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What's the worst you've dealt with when traveling with friends?

>travel with friend to japan
>give them advice for the heat, recommend getting good shoes for walking, phrases to know, how to get out of the airports, getting money out, google maps/translate, basic manners etc
>try to get him to point out shit he wants to do and stuff when we get there and write it down in a google sheet like I did for an example for him
>try to talk out and plan as much as before hand where he wants to go see and do
>friend comes in full dark clothing for the entire trip, no breathable wear, shoes a old shits
>has 0 clue to get around since he didn't look up any mobile data or sign up for softbank free wifi in tokyo
>expected me to be the translator, tour guide, and wingman for everything
>warn him about trains ending at or near midnight doesn't listen thinks 2am is last call and when trains end, stuck in random places trying to ask how to get a cheap taxi
>day 5 he is complaining how japan(tokyo) sucks because he is highly unprepared, basically refuses to read the english signs or use google
>assumed I would be his guide for all Tokyo and wait on him hand and foot even though we agreed we'd split up throughout the day at times to do different things
>in the hostel he assumed fridge food was "for all" and constantly ate/drank others meals
>begin to ask him where he wants to go but he never gets out of bed before 2PM, then has limited time to see sights
>constantly bitching about things daily even though anything I suggest "sure man idk fine with me whatever you think is best"
>end of the trip seems like he had a horrible time

Last time I travel with a Canadian, funny enough his FB/Twitter was all smiles and "great time Tokyo so great! Cute maids!" and shit to this day.
helpless friends while travelling are the worst, you almost loathe them by the end. for me, i've had a few too many bring their personal baggage with them on the trip. this one was the worst:

>me and two friends got tickets to bonnaroo
>decide to drive there from vancouver so we can see middle america too
>driver picks me up, things are great as we talk on our drive to pick up our friend from his place near the border
>text him to come out, nothing. same with calls.
>door finally opens, he comes out looking sullen
>didn't tell his gf or parents about the trip, all of whom are mad at him for some reason
>proceeds to spend the whole five day drive down there either on the phone with them arguing, or moping about it when not on the phone
>get to festival, he's actually great the first two days
>morning of the third day he tries to convince us to drive back then and there
>we say no, he mopes for the entire day
>more arguments on the phone and moping on the drive back

actually hate this dude now and have no respect for him. he didn't ruin the trip entirely but fuck i'd have taken anyone else.
I kinda wonder if it's a canadian thing or not. Only reason I say that is because even without traveling specifically with one somewhere, it was like trying to inform a toddler about shit.

>at hostel
>drinking letting my phone recharge + rest a bit for the day before heading out
>overhear them horribly communicating to front desk person and offer to help
>dudes expect me to show them where the convience store is for beer even though I said it's right on the corner
>walk out side an point to it
>"Oh that's 711? It says bank in the logo too"
>nigga you can clearly see food, drinks, and shit in there
>they come back and have 0 plans they booked because japan seemed "whacky" and wanted to visit before the olympics
another time when a group of us was going to japan
>dude needs a haircut like day fucking 2 of a 2 week travel
>no clue why he didn't get it at home
>find a shop on google point it out some 1000 yen cut place still there
>wants me to show him where it is fine since familiar with the area when I did some work
>expects me to translate haircut shit to the guy
>"anon I thought you knew japanese"
>No i know Japanese phrases and can get by but not fluent in Japanese. Google translate(something I asked him to dl before he even came to japan) might do it though.
>"well anon are you going to translate it? I don't know how"
>oh thought you had translate on your phone. one sec

Got him a cut but the whole time after during the trip everything was just him being passive aggressive about everything non spoon fed to him.
part of it is being canadian, part of that is just being a bad traveller.

i'm canadian and i'll tell you right now that there is a good 40-70% of the population that is flat out terrified of confrontation and being direct. as a result they can be pretty helpless, and it is ultra apparent when they step out of their more usual, comfortable environment. but, because they do not know how to be direct or assertive, then end up flailing about and trying to pressure people with their helplessness. i loathe it.

there is also the longstanding canadian social convention of going through some event, they say they like it or it's fine, and then after the fact they reveal that they didn't like it all and are upset with you. the good thing about this though is that you can just call em out on their bullshit, and they can't do anything lol.

anyways those two trends can combine to make a fair amount of canadians poor/boring travelers.

i would also like to add to >>1656668 that me and my other friend ended up being so sick of the mopey dude that we bought some adderall at festival and did it nearly nonstop to make that five day drive between vancouver/bonnaroo into just under a two day trip lol. forgot that bit
get better friends
I have almost the identical experience in Japan, except he was not Canadian.
And he wasn’t my friend anymore after the trip. I forgave him, sort of, for being a retard but he ignored/blocked me after.
You could see he was pampered by his mommy his whole life because god damn he was not independant at all. Oh and he doesn’t shower.
>Oh and he doesn’t shower.
That alone is something to un-friend someone.
I was also a pampered momma's boy growing up, but fortunately my parents traveled with me as a kid often and I learnt from them. Like it's been mentioned it simply coming down to just being an inexperienced or bad traveler.
what did they teach you?
Well I was spoiled kid too but my dad was not overprotective at all, he took me to shitholes when I was a kid, camped in the middle of nowhere in Latin America in the 90s etc. I think that's what made the difference. My "friend" was not only pampered but I guess he had the typical parents who wouldn't travel without a tour group or something like that.
Went to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan with two friends a couple years ago. One dude is generally the biggest prick you will meet, can't fathom that he is not the center of everyone's universe. Walking around town he would just dip into random stores and expect me and my other friend to just wait for him, did this repeatedly with just your run of the mill grocery stores. Would announce "where we are going to eat" without discussion.

