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File: karma.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720)
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What's up /vip/? Do you believe in karma? If so, why? If not, why not?
I don't. It's just pattern recognition applied from wishful thinking.
No, it's a bunch of bs, just like the zodiac/horoscopes garbage. Made up fluff.
yes, the west just misinterprets what it means

I try and follow the golden rule. Try and be a good guy bet all my friends are killing themselves and i'm so exhausted from being said and depressed i believe if karma truly existed then i would not feel like a pieve of shit for 5 minutes one day or at the very least hit a cow head on at 75mph and fucking end this.
Nah. Just a bunch of weed addicts trying to be deep. The most evil people in the world are the most successful.
File: 1523184795412.png (166 KB, 1185x600)
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166 KB PNG
karma is for reddit fags, you're not a reddit fag are you op?

Kinda? I view myself as a nondenominational christian. I try and be nice to everyone an on return everyone loves me. But my 2 best friends kill themselves and the best days i have are getting so fucked up drunk that i can relax and pass out for 10 minutes. I dont really sleep. I have nightmares and sweat. I don't know. I honestly want to doe but i figure maybe if i try real hard to help people that make a difference to not suicide then perhaps i will get an occasional pitty visit to see my brothers.

Man, fuck living to be 120 years old. I want to go to hesven or limbo at least and just drink beers and work on late 90s and warly 200's chevy pickups with my brothers.

Sorry. Am venting. Am rwally drunk and shar a birtday with a bros mom. We will fake having a good time amd drink until she breaks down and then inpretend it is okay and then walk outside to piss and just stumble home wishing i had the balls to eat my 410 pistol...

Maybe i believe in ying and yang more than karma. Most of us have to suffer so all the truly good people don't. Rather they are happy or check out early.. than is just try and fail. Nobody shluld feel tuos bad.

My bad. Distrsctrd sry. Noght giuys

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