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Is using a 4chan pass on a VPN a bad idea?
Only if that VPN hasn't been permanently and completely rangebanned yet, because you might end up with an endpoint IP that has received an individual ban for GR14 which you (mostly?) can't work around with a pass.
Mods do not enforce that rule against pass users otherwise, because they can always ban your pass if you break any other rule.
Oh wait VPNs are still banned?
I thought since they were advertising them on the 404 page they had lifted that rule.

Anyway what I meant was I do not know too much about VPNs, but when I fire it up and select a location, if I signed into my pass on that IP address, anyone else that uses the VPN service and uses the same IP would be using my pass too wouldn't they?
>I thought since they were advertising them on the 404 page they had lifted that rule.
Hiro's shenanigans in plastering ads everywhere are relatively independent from this site's day-to-day operations. For example, mods on IRC are relatively vocal about how the 4channel split is planned to proceed, but are just as clueless in regard to ads as any other 4chan user.
>anyone else that […] uses the same IP would be using my pass too wouldn't they?
No, the ability to use your pass is tied to a cookie, which you receive in return for logging in with your pass ID and PIN and which is valid for either 24 hours or 1 year, depending on whether you ticked the "Remember this device" checkbox. 4chan passes do not work like 8ch's 24-hour CAPTCHA in that they would remove the need to solve further CAPTCHAs for any given IP address.
The only thing you need to mind is the cooldown for changing IPs, so you can't use or login to your pass for half an hour after your last action (= post or report) when you disconnect from the VPN or switch servers (or even post on Wi-Fi and switch to cellular internet on your phone, or vice versa).
Personally, I've configured my VPN client to route the five IP addresses associated with sys dot 4chan.org outside the VPN tunnel, so I'm always posting from home from 4chan's perspective, whether I'm connected to VPN or not. Of course, this may not be acceptable to you if you use a VPN for privacy reasons (hiding your use of 4chan from your ISP, or hiding your real IP from 4chan).

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