Naturally we agreed to all split middle seat duty on the planes to and from equally. I did my turn, my other friend did his. Comes time for this dude to go middle seat and I tell him, and he crack back with something like "maybe if you ask nicely I will consider it." Nearly hit him right there.

Needless to say for very related reasons we are no longer friends or even in contact.
You sound very uptight anon
Nah, the opposite really. So is my other friend who was even more annoyed the whole trip than I was.

Oh and same dude kept asking people if they spoke Spanish because he didn't bother learning one word of Russian.
>Bad travel friends
Try bad travel girlfriend. Obviously ex girlfriend now.
Met mine after traveling together for a month.
Funny how travels reveal the best and worst of each of us, and funny how travels either create new relationships or end some.
Agreed, but for me it's because I had shit taste in women in my youth, so naturally, it translated to bad travel
>planned trip to Disney Land
>told her it would be a lot of walking and waiting, even with FastPass
>she whined anyway, begged to go back to the hotel 1 hour after we left
>when we went back she just sat on her ass and watched tv or was on Facebook
>asked if I could go out alone then, get a big whine fest
>tried to make the best of it
>upon return, broke up as soon as I retrieved all my shit
I had a similar experience with a friend at the time while in Japan

>spend 2 weeks in Japan with friend
>his first time abroad
>I had to translate everything
>received no gratitude at all and was expected to do everything
>his girlfriend breaks up with him mid trip
>the mother of the family we were staying with let out a laugh when he explained what had happened
>he got mad at me for some reason
>end up back in Tokyo
>second to last night there we go partying
>he ends up losing his passport
>next day he calls his mother and cries
>we go to the embassy and turns out it was at a police station
>lost all respect for him and removed him from my life

It was a shit experience, but at least I got rid of dead weight. We're both American btw so being from Canada doesn't mean shit. All countries have poor travelers.
Hmm, the Canadians I've met have all been really cool. Maybe only the good ones make it outside North America. The worst travelers I've met in Asia have been short-term Australians (best way to get arrested in Vietnam is to drink with Australians) and long-term Brits (who are usually miserable and eager to tell you why you're wrong about any given opinion)
this has been my experience too. also for me, other Americans have had the widest variance from being the coolest and most easygoing to the most clingy and insufferable
>helpless friends while travelling are the worst, you almost loathe them by the end.
first trip i went on with a friend was just a domestic trip to chicago.
They slept til 1pm, bitched about everything, and expected me to do all of the logistics.
Anyone i invite on a trip with me i make it clear as fucking day that i expect them to write their own story. participate in suggesting things to do, and above all, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE PLACE WE ARE STAYING OUT BEFORE 10AM!
ive had several people nope out on a trip because they at least understood that they were going to have to figure shit out on their own with minimal help from me.
one grill was actually offended
>why do I need to figure out how to translate? you have all the info already. i dont want to pick places to go, i dont know the country. i dont know what's good.
>yeah, but thats too much work. you've already done all that.
my biggest pet peeve is the whole
>im on vacation so im gonna sleep until 4PM then complain i cant do shit because everything is closing in 3 hours.
my ex an I traveled to NYC once. the first day she slept till 330, then took another 2 hours to get ready. by that time the sun had essentially set and she retreated back to the hotel because "its scary"
i just left at 7am the next few days we were there and she stayed in the hotel the entire time. I dumped her at the airport once we landed.
so yeah, i make goddamned sure my travel partner knows what is expected of them and if they dont like it, stay your ass home.
>traveling with a buddy in cuba
>he comes in well prepared about what to do
>tfw its mostly museums, some obscure castro era artifacts out in the open
>he cant even understand spanish but stands in front of each piece at the museum for a few minutes
>the itinerary is mostly museums for the whole day every day in 30°C 90%+ humidity on a 2 week trip
>I get rashes on my legs from the humidity
>tfw enjoyed the beaches and 30°C warm waters only 3 days in total out of 14 days

On day 3 I just told him he can visit what he likes, I'll go check what I like and both of us will be happy. What bothered me the most is that he has no sense of spontaneity of taking a day or two on the trip off to just talk to locals or catch something you wouldn't otherwise. It's just running around every day trying to see as much as possible that in the end you don't even know what you saw. I would still pick him instead of the clueless brats some of you have mentioned but holy shit sometimes it's really a downer.
also, forgot the most annoying part. Anyone that's been to Cuba knows how annoying hustlers can be in Havana. I told him that if he's not sure where we are or what we want to do is just keep moving and not stopping in the middle of the street looking like complete tourists. Every so often he would just stop all of a sudden without saying anything and check for something on his phone. Didn't take 10 seconds for some retard to start giving us trouble about buying some crap or taking a ride or going to a house to check for some wares. The worst part is he didn't learn from it but kept stopping. It's pretty annoying because I always tried to memorize where I'm going and how to get there each morning before I left the casa so I wouldn't get bothered by scammers or to be seen like a clueless tourist.
>im on vacation so im gonna sleep until 4PM then complain i cant do shit because everything is closing in 3 hours.

