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I find it pretty pathetic that I can't use my pass on both 4chan and 4channel. Is this some scam to make people buy one for each? If I switch from one board to the other it'll tell me IP is in use, yeah no shit in use by me, and then I have to wait about 15 minutes for your stupid shit to reset.

There was a time right after you 4chan/ell people did this that it worked for both but for some reason you killed that off.

So... any suggestions from fellow pass holders? Or is 4ch wasting my time?
It works fine on my machine. How did you authenticate? I had to enter my token and PIN on both auth\4chan and auth\4channel and then do a series of replies from the top of a thread, not using Quick Reply (It's broken on its own but if you use the standard reply enough, it loads some information and realizes your pass is valid).
I tried that and it's bullshit. My simple solution would be to issue secondary passes, the primary for 4chan and the secondary for 4channel.

What are these people going to do when passes start expiring, do a scam operation to sell two passes? I'm pretty good at detecting bullshit and this seems like bullshit.
... make them both expire at the same time. It's a done deal but what about new ones? More bullshit?
Thanks for the suggestion, but the point of buying a pass in the first place was to not deal with bullshit like waiting 15 minutes, which becomes 20 minutes and this and that. It works after an hour or so but that's complete and total bullshit. These 4c people need to get their act together.
mine works fine on both
Mine works on both.

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