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>why d-dont you just die already?
What a little shit.
Can you even imagine how dissapointed someone as smart as Walt would feel when they have a retarded son?
>mass murderer
>got probably a million of people hooked on meth forever
>directly responsible for the death of a child (tomás) and the near-death of another child (brock)
>manslaughtered, in cold blood, an angelic woman who literally did nothing wrong (jane)
>broke her fathers heart and spirit to an extent so he could not function as an air traffic controller anymore, killing hundreds
>directly responsible for the death of asac schrader, a man who never sinned in his life
>singlehandedly responsible for turning all of new mexico from a paradisiacal utopia to a dystopian hellhole
>yet his son, who had to suffer under this bestial RAPIST (s01e01) and MASS MURDERER, is the bad guy
The absolute state of this board
yeah it's probably how my outgoing and social dad feels about me
File: boogie.png (598 KB, 640x480)
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598 KB PNG
>mass murderer
never kill an innocent person
>million people hooked on meth
their choice
drug dealer, oh well
didn't die did he
>angelic women
drug addict who killed herself, walt just didn't help her
>broke fathers spirit
he should have raised a drug addict
>>responsible for Schrader
that's what that bootlicking fag gets
>singlehandedly responsible
no, and it was never utopian
a crippled fag

man I'm based
He wasn’t retarded you retard
Clearly he was to delude himself into loving the evil Hank so much and hating the saintly Walt.
They selfinsert as Walt because of how "badass" he is. They rooted for him no matter the crime because when Walt is in control, they are as well. In that vein, anything or anyone that gets in his way like his wife or the unappreciation of his son for his drug dealing and murdering is taken negatively and deserving of mockery. No different from the goobers that slobber over Rick and Morty.
>be black/brown
>consistently commit crimes, join gangs, go to jail, traffic drugs, murder and beat people up, brag about your criminal background in popular culture and make it a matter of personal pride
>their community: he a good boy he deserves a chance
>their family: he a good boy he deserves a chance
>society: he's a good boy he deserves a chance
>be white
>commit a few crimes mostly thinking of his family's future and always preserving lives if he can
Sheeesh, no wonder you're all getting cucked in your own countries so much.
>never kill an innocent person
law does not differentiate between "guilty" and "innocent" victim
>their choice
ancap bullshit
>drug dealer, oh well
see above
>didn't die did he
still assault
>drug addict who killed herself, walt just didn't help her
failed duty to rescue
>he should have raised a drug addict
he did everything right
>no, and it was never utopian
gonna have to disagree with that opinion of yours
>a crippled fag
a hero who called out the bestial rapist and murderer
this, a thousand times over. walt sycophants are incels.
>commit a few crimes
committed thousands if not millions of crimes, if properly broken down per victum
>mostly thinking of his family's future
even walt himself said that this was a lie. he did it, and i quote, because he liked it and he was good at it.
>and always preserving lives if he can
direct lie. did not help jane though he could have. would not have had to kill mike, yet he did. these are only two examples.
Anyone who didn’t think this kid was a pussy faggot has low test or is a woman.
Imagine typing all that shit nobody's ever going to read.
which explains his fascination with Jesse
But *you* read it, and you couldn't disprove it. You know it's right that's why you had this weak Facebook-tier comeback.
I'd have slapped the shit out of that disrespectful little tard especially when he changed his name to Flynn.
>Walt deserving of respect.
Walt was a beta who was too cowardly to do anything until he learned he got cancer. The guy was pure evil and ungrateful from the very first episode.

Mike was the true alpha.
Fuck Walt.

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