Unless I do something very very specific like planning a hike, I usually let myself go. I mean, I'm not home, I don't have any duty, so I do whatever the fuck I want. But anyway after a good day I sleep fairly early and thus wake up early. But I always warn people that unless there's something very specific, I don't want to force myself especially if we're running out of ideas/not inspired. Screw that.
I'm fine with people sleeping in but if going somewhere abroad or probably not going to see and agreed on a schedule eh.

>friend and I go to japan
>dude wants to do fuck all around
>sleeps in till 3PM
>complains nothing is open
>won't drink and just goes back to the hotel

I'm fine if you wanna laze around, but don't agree to plans laid out then or complain once your ass is up and out of bed about anything
>spending money to travel to a far away place from home
>spend most the times on sleeping and chilling in the hotel room
I don't get those people. Why the fuck did they not just stay home and save the money to use on different things if they don't enjoy traveling that much.

Never tried travelling with a Canadian but for me the worst travel partners have been women.

The exception to this might be the ones you find in the hostel and bum around for a day or two with, but I could even see that going wrong, changing your itinerary for some pus.
I travelled with my two mates to Lebanon a few years back, we had a great time. We are all chill and laid back, so there's never any drama. Fuck, how I miss it now that I realize how rare that actually is.
If you want to be lazy yes, thats fine. But dont get mad at me when i ditch you at the hotel because i want to do things.
Im not going to ruin my good time simply because you want to sleep 14 hours a day.
>its always women who want to sleep forever. Why?
My best mate was constantly cockblocking me for no reason when we were away backpacking. I'm not even really sure if he knew what he was doing but it was fucking frustrating. That and stopping every 20 seconds to take a photo of something retarded that didn't even look nice.

Otherwise he was fine.
This guy wasn't that bad but I hated that he looked at his phone so much on the trip and was concerned about WiFi all the time. He also took pictures of food for Instagram. That kind of grinded my gears.
>travel with friend, who hasn't really ever traveled but I have
>working well with this cute girl probably 8/10
>getting pretty close
>dude out of no where 'hey bro we should probably head out"
>tell him I'm good and he can just let me be
>doesn't take this for an answer
>just sits with us and cockblocks stating stupid shit till it kills the mood
>she eventually fucks off same with me
>"haha bro you were really going there, you gotta be careful those girls will scam you!"
>remind him he hasn't traveled and the girl was AUSTRALIAN and fine
>"Nah dude that's what they want you to believe she probably had pimps and shit ready to beat you and steal your cards and passport"
>ask him what the fuck
>"Just looking out for you bro!"
>ask him why the fuck I'd have more than my drivers license and cash on me for a night of drinking, Passport is in my locker same with cards
>keeps "looking out for me" throughout the trip till I just "accidentally lose him"

Nigga ain't my fault you're balding at 23, fat, and get drunk off 2 bitch drinks. Get fuckin real
they probably idealize traveling as some magical experience that will just 'happen' and change their lives, probably because their lives are miserable and they cannot conceive changing themselves by themselves. then they arrive and reality, as well as a big dose of anxiety, sets in hard. case in point, there's a thread on this board that is over two months old on this topic filled with the sorts of people i've described.
The sum of all complains is:

>Don't leech
>Don't depend upon others
>Study the place your visiting without relying on others
>Learn a bit of the langage
>If you wanna lazy out do it on your own w/o bitching u ain't seeing shit.

Am I missing one?
are you me?
had a similar situation
>talking to qt3.14
>friend notices and cock blocks
>claims he saved me
>Look here faggot, i served in the Navy, i know what i need to do to mitigate my losses should i get robbed in a foreign country
>waves my explanation off and wants to go back to the hotel.
>stand up from table and realize im at a cross roads.
>sit back down, find a hotel and booked a room for the remainder of my stay.
>friend asks wtf.
>tell him he knows best and should have no problem enjoying the rest of his trip on his own.
what i thought would be an awkward plane ride back was not.
>he slept in and missed his flight
he texted me the next day that he got home, i havent spoken to him since i left his ass at that restaurant.
Fucking boss
Canadians are awful travelers. We have so little experience traveling to other countries that aren't just tourist-filled resorts that we don't know how to behave when we travel to a real country. It's not really our fault -- we're a homogenous culture with long and pricey travel options, so we're not really exposed to the outside world. I can't stand Canadian travelers. Ignorant as fuck. I was too, when I first started travelling.

OP's friend sounds especially bad, however.

t. Canadian

Homogenous culture unless you're in chinky, streetshitty Toronto
File: DzJwEPlXgAAGsSV.jpg (33 KB, 540x532)
33 KB
>Appropriate shoes/clothing
>Pro-active plan of action
>Dont rely on local WIFI
>Dont stare at your phone 24/7
>Dont take hundreds of pictures of shit (Personally Im that guy)
>Dont be fussy and realize not everything is going to be a 5 star experience
Whenever I've ever gone anywhere with friends, even the easiest places for the shortest times, it's always a disaster.

Yet somehow I can travel by myself through war-torn third world shit holes for years and never even raise my pulse once.

