single system, if you really wanted to.
>I believe, since the login is only active on the browser with the cookie.
Not true because I already tested it out in the past: once my pc logged in while storing the cookie, every other devices logged without the authorization (cookie storing)
I think you might be confusing something there. A pass is always tied to an IP address for 30 minutes at a time (to prevent account sharing) and can be used from an arbitrary number of devices. The reverse is not true, or else you could post from a private window without filling out the CAPTCHA.
The only difference between ticking the checkbox (which is called "long_login" internally) or not is whether the cookies you're receiving (pass_enabled and pass_id) are valid for a year or 24 hours. They're still "permanent" for that timespan, i.e. they're not "session cookies" which get deleted when you close the browser.

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