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It’s 3:30 in the morning and the mods/janitors over on /tv/ just deleted a thread about the riots in France over gas prices.

Now sure, it was an off-topic thread but there was nothing not-safe-for-work about it and… it’s 3-fucking-30 in the morning! Who gives a shit?

Meanwhile, shit thread after shit thread is allowed to remain up because it’s distantly tv related in the most obscure way.

So I’ve got to ask, what’s worse for a board; an occasional off-topic but otherwise calm and actually interesting thread, or a never ending stream of completely useless shit threads literally about nothing at all, consisting exclusively of recycled memes and flat out retarded comments?

I’m not suggest the mods/janitors shouldn’t do their jobs, just that a bit of leeway ought to be factored in.
>it’s 3-fucking-30 in the morning!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maybe it's time to realize there are mods and janitors from all around the world. Of course there aren't that many in comparison with American day time but still
>maybe it's time to realize there are mods and janitors from all around the world.

Sure, but that point wasn't so much that it was 3:30am but that the /tv/ mods seem to be going on a tear and ruthlessly deleting actually interesting (albeit off-topic) threads while leaving absolute shit threads up, as they're ostensibly tv related (i.e. OP uses a pic of an actor) but are in fact are just full of hit-and-run shitposting.

Again; I understand that off-topic is off-topic but a board's "community" is made up of its users and if _on occasion_ they want to have an off-topic discussion and it doesn't go full-retard, then maybe the mods could let it slide?
I don't know what rules the mods/janitors have to follow about deleting threads, but they seem super strict for no reason. It's almost like mods need to find loopholes in their own rules to be able to delete certain posts.

Maybe in your case, a janitor just woke up (because timezones) and started deleting the threads he could for obvious rule breaking. Said janitor couldn't delete the other threads because they were on topic, even if low quality.

>a never ending stream of completely useless shit threads
These threads will always hurt a board, but I don't think they should all be deleted right away. They serve as containment sometimes and can usually be filtered. You cannot have a fully on topic - no shit posting board on this website anymore, so it's easier to learn to hide shit threads.

Interesting offtopic threads should just be moved to where they are relevant.
> but they seem super strict for no reason.

Exactly. Now nobody want’s a ton of off-topic threads shitting up a board but sometimes, a thread is simply a good thread with lots of fun and useful and/or enlightening discussion going on, even if it is technically off-topic.

All I’m suggesting that the mods ease up a bit and consider how the (off-topic) thread is progressing before they consider deleting it.

> These threads will always hurt a board, but I don't think they should all be deleted right away.

Agreed but what seems to be happening, is that not only are blatant shit threads allowed to continue simply because the OP started it with a tv or movie related pic, but more and more blatant shit threads are allowed to propagate, which only drives out valid (on-topic or off-topic) discussions.
i don't think mods actually read anything here, you'd probably be better off asking in the irc channel
with that said,
>who gives a shit
off-topic shit is off-topic shit and doesn't belong on topical boards. if you want to talk about politics or international news, there are boards for that
>but other thread
your whataboutism doesn't change the fact that off-topic doesn't belong on a topical board
however, to that point, those threads are topical even if you don't like them. if you can't stand seeing them, hide them or filter based on keywords. if they break the rules, report them.
the most likely reason off-topic threads get quickly deleted and low quality threads usually stay up is because the former is an objective assessment and is extremely easy to make, the latter is a subjective assessment and is a lot more difficult to make. it's really easy to tell if a thread's off-topic, it's a lot harder to say if it's so low quality that it doesn't even belong in the ocean of piss that is this website.
>what's worse for the board
both are bad for the board. if you want to make the board better, make good posts in threads that aren't shit. if you actually make an effort to have an interesting discussion, you can usually find someone else who wants to join; you are, after all, on a topical board, and the people there are usually there to discuss the same hobby, they just get sidetracked into garbage when there's nothing interesting to talk about. that's fixable on an individual level.

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