Most people are just too high-strung to travel anywhere outside of their immediate comfort zone, and being around them is misery.
You meet the best travel companions traveling, since if they're where you are doing what you're doing you will probably get along well.
Man I lost my passport in Japan, wasted like 12 hours and a couple of hundred dollars going to the embassy to get an emergency passport :^
You are genuinely a massive prick if that's the conclusion you came up with. Put yourself in a rurual America's shoes
>probably from podunk town, not used to big city life
>go to Japan of all places which is the epitome of culture shock
>love of life dumps you while over there
>English isn't main language like back home
>lose something insanely important, he obviously don't know you can get an emergency passport since it's his first fucking time
How else would anyone react in his situation as a first time traveler? I'm actually seething a bit knowing people like you exist out there. Oh well, good on your former friend for losing you out of his life.
You sound like a beta male that drags people down because you cant take responsibility for your actions.
>Go through horrible experience and expect friend to do what friends do; show compassion and help you through the rough times
>Instead friend acts like a cunt and thinks that your horrible experience is dragging him down

Your friend sounds like a beta bitch. But you sound like a self-absorbed prick.
I'd rather be a prick than a bitch to be honest
But unfortunately I was born a "bitch".
N8gger we're from NYC. This dude was a massive man-baby who showed 0 gratitude for the help I gave. You actually sound like a pussy and are quite possibly the loser friend I ditched
If your gf wants to go to Disneyland she's probably not good wife material to begin with
>keep whining about not getting thanked for translating jap shit
dude if anyone sounds like a pussy it is clearly you getting this worked up over your friend not giving you a reach around every time you translated how to order 7/11 noodles. I'm confused as to why anyone would thank another person each time they did a translation lmao

Oh well, I just hope you do some self reflection to see how weirdly this makes you come off as.
>. Put yourself in a rurual America's shoes
huh? who gives a shit, if you go abroad and bring your girl that's YOUR problem to deal with. That anon was already doing shit like translating for them and shit as well.

It's pretty obvious you've never traveled with someone + their bitch, it's annoying as shit and 9/10 times you're the third wheel which is super annoying. Only dealt with one or 2 times it was fine because we all knew eachother and did shit together before they hooked up.

>How else would anyone react in his situation as a first time traveler
Probably go about it stupidly and ruin their vacation so people with relationship issues can complain

Seems more like you don't value your time honestly or you really don't travel that often. Traveling with couples is some of the most high risk-to-no reward shit possible. Your relationship, your problems. Obviously if some bad serious shit happens help out but relationship problems are keep that shit away.
Best travel:
>Solo but meet friends abroad for certain attractions, events, or drinks
Top travel
>Solo making friends along the way
Good Travel
>With good friend you made detailed schedule with
meh travel
>travel with friend who is "we'll figure it out there"
Bad travel
>"dude my girl is super chill don't worry man we'll still hang out and have a blast with her!"
>2 week trip
>not a single thank you

You sound like a psychopath creating these situations that never happened. I'm willing to bet my anecdote reminds you of yourself being from the middle of no where and having to be led around because you're incapable of doing things yourself. There is nothing weird about showing gratitude but you're so autistic you can't even understand this concept. Not only that but this dude was a gigantic pussy for crying to his mom when he lost his passport instead of handle the situation like an adult

I'm also willing to bet no one asks you to travel with them as you sound like an insufferable cunt
>guy was a giant pussy for worrying about losing his main ID while abroad in a foreign country for the first time
you still don't grasp it, that's alright. you can call me an insufferable cunt if that makes you feel better, but I'm not the one shitting on newbie travelers going through tough times on their first time. whatever helps you sleep at night, thanks for the conversation we've had today though! Don't think I thanked you for the couple of posts, so I'll send you mental thanks a couple times tomorrow for each post! Thanks!
Not getting a single thanks/respect is pretty damn common from people traveling for the first time and it's quite annoying. I've traveled with people like that who instantly assume "Been to X place = ur my tour guide because you know this place and prob like it!"

shit that annoys me is when I missed something last time and try to go find it and smerks like "thought you been here before don't you know where we are going?", "taking forever to get there", "you sure this place is nice?"

>I'm also willing to bet no one asks you to travel with them as you sound like an insufferable cunt
And you sound like a fucking life of a party taking the opposite side to anything... That or you ARE the people that anon is describing.

Seriously, I am fine with helping my friends for a good chunk of things around tokyo/whatever when I go for work or whatever. The thing that CONSTANTLY is a pain in my ass is when they basically assume because I am there they need to do no kind of self thought, research, or anything that a normal human should do. Helping on a few things is one thing, having to be free tour guide and caretaker is another.

I could rant about the multiple times when I've been to X place before and my friend hasn't then I'm just suppose to be their caretaker 100% of the time. Have a few places you want to see and I can help show? cool. Be a free tourguide? fuck no
File: G800S15.jpg (90 KB, 1106x1012)
90 KB
>traveling with someone who brings their gf
That shit barely works for hanging out normally in whenever you live, I don't know why anyone would think its a good idea to do it abroad
Group rates, you happen to be going around the same time, travel agent deal thrown at friends, etc

For cruises specifically often group rating can make something far more economical
>rural american

dude those are some of the most resourceful motherfuckers in this country.

Met a dude from West Virginia, knew his way around knew how to recall a map from memory, always tried to figure shit out himself first or watch others do it and copy. Same with some people from Texas, and places like that.

