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MGS2 was the best in the series now that I think about it
Raiden has more depth than any of the protagonists.
Shame that the sword has some really crappy controls and all sections after you get the sword discourage you from using the sword (Hallway gun battle and REX army)
>now that I think about it
Not to mention its gameplay was dumbed down in every subsequent game too
>dumbed down
File: raiden.jpg (154 KB, 1200x858)
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>Hallway gun battle
You kidding? It's the only way to get through that part on a no-kill run.
Also they're RAYs and that shit is intense as fuck on hard and up.
So is the solidus fight, you don't get any rations.
I just pretend that Piss walker was the last MG game. I don't understand why kojima put so much effort into a fucking PSP game but hideo shat the bed so hard with V.
MGS3 is closer to mgs 1 in terms of pure gameplay than 2
It had more shit thrown onto it (and I don't mean that as a diss) but the stealth suffers from camouflage and open environments making it very easy to pick off guards with impunity, especially since enemies aren't as coordinated with each other as they were in MGS2. I love MGS3, but it's definitely more forgiving (and a lot slower) than MGS2.
>a no-kill run
never tried those

>also they're RAYs and that shit is intense as fuck on hard and up.
I think the highest I played MGS2 on was normal
I don't love MGSV but I vastly prefer it to PW in almost every respect.
File: MgsGB-chris_snake.jpg (130 KB, 750x1000)
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130 KB JPG
What makes you think you have the right to an opinion, when you only took a cursory glance at the game?
Complain about the controls when you play the game on hard or up.
>when you only took a cursory glance at the game?

playing the game on the standard difficulty is not a "cursory glance"

You sound as elitist as the people who say that the only way to play KH2FM is on Level 1 Critical.
V might as well be GTA to me
PW retained a sense of MGS3 in the stealth, codec convos etc. PO is excellent as well, especially on vita or PPSSPP when you can map the camera to a second stick or get gud and claw
You can't complain about controls when all you do is kill enemies and tank bosses with rations is what I'm saying. You didn't really experience the game.
You sound like a dry cunt. No one likes a dry cunt.
And you sound like a fucking casual. Leave.
File: 2019-03-13-010954.jpg (58 KB, 960x544)
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What the FUCK was this ho's problem??
>in the stealth
MGSV is a lot more demanding to sneak through than PW.
>PO is excellent as well
PO is actual trash. I'm glad PW rendered it null.
PW happens right after PO, BB wouldn't have been able to start MSF without the money he got in PO.
Define demanding. The only weak point of PW is the bosses outside the final fight.
>PW happens right after PO
It clearly can't though, at least not as PO depicts it.
>money he got in PO.
You mean the money that could afford to pay for a shack and a handful of mercs? What riches Gene bestowed.

PW contradicts PO too deeply for PO to make sense as canon. At best we can surmise that some kind of shit happened at San Hieronymo, but that's about it. Just consider Ocelot's exhange with the DCI in PO, which hard contradicts the existence of Coldman in PW. Or the way Big Boss and Miller completely ignore the existence of RAXA and the ICBMG.
>Define demanding
The guards in PW are absolutely brain dead despite the level design's openness.
That depends on the difficulty. They can generally see better than MGS3 and 4 guards.
MSF is bigger than what the intro shows.
Miller wasn't around in PO and the rest of the shit you mentioned has no bearing on PW. Replay the game.
The only major problem with PO is grinding fultons.
>That depends on the difficulty
No it doesn't. The guard AI is the same throughout. There aren't wholesale difficulty settings in PW; difficulties change on a mission to mission basis. It's why the hardest ones are all action oriented or boss fights.
>MSF is bigger than what the intro shows.
Not really. Miller even requests Zadornov to provide them a helicopter at the game's start, and suggests in the game's first mission that they can now start their business "for real." They're a very small operation at the start of PW. It's why a base was so enticing.
>Miller wasn't around in PO
But he surely would have known about its events, right? What would he know about "all that crap in San Hieronymo" if he didn't?
>the rest of the shit you mentioned has no bearing on PW.
Wrong. The fact Coldman is the architect of the Snake Eater mission directly contradicts PO. The DCI Ocelot kills in PO is very clearly intended to be the same DCI that set up the Snake Eater mission. But PW reveals Coldman did it. This is a pretty big retcon.
File: 1445908787516.jpg (487 KB, 1680x1050)
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>TFW no game about what the hell happened to Raiden between 2 and 4

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