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What am I in for?
A lot of bad ends, very in depth descriptions about some pretty fucked up shit, occult and conspiracy theories.
Also a great battle system that makes party positions become meaningful thanks to knockback/knockbug.
Fuck you guys.
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Why didn't !F even bother with basic marketing for this game? Even the Neptunia games get a half baked attempt at email marketing and special editions.
is this a nep?
The combat system really made a huge difference, way more engaging than what I'm used to from !F games.
i wish this game was for something else then ps4
id love to play it but dont have a ps4
It's been my main gripe with Nep's combat for ages. It's not bad, it's actually a pretty unique system but the movement is kind of pointless since all you get are back attacks and then the next turn the enemy goes behind you, nothing really changed between then and your next turn. In Death End an enemy moving can mean you don't go for the full party combo and instead aim for a wall or change angles so you have it hit the required field bugs. It's such a small change but its so fundamental in making the battle system enjoyable. I have no idea what CH have planned for the new mainline Nep but I really hope they took what Death End did right and apply it, doesn't have to be knockback but just something to make movement matter more.
The PC port was announced yesterday, it comes out in like 3 or so months
oh god thank you for that news.
Im very excited
Glad to hear the battle system is interesting, but is the game balanced at all? E.g. do you jump from mash-x-to-win to impossible-to-win-without-grinding or can you progress smoothly if you get the hang of the battle system?
I'll wait for pc release but I want to play it.
There's a sudden level spike around mid game but it's not too hard to null that if you've been doing encounters and not running like a coward.
The actual battle system is well balanced and you'll get better as you go on. You'll get a feeling of how to learn skills(eventually you can time it so that you can learn a high cost skill without having the SP requirement) and what attacks work best(Free hint for Al just because she gets the better options with these) The last attack you use is what determines who gets hit with knockback so if you use a circular attack last even enemies behind you get sent flying.
>IF makes their best game ever
>hardly markets it
>barely ships out any copies to physical retailers
If you go to GameStop’s website, you’d be lucky to find a copy (new or used) less than 10 miles away. One of my friends drove 25 miles just to buy a copy. Great game though.

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