Californians are the true retards
completely agree. years ago i went to a music festival with some friends, roughly the same group that always goes, except this time one friend was going to be bringing his gf. instant gut reaction was that this would fail spectacularly and my friend would be miserable the whole time. sure enough, turns out she hated camping, getting trashed all day, listening to awesome music, and proceeding to get more trashed.

basically, it barely works out hanging normally, and then with travelling it just stretches on for days with them getting more stressed the whole time, totally willing to pull the e-brake on anything fun b/c their relationship drama takes precedence.
Women love Disneyland. For many women their entire personality IS Disneyland. Who hurt her.
How is this a Canadian thing, exactly? I'm from Calgary and my preparations for my Japan trip are borderline autistic.
I dont care if a friend brings his gf. When the gf begins to tap out for the day, and the friend gives me that
>save me! dont leave me here with her!
look, i smile and go do my own thing.
had one friend get pissed because i went off and enjoyed the fuck out of Orlando while he spent most his time at the hotel.
>once back home friend cusses me out about how i abandoned them
>counter with you made the decision to stay at the hotel 80% of the time because you are a beta unable to tell his girl no.
>tries the "thats why you will always be single"
>correct him with "thats why i will always be happy!"
dude is still with her 5 years later with 2 kids. and is visibly unhappy.
I feel bad for his kids because i wholly expect him to kill himself inside the next 5 years.
File: f66.png (240 KB, 662x540)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
>tell friend that you want to do x but its ok if he doesn't want to
>warm him repeatedly that its not the kind of thing he's accustomed to
>its ok anon I'll go with you
>spends the entire day complaining about it
Just tell me you didn't want to hike at 7am you fucker, you had every opportunity to do so instead of bitching for 6 hours straight
>that feel when you and a friend wake up early to do something and they are immediately disgruntled from the very first moment but insist on going through with it
my longest friend (25 years) and I can pretty well read each other. There have been times we woke up early to do something only to not do it and be happy with the decision afterwards. Maybe its because of the age of the friendship, but neither of us get buttmad if the other backs out. (guess it helps we are both inherently lazy)
Traveling with other people is a hit or miss, thus why many friendships ended after a trip.
I was that asshole not very nice with some poor lad who never traveled in his life, but then I realize I was a bit too harsh. Not bragging but travel experience builds up over time and the way you do/move/experience the country is definitely not the same as a beginner. Personality matters a lot too. Some people like the idea of going on tour, some definitely not.
I've lost two friends after a trip because they are boomer-tier of traveling and they got pissed by my asshole behavior, but I've also gained a gf because she travels and experiences in a very similar way as I do. Sometimes it's better not to travel with any friend, you'll lose some for sure.
Love it when I travel with a friend and his girl or wife. The line "well if you think thta way you'll be single for a long time". Yeha damn doing what I want and how I want shit ur right. I better spend 80% of my trip in the hotel room
Here I am begging for travel partners and you fucks instead to go out with jackoffs like this, where did I go wrong
lost mine last week, accidentally threw it out when I was moving in from one bag to another, luckily I ask around the guesthouse right away and the owner found it in the trash
>culture shock
Oh no they have different power outlets thsn us what horrow what madness
>Don't take hundreds of pictures of shit

This is very situational I think. As long as your friends want to do the same it's fine
>go to Japan with friend
>he wants to get into photography
>give him an old camera of mine
>we both spend tons of time taking photos
>he learns how to do it well
>I learn a lot myself by teaching him

Was honestly really fun and I took a lot more photos than I do usually.
I can understand the other point of view that it's annoying to stop every minute because your friend wants to take a picture of something, but I didnt fly halfway across the planet just so that my friend can sprint from one place to the other without actually taking anything in.

Im going to Japan for the first time this year and I plan to take a ton of pictures. I will also take a dozen selfies, because chances are only one of them would be half decent.

>Last time I travel with a Canadian,

This is how it plays out for pretty much anyone who has no experience traveling

Its better to travel solo
>ex an I traveled to NYC once. the first day she slept till 330, then took another 2 hours to get ready. by that time the sun had essentially set and she retreated back to the hotel because "its scary

This is unfuriating but no reason to break up with someone
Is this really the hill you're going to die on anon? That bumfuck nowhere USA with a population of 4000 has the same culture and way of life as goddamn Tokyo?

But since this is a Mongolian honey pot forum and everyone has to be a contrarian, I'm sure you'll still say yes they're the same thing and no one ever has to experience culture shock.
Canadians are all smug, lazy, two-faced fucks. Hope you learned a lesson.
I just travel solo because I hate busy body boomer retards who can’t just enjoy life. I speak several languages and travel Europe quite a bit, but whenever I go with someone else it’s “we have to be up at this time and do this and this and then get this train!” Fuck that. It’s mesnt to be enjoyable
Not in fucking Tokyo they havent
Great list, except I'd rearrange good and meh. Solo travel that happen to include a few one off events with good friends is perfect.
Agree anon. First time traveller and passport is gone? The tears are too much, but any newb would be very very worried and find it hard to enjoy the trip.
>ad hominem: the post

I have no issue helping people, but is asking for a thank too much? The anon built up an imaginary story and essentially defended someone who doesn't exist. Not my fault he's an angry person

