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Tetris Effect is down from 40 euro bucks to 28 on yuropoor sales

I love Tetris but dont have VR

Anyone know if its worth the still heavy pricetag ?
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How the fuck is 28 heavy for an incredibly solid, feature-packed puzzle game?
You dumb niggers are the reason why puzzle games are a fucking dead genre in the west.
Because its LITERALLY the same game from almost 30 years ago with "simply" updating the graphics around it and Im not even sure if I'll benefit from them without VR
>Because its LITERALLY the same game from almost 30 years ago
>new mechanics
>uncountable tweaks across the board
>shitload of content with each visual style having its own drop speed/method as each visual mode progresses through 3 stages during journey
>like 10-15 alternate gamemodes
Please kill yourself.
I'll never get the platinum trophy reeee
I understand that you're mad at me thanks for the answer anyway
I can emulate Tetris Grand Master series for fucking free and I have played them for years.
What is the fucking point of buying fancier graphics? Not good enough.
If it had all kinds of tetris systems for example I could play TGM trough these fancy graphics or make modification on it to make it fast and hard as fuck then maybe, maybe cool graphics would be worth 20 bucks. But fucking 40? Fuck off.
TGM does not have as much content or as many gamemodes or even the same base mechanics as the new game has, you stupid fuck. If you can't even pay $40 for an incredibly visually stunning and content-rich take on an older puzzle game, you're a total fucking moron.
>40 dollars for something you can play free on your phone
are vr cucks all this retarded?
>cant read that OP doesn't even have VR

Talking about being retarded
I don't give a shit about graphics, you play ten minutes and get immersed... poof! You can't even see the fucking graphics, you are just playing the fucking awesome game.

I wan't the same base mechanics, this t-spin shit is boring. And how many gamemodes does it have? Not enough for 40 munny.
First, the visuals are absolutely fantastic and a genuine selling point in Tetris Effect, especially considering there's upwards of 20+ boards to unlock, each with progressing visuals and dynamic music the better you play. That's the director's biggest strngth, and if you're familiar with his other work (i.e. Rez) that should be apparent right off the bat. Second, the game has around 15-20 gamemodes in the "Effect" modes section.
Get the best score you can within a 150-Line limit.
Get the best score you can within three minutes.
Clear 40 lines as fast as you can.
Insanely fast Tetris. Not for the faint of heart.
A more relaxed version of Marathon with no Game Over. If the Tetriminos reach the top of the Matrix (play field), they are removed from the board, leaving it empty again.
Play through any single stage you choose with no Game Over.
Submerge yourself in four aquatic stages with a new, continuous track of specially designed relaxing ambient music.
Glide through four windy stages with a new, continuous track of specially designed relaxing ambient music.
Explore four diverse stages with a new, continuous track of specially designed relaxing ambient music.
Earn as many All Clears as you can before time runs out. Each All Clear will return some time back to the clock.
Earn as many Combos as you can before time runs out. Each successful Combo run will return some time back to the clock.
Clear as many Target Blocks as you can before time runs out. Each set of Target Blocks cleared will return some time back to the clock.
Use automatically-falling I-Tetriminos to score line clears and bonus points.
Clear as many Dark Blocks as you can within three minutes. You can clear Dark Blocks by clearing the line that they are on, and / or by scoring multiple line clears, combos, etc.
Try to survive a Marathon session as random effects (some good, most bad) keep popping up.

These modes sound pretty fucking shit anon.
And again, I don't give a fuck about graphics. I want a challenge.
Can't you just get it on your phone?
File: 1457866311676.png (134 KB, 700x620)
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134 KB PNG
If you just wanna one and done the main stage adventure, it's a little overpriced but if you like different Tetris challenges along with normal gameplay, Tetris Effect is loaded with optional modes and is more than worth it at that price
>These modes sound pretty fucking shit anon.
>And again, I don't give a fuck about graphics. I want a challenge.
What the fuck do you want, then? This sounds like you don't even fucking like Tetris.
>Okay, here's a bunch of extra "effect" modes along with the main "journey" mode where you go through a fuckhuge marathon with the speed constantly readjusting itself to fit the visuals onscreen.
Are you fucking retarded or something?
>I want a challenge.
The main mode with all the different visuals is a one-two hour long marathon with an extra "zone" mechanic that's completely new to the series.
Oof 28 is still too high for tetris on acid.
Can you tell your bosses to lower it to 15?
Thanks buddy.
Here's a (You) for your troubles.
Nigga, it's just [B]etris. Puyo Puyo Tetris is cheaper and at least sells you a second game. Tetris on the DS has better modes and that one is over 10 years old on the most easy to pirate console in existence. Not to mention the Switch has Tetris 99 for free.

Oh ok I see, so now there is ONE good mode instead of many? Oh I see lowering the bar, ok.

