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File: yookalaylee.jpg (766 KB, 1275x801)
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it seems like a really good followup to Banjo kazooie.
i find the character designs to be lacking and extremely unappealing.

levels are tits and the music is atmospheric and interesting.
I've played through the whole thing, I think it's a pretty weak followup. The level design in particular is off; it's bloated but yet it feels emptier than even Tooie's fuckhuge worlds.
File: YL_chars1.jpg (196 KB, 1536x790)
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terrible level design
ugly character design
mediocre game design
File: Spoiler Image (68 KB, 475x395)
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I just want to fuck the sexy lizard
the right two are horrifying but most of the designs were pretty solid, Kartos there included
File: F11sVgf.jpg (87 KB, 1920x1080)
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They thought making a bad rap would make people think it was like the original Donkey Kong 64, when what they missed was that the original wasn't bad, it was campy. jk, i'm not that retarded.
I don't usually drop games, I try to give them a decent chance but I literally dropped Yooka-Laylee after 20 minutes.
The music is uninspired, the collectables aren't distributed with care and the camera was shit.
If you started playing before the camera patch, I can 100% understand that. Prepatch it was borderline unplayable. However, the patch pretty much sorted that out 100%.
Levels are far too big and empty. I know “empty” is a meme but seriously they are fucking EMPTY and, unlike BT they lack detail. The quills are placed in bizarre places The pathing is a joke. The side characters suck.

I have been thinking about giving it another chance though.
Didn't really feel like the devs had any passion for what they were making. The entire premise and vision for Yooka Laylee is just "copy Banjo as much as possible" but they only managed to copy it on the most superficial level. The level design is shit, the challenges are weak, the characters/story are unmemorable, there's like 2 types of enemies in the whole game, and the game lacks its own aesthetic identity as well as polish. Just feels like a really cheap, bland indie platformer made in Unity like you'd see on the old Xbox 360 indies market.
File: compare_banjo_yooka.jpg (1.21 MB, 2000x2884)
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File: 1343635377763.jpg (137 KB, 733x850)
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>Characters are blocky as shit compared to the smooth designs of Banjo Kazooie DESPITE being on the N64
>Reused enemy assets instead of trying to make more
>Cucked David Wise's music instead of forming a holy union of music with Kirkhope
>Level designs isn't that great, feels like a mediocre platformer
>Removed Jontron when he was fucking voicing LITERAL SHIT
Sure, you can get some fun out of the game but they've overlooked a lot of things from the original Banjo-Kazooie. If you want to play a proper 3D Platformer with more enemies and better design, go for A hat in time
Everyone always complaining about jontron, but they really had no choice.
Same. Bought it, played it and refunded it within an hour. Then a few months later it was on humble bundle. I gave away the key on /v/ saying it was for Hollow Knight.
me too but only if the bat is getting high off our ball scent with her big nose
>no choice
I just find it hilarious they kicked out the guy despite voicing a guy on the crapper. It could have been a meta joke by then
Because that game is racist, obviously.
File: Spoiler Image (1.16 MB, 1071x1500)
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Agreed :^)
>backed it for like $300 when I was still doing nothing but working and living at home

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