As I explained, it was 2 weeks of being a tour guide for an ungrateful person. The tears were the tipping point. Act like an adult and handle the situation yourself instead of calling your mom halfway across the globe, crying your eyes out
A lot of pain and suffering (not to mention expenses) is avoided by sticking to a schedule.
>complain about ad hominem
>previous posts you're calling every other poster who disagrees a faggot, pussy and a beta
pot, meet kettle.
first big boy vacation after starting to earn a decent wage, decide to meet a long time friend in Bangkok.
>see anon after about 3 years, fucking pumped to see him, such a good dude, LOVES to drink. we start drinking and partying, end up at the girlie bars a fun night is had!
>second day, he wants to do the same, ok cool we havent partied in a long time
>third day, just wants to party and go to girlie bars, alright dude, how bout we do a little exploring of the city first "nah man i just want to go out drinking"
>fourth day, sleeps until 1600, gets carls jr for breakfast (dinner) starts hitting up the girlie bars around 2000. hey anon this is fun and all but doing the same thing is getting a little stale, lets go on a day trip or something tomorrow "its cool man you go, im having fun"
>day 5 until day 20 anon follows the exact same schedule, sleep until afternoon, carls jr for breakfast, drinks at the girlie bars until 4 or so, stops at the 24 hour mcdonalds on the way home, they already know him have his order waiting, does this exact same thing the entire trip
>I ended up meeting a girl with a car and we went around, she showed me some cool temples and such had a great time.
>refuses to even try Thai food, finally on the last day i make him try some green curry with chicken and rice, he thinks its delicious "i wish you had me try this earlier anon"
>still a good friend and a good guy. in hindsight I underestimated his love of drink and he overestimated mine. I just thought it was kind of shitty to fly halfway around the world to get smashed the entire time although different strokes for different folks
Trip around europe wit le gf
>she bitched about everything
>she was extremely anxious and nervous
>micromanaged everything
>i couldnt fucking stand in one place without her telling me how to stand
>almost broke up with her
If you have money a schedule doesnt matter u will always be able to afford a train or a flight when ever you want, and even a hotel room last minute . Schedules are for poor fags and autistic germans
>Girlfriend tells you how to stand
>"Almost" broke up with her

Based doormat.
Lol i stood up to her and now she is submissive to me but come on bro everyone puts up with gf's bullshit for easy pussy one time or another
File: 1565486039487.jpg (16 KB, 319x319)
16 KB
>Lol i stood up to her and now she is submissive to me
I have a similar story.
>have a good friend from Japan, traveled together before and did all kinds of crazy and illegal shit
>didn’t see him for a few years, he’s living in Singapore, married, and his wife (I found out later) is pregnant
>have some free time, call him up and suggest we go to Pattaya together for a week
>golf, drinking, and girls — the usual
>meet him in the departure lounge in Bangkok
>tells me he has bad news — he’s brought his mistress with him because he “doesn’t want to get any diseases”
>mistress is typical spoiled Singapore Chinese bitch
>play golf the first 2 days, mistress comes along, doesn’t play and doesn’t like it because too hot/sunny
>go out with them in the evening, no nightlife because mistress doesn’t like regular bars and clubs
>day 3 mistress announces she doesn’t like the 3-star hotel I booked, has him check them into a luxury 5-star resort
>no more golf, no more going out at night, think I saw him one more time during remainder of the trip
>never see or hear from him again
>a few years later I hear from a mutual friend that he’s not in contact with me because “I’m a bad influence”
I’m still pissed off about this, LOL
File: 1565574483257.jpg (26 KB, 474x488)
26 KB
um did he bring his wife or his mistress? because those are two different things, sir. a mistress is a side piece.
>everyone puts up with gf's bullshit for easy pussy

There’s ordinary girlfriend bullshittery, and then there’s having your girlfriend emadculate you by dictating how you should carry yourself.

One is completely normal. The other is a red flag that is the size of Australia.
not that anon but pretty sure the 'telling him how to stand' was just a hyperbole... if it wasn't then idk what to say.
>stood up to her
did she have to tell you how to stand up to her too?
He brought the mistress. Wasn’t it clear? Things probably would have gone better had he brought the wife.
Should have called his wife and told her about the mistress.
That’s bad karma, anon. I understand from mutual friends that he’s really fat and overworked these days, which is enough revenge for me. But it’s really a shame, as he was a good guy and we had some great times together when we were in school. Maybe I can’t blame him so much, as this is what Japan does to people.
The thing about people who cheat on their wives is that they make horrible friends.
If they're willing to betray the person who is supposed to trust them the most simply to get their dick wet, they're willing to betray their friends for a lot less.

Should have told his wife. Not to spite him, but for her sake.
that alone isnt no.
But the laundry list of other issues that came before are.
>"its cool man you go, im having fun"
Based friend. Why didn't you go alone for a few days then come back?
File: 1558241280460.jpg (14 KB, 262x234)
14 KB
Maybe so, but it’s way too late now. The thing that got to me the most — worse than him fucking up my vacation and not having the guts to tell me anything about it until we met in the departure lounge — was his takeaway from the whole thing. I mean, his wife was pregnant with their first kid, he’d had the mistress for a while and was spending good $ on her, then he took her on the vacation — but I was the bad influence. BAKA.
>friends want to just go, without any plan, to "see what happens"

This always results in trouble and mostly doing nothing. Fuck no-plan travelers. This goes double for girls.
Like I said, he betrayed the person who was supposed to trust him the most simply to get his dick wet. If the mistress lead him believe that her pussy would close for a week if she didn't betray you, he didn't need more than 2 seconds to think about it. One second you were a friend, the next you were worthless.

That's why you never trust these people. It isn't about the morality of it. They can partake in gay midget orgies for all I care. But it shows the very essence of their character. And that character translates into every aspect of that persons life, not just the wife he's cheating on.
Harsh, very harsh. But you’re probably right.
>If you have money a schedule doesnt matter u will always be able to afford a train or a flight when ever you want
i get it if you've got a crypto fortune, but schedule only doesnt matter if traveling between major cities.
travelling to a less populated city can have sporadic transport schedule. unless you have spare days and are basically retired.
After explaining the situation, the idiot made up his own and argued inane points. After seeing anon is an idiot, I pointed it out
a friend from 4chan traveled with you?
File: MTj9PsG.png (321 KB, 710x1200)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Not OP but I've had similar experiences with a group of friends from out east that were woefully under-prepared for a trip out to Finland.

