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>male gamers play to compete and break things in game
>men's favorite vidya genres:

>women play to 100% games and immerse themselves in fantasy worlds
>women's favorite vidya genres
-life sim
-point 'n click

Based on this, how masculine or feminine are your vidya preferences? racing games are my bread and butter
I don't play video games, get dabbed on nerd.
Competing in a videogame is a massive waste of time and usually consists of doing the same thing over and over and over for hundreds of hours so you can beat another sweaty virgin on multiplayer

If you'd put that same amount of effort in at the office, you could be assistant manager or general manager by now depending on your age
>made over 10k$ monthly while playing multiplayer games from home
>made min wage mines expensives and taxes
Kek old fart
Less than a hundred people around the entire world make $10k monthly to play videogames. You're a fucking dipshit
I know more women who play racing games than men, I'd say that's a 50-50 split just because literally everyone likes to go fast sometimes.
masculine as hell. everything I play is a fighting, fps, or racing game aside from the occasional sandbox. the thing I found the most accurate to wanting to 100% and immerse myself in is gta but now i just play it to fuck around
just take the twitchpill brah
Middle of the road

FPS / Fighting / Point n Click / Puzzle
>woman (girl)
Really, the only games i play are anime games. The only game from a different genre i play is monster hunter..
Wrong mmo and point and click are for men they require exploration and creativity both masculine qualities

Puzzle games and anything casual are for women
No fighting games, STG's or JRPG's
>If you'd put that same amount of effort in at the office, you could be assistant manager or general manager by now depending on your age

"Anon if you studied as hard as you played vidya you'd be ace student" no fucking shit Sherlock, you're fucking deluded if you think you can deliberately choose your preferences.
File: kot.jpg (60 KB, 1024x1004)
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I only play strategy out of all of those, puzzle too if you stretch the defnition by a fuck ton
>creativity is a masculine quality
You got that right. Men would have never invented the cumsock without that quality.
You can force yourself to study. I didn't like it as a kid because I was a faggot, but it's perfectly fine when you grow up and self improvement never has to stop

Plus most schools are badly funded and all the teachers are fucking depressed, making them terrible places to inspire kids. Public schools are just there to tick a box, they should be dissolved
I'd fuck that crash bandicoot
More like he'd fuck you.
>-life sim
>-point 'n click
but these arent immersive at all, assuming life sim means the sims and second life

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