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>78% already
Are (((they))) influencing its score?
is the rotten score critics have problems about the films technical aspect, or all are liberals butthurt?
MCU and Disney are literally the movie mafia
Shut up faggot
(((they))) made it, surface level teen from twitter
No. But it is a leftist MOVIE and not incelkino like we've been promised
spoilers btw
This movie has been clearly released at this time to stop the good guy half of this country from winning again and it all makes sense with the leaked footage
>Thomas Wayne(Trump)
>Bruce Wayne(Baron)
>the "mob" on Jokers side(the rest of the left upset about Trump winning)
Now what we can see from the clips/what we know
>joker killing de niro
symbolizes how the left felt about Fallon bringing on Trump and what they wanted to do to him
>joker putting his hand in bruce waynes mouth
the trannys that keep getting caught abusing children/the left harassing barron trump
>joker and his goons beating up white men
antifa attacking americans that hate communists
>leaked clip
joker killing a white man and showing freaks that the left accepts them
We've got ourselves the biggest propaganda piece since fury road boys.
For you newfriends that don't know about FURY ROAD: https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/thread/58048284/#58054156
I've also seen some suggestions that they bought the gold lion because the movie only cost 50M to make and generally capeshit costs 100 or more
but if you look at the last two winners you can see that Venice(much like cannes) has fallen for hollywoods anti-america stance
>Incels getting triggered over a website's opinion: The Post
File: firefox_nf4kL5EEwd.png (118 KB, 735x691)
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Critics who rated it rotten seem to be against this movie's message.
File: firefox_a9xnxQDLv2.png (28 KB, 386x278)
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It literally is the jews.
I think it’s worth pointing out that the wave of negative reviews came out after TIFF which was after it won an award at Cannes and got great reviews. I think there are some people who want to play down the films quality based on the idea that if people say it’s a great movie it’ll inspire incels to shoot up theaters. There were people who wrote off the movie before they even saw it.
Fury Road was an amazing movie you dumb faggot go spread your conspiracy shit somewhere else
That is some fucking reaching you’re doing there. Is portraying this film as leftard and Jewish the new derailing strategy?

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