>Wanted me to guide them everywhere in Helsinki for the week they were there
>Gave them a list of places to go and that everyone knows english if you get stumped
>Come back home from work to see they didn't even leave the apartment, woke up late and sat around till I got back
>Get pissed off when they didn't do anything all week except eat at cool places after I got back from work

Not saying all Canadians are like that but fuck people from the maritimes.
I think this is just a general retard problem and not about Canadians. I talked with people in a hostel in Kyoto who had been in Japan for several days and they didn't know about conveyor belt sushi, bathhouses, what shintoism is, Fushimi Inari Shrine existing, how to ride the train and much more. I mean sure you dont need to go to a public bath every day, but if you have done ANY research about Japan you have to know its a thing. I overheard people saying "ooh so the Japanese are buddhists too?" and other things that I would consider absolute elementary.
worst travel companions ive had have always been women.
when youre with one of them they're like children.
terrible experiences. id rather travel with a bro than a hoe any day.
Most of the problems on this thread seem to steem from traveling with inexperienced people who expect you to do everything for them. I have played guide for a couple of friends in Japan and I honestly didn't mind, I basically took them to wherever I wanted and they borderline worshipped me for knowing how to ride the metro.
However I can understand this sucking if its the first time you travel somewhere.
Pampered snowflakes are the fucking worst, especially if they're women.I once spent a month in Thailand with 'the lads' from my boxing gym. I ended up splitting off and doing my own thing but I'd rather travel with 7 brits who want to drink every day than a pampered woman with no will of her own beyond texting and uploading to instagram.

What's funny is most of the stories about these pampered clueless individuals all seem like they follow the same pattern, and I've experienced it with my ex. She would rather have slept in til afternoon and eat food at a costa coffee than try any local cuisine or stray too far from the hotel. And what's even more nuts is she posted the whole trip and all her pics on facebook like she'd had the time of her life but was COMPLETELY miserable even when she was drinking.

Holidays are fantastic for knowing exactly who is worth your time
What a retard your friend is. What's the best way of navigating and finding your way back? I was thinking if printing a map if the local area.
Not with a friend but
>Always have tpice alerts with frontier a d Spirit airlines
>Can do weekend get aways basically twice a month
>Friend wants to try it
>Warn him on restrictions of luggage and using Airbnb or hostels
>Lol it's okay
>Doesn't realize he is limited to a carry on and fucks up at the airport
>Doesn't realize hostels aren't private rooms by default or Airbnb is not the whole house
>Comes back from a weekend of hell he calls it
>Anon how the fuck do you do that shit and why. The flight I couldn't lean my seat back (2hr flight) and the hostel I had to share a room and stuff

This is somehow my fault because it didn't listen and I "owe him" now. Man fuck ur shit dude I told you how I do weekend get aways for around 120 bucks
stop somewhere a bit more inconspicuous and less exposed to predators rather than right in front of them
>and I "owe him" now
sounds like a loser
I'm still traqumatized by the amount of shit one of my classmates put me through when we went to London. He isn't a bad dude in general, but MAN was he terrible during that trip.

But let's go in order.

>We're four people: me, this guy, and two others who are pretty irrelevant for my story.
>After going through the entire airport process, we get a bus from Heatrow to our destination near Paddington Station.
>It's a bus with a bathroom, which is pretty good for us.
>Suddenly, this guy gets a nosebleed for whatever reason and, since he's still groggy from the flight, stumbles to the bus bathroom while spreading blood all over the floor.
>As he does whatever he's doing in the bathroom, we briefly stop, and a small family (dad, mom and two kids, I think it was two girls) gets on the bus, on the rear seats next to the bathroom.
>Bus restarts.
>Shortly after, he stumbles out of the bathroom, face caked in blood, with a bloody piece of toilet paper stuck up his nose.
>He appears right in front of the family, the smallest kid is immediately freaked out by this 89kg per 176 cm dude that looks like a horror movie psycho, and starts crying. Other kid shifted in the seat.
>Mom gets uncomfortable and gestures towards him, but he ignores her and just gets back to his seat like nothing had happened.
>Pretending to go to the bathroom, I go to the mother and apologize for his looks and behaviours.
>"Do you want to call 999? He looks real messed up." she says, phone already in hand.
>I have to beg her to not do it and jsut leave him alone.
>Go back to my seat, about to scold him, but he's already asleep and I don't want to cause more messes.

>We arrive at our destination, we start to trek to our accomodation, some sort of Egyptian Kitsch place that the bloodletter wannabe booked.
>As son as we enter, he goes up to the reception and asks both where's the bathroom and if he can get some water, since he feels a bit weak.
File: giphyburnmoney.gif (461 KB, 460x347)
461 KB
461 KB GIF
"dont worry, I'll pay you back for xyz whatever the fuck, when we get home..."
>Receptionist looks disturbed at him, tells the guy where to find water, then turns to me and asks if he was alright, with a tone and face that made me think she thought he had been sniffing cocaine or at least had been doing drugs.
>I awkwardly state that he was perfectly fine, if with a bit of a weak nose.
>The receptionist still looks at me and my other two mates as if we were going to turn our room into a blow haven, and valets kept knocking on our doors every once in a while when they knew we were there.

