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File: 2398592089343.jpg (88 KB, 900x720)
88 KB
How does it go my 4channel bros?
Do passes even work on 4channel
They do but I still had a captcha, what kind of fuckery is this
Are you fucking serious!???

They'd best fix it or fakemoot is giving me back my mutherfucking money. It's false advertisement to say no captcha for a year and then rape u.

I already have to log in 79 times a day because god forbid i drive 1 mile at work
You need to go to sys.4channel.org/auth
I wouldn't be able to post that first message if I my pass wasn't working. It's working fine now, I think it was just a fluke well they were transitioning to the new domain.
4channel is too long of a name for every day posting. I suggest we use something shorter, like 4chan.

Screencap this, you heard it here first.
I got it to work. I had to clear cookies and I restarted my computer just to make sure. Then I had to reauthorize in 4channel. I can post to both 4channel and 4chan now. 4chanX seems to be working again after their update. I had to reauthorize that. Back to 100%. Now hopefully the mods don't become tyrants on 4channel and leave 4chan to burn.
There's a lot of flukes, I was getting a CAPTCHA when using Quick Reply but the standard Reply at the top of the web page said "You are using a 4chan pass." I also occasionally get "connection error" with Quick Reply even though it recognizes I have a 4chan pass. I can't tell if it's broke on Hiroshimoot's end or my end because of my blocking extensions despite me whitelisting all the new domains.

File: png.png (528 KB, 598x566)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
Did everyone figure it out? Are we all logged in now?
File: 1548116310073.png (118 KB, 538x538)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
I barely even use the other domain.

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