Well I don't think it's worth of 28 dollarinos, stop being mad. There's already so many Tetris games to choose from.
>Oh ok I see, so now there is ONE good mode instead of many? Oh I see lowering the bar, ok.
Nigger, you asked for challenge. Journey, Purify, Countdown, Mystery, All Clear, Combo, Target, Master, Sprint, Ultra, and Marathon are all challenging modes.
This one marketer / Sony fanboy / graphics / "games r art" faglet in this thread, lmao.
>implying i'm any of those
kill yourself brainlet
Listen, those modes aren't very unique, I have seen this shit on fucking EA tetris on PSP.
Is there a instantly falling tetrominos mode?
literally in every tetris game, even Puyo Puyo Tetris
>Chill Marthon
a.k.a. Marathon for pussies
>Quick Play
Essentially just Sprint
>Sea, Wind, World
>All Clear, Combo, Target, Countdown Modes
essentially the Big Bang mode from Puyo Puyo Tetris
>Purify Mode
Basically a Tetris battle without a CPU
>Mystery mode
shit everything at once

Like from what I get, you get less of an experience than Puyo Puyo Tetris because it has less modes, a whole game less and no PvP. Also no voice lines when you clear stuff.
>LITERALLY the same game from almost 30 years ago
No it's fucking not, and you faggots easily get schooled in battle modes for this fallacy.
>wats a t-spin u fucking cheateed!1111
Fucking this
>Is there a instantly falling tetrominos mode?
>essentially the Big Bang mode from Puyo Puyo Tetris
Are you completely fucking retarded? Those are nothing alike you completely mongoloid. PuyoTet's Big Bang mode is just an even shittier version of Puyo 15th/20th's Endless Fever modes.
>Basically a Tetris battle without a CPU
>shit everything at once
Also no. If we're making Puyo comparisons, it's closer to Puyo 20th's Roulette mode.
>Like from what I get, you get less of an experience than Puyo Puyo Tetris because it has less modes
Absolutely fucking not, are you kidding me? PuuoTet is completely fucking awful in terms of content, especially in comparison to Tetris Effect. PuyoTet has Big Bang (Shit) Normal Battle (Shit unless both players are playing Tetris) Party (actually kinda fun but completely fucking casual), Fusion (shit) and Swap— the only good one. Aside from that it only has a basic as fuck marathon mode and a sprint mode. That puts it well below Tetris Effect's amount of content.
Most of /v/ is too underage to even know who Mizuguchi is and care more about how many hours they can waste on games full of filler content than gameplay, so of course they shit on this game.
pc port when
Give PC port
It is indeed look like getting garbage tetris without a CPU battle going on, don't llie.

>Party (actually kinda fun but completely fucking casual)
I hope you don't claim Chill, Wind, Water and World modes being good.

>completely fucking awful in terms of content
Except for the fact that in PPT you also get Puyo Puyo and its array of game modes, a fucking PVP mode, an Adventure mode with some glorious lines.

Face it, chances are that after trying it a few times or more you really are going to stick to the basic Sprint, Marathon and PVP modes. And at least PPT has those three (Effect lacks PVP for whatever homosexual reason) and it also has the decency of having Puyo Puyo. Not to mention you don't have to drop cash on a PS4 when you can get PPT on anywhere from the Switch, 3DS, PC and even Vita if that thing still exists.

I would pay $15 for Tetris attack, but not $28, let alone full on $40. PPT goes for $20 and way less on the gorillion sales Steam haves.
Play a good Tetris, not this shit
Cool, might buy it if it goes down to at least 5€, not higher though.
It's the worst version of tetris I've ever played. It doesn't even have multiplayer.

Don't buy it unless you really love """world music""" (i.e. African tribal noises).
Tetris effect doesnt have ANY multiplayer whereas Puyo Puyo Tetris has a handful of different modes AND also lets you play Puyo Puyo as well. It's by far the better game. Tetris Effect is just standard Tetris but with ultra pretentious sound effects and particle effects out the ass.
Are there even any normal people playing Tetris online anymore ? Or just tryhard freaks that want to destroying everything

also I wouldnt want to pay 10 bucks for PS+ just to play Tetris online
*10 bucks every month

yea yea its cheaper if you buy more months whatever, you get the point
>Substantial graphical improvements
>Gameplay experience designed for interactive sound like all previous games by designer
>Runs excellently
>Music is fantastic and tailor-made
Literally the same game as the NES Tetris honestly
This game is awesome if you're high as fuck and playing in VR, that is all.
Why should I buy it when this is better?
What exactly do you mean "pretentious"? It's all there to match the music and inspired by Lumines's format.
>Replying to someone who actually said "Pretentious sound"
idk anything is possible
Because you never own Tetris 99 and have to buy it again and again ?
Tetris 99 is still a better and more fun game.
30 years ago? Tetris is older than that.
Sure its fun, but is it better ?
Thats just like your opinion man

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