>Afterwards, we go to the pub, basically makes a fool of himself by accidentally asking for a baked potato with beans instead of a beacon one (he's got a thick accent), and basicaly fights the waiter over it, despite not realizing that he was fucking up his pronounciation.

>We get a few hours of respite of his shenenigans, then we go to Cadmen Town.
>Being Straight Edge, he refuses to drink alchol… but all places we went to had beer cheaper than water.
>And he drinks like a camel.
>Cue him lamenting that he felt very thirsty because he kept finishing one liter bottles in ten minutes before sweating all of it out, but also refusing to buy it whenever possible in fear of running out of money "for the first day" (yeah, he allotted budgets to each day).
>We wnated to murderh im by the time dinnertime came.

>Second day, the worst of it was just him almsot getting in a fight with a punkish guy in the National Gallery over the artistic quality of the religious paintings present in them and how they dressed each other (pompous fuckwit vs. inappropriately-dressed wisecrack).

>Third day, he wants to go visit his bf, who livesi n Weymouth.
>We thought it could be a fun out-of-London trip.
>It was a shitshow to get there, but that's another story.
>But, focusing on my friend, after visiting his boyfriend (and probably shagging him), he met back with us and we took a train back home.
>On the first stop, nothing happens.
>At the second station, a bunch of drunken chavs get on.
>There's a roided-out dude that wants to beat my friend up for whatever reason.
>He doesn't get it.
>Half the time is spent trying to separate the two, the rest is spent convincing a member of the group to not jump off the train to prove that the UK railways aren't electrified.
>Spoiler: he tried that firsthand, survived but delayed the train for four hours.
>We get back in London, of course the subway is closed.
>This guy starts whining and hwining about having to find a bus stop and wait forever until we reach our destination.
>I've never seen a teen being so fucking hwiny in my entire life. He kept going on and on and on.
>Thank God sleep shut him up for a bit.
>Has a nosebleed without apologizing to random people
>Asks receptionist where the bathroom is
>Drank water instead of beer

Yeah, that sounds like a true nightmare. Jesus fucking christ, by the way you tell this story you sound like you’d be a million times worse travel companion than the guy who had the audacity to have a nosebleed.
If you're near the sea, head for the coast. There's bound to be an area of people socializing or fishing and it's one of the places I've never been harassed. If not, try to look for the nearest park. One of the most obvious signs is a lot of Cubans with their phones in hand trying to use the park's WiFi, never been bothered there as well. It's also one of the places where I've just been sitting on a bench at ease looking at what other people do and compared it to my home cunt. If you don't have either at your disposal then just head to the nearest landmark or a restaurant/bar, but the last one may not be hassle free.
>Trip is Alaska, Vegas (for family), LA to get home with gf
>Alaska is my dream place to visit, have wanted to go since I was very young
>gf wanted to go to LA because “everyone goes there” and for shopping. Manage to stay for 1 day
>we are staying in Denali in Alaska after spending a day in anchorage
>absolutely beautiful spent 2 and a half days there
>after Denali we’re going back to Anchorage for 3 days (bad planning because anchorage isn’t that great)
>decide on a whim that we should stay another night in Denali and do more hiking and exploring rather than go back to anchorage
> “no because we’re only staying 1 night in LA and so it’s unfair that we stay in Denali longer”
>go back to anchorage and spend the next 3 days pretty much doing shopping for her
>then throughout trip complains that she never gets to do what she wants to do
>in Vegas spend most of free time with her shopping
>in LA she didn’t even buy anything from the shops she wanted to look at
File: 1560378143092.gif (761 KB, 600x450)
761 KB
761 KB GIF
>been to place a few times
>friend never has been but wants to come along this time
>give him advice to help
>ignores all of it for the most part doesn't do basic shit
>meet up in country
>not prepared
>by day 3 out of our 12 day adventure he's crying constantly about his feet, sitting down, humidity(since he packed like home), and getting a meal that is fine with his stomach
>complains I didn't prepare him enough for this, wonders how I am able to just roll with the punches

Nigga when I said how to pack, what to pack, and how to prepare for SEA I meant it's different weather and culture for a reason.
>tfw I sent a dozen text to a friend so he give me his banks details to send him money
Just give it so I can pay you back, REEEEE
Have to agree with what this guy >>1659856
said: you're bitching about things that happened to him and how he tried to deal with it, but you sound like a little bitch.
>travel with friends last year or so
>traveling to Japan, friends are from EU/North america
>8 of us total, know this can be an issue if we want to see shit not open shrine/museum/some bars/eateries/etc
>all of us getting in over 3 or so days for 2 weeks in Japan
>Another Anon and I think putting an itinerary down for what we all want to do is a good idea
>tell the group to help fill out a google sheet of place of stay/days flying in/what days you want to do X on
>UK/German bros don't bother because "find out when we get there"
>Only me and other dude wrote anything down
>Get to Japan
>No one knows what to do, UK people just want to drink Germans want to complain about beer
>people wasting an afternoon trying to figure shit out
>group ends up just turning to me and other anon to "figure out what to do"
>our schedules are wildly different where I want to go to the beach, some hiking, and other shit other anon wants to do Akihabara + weeb shit at night
>group wants to do both, "breaking up the group" seen as an insult
>not wanting to waste time anymore bitching back and forth Me and the other guy decide well we will head out and anyone can follow, mentality
>no one does they all take it as an insult as we left them out
>come back later that night, they did the exact same thing as yesterday of Drinking Strong 0's in the lobby and getting trashy 711 meals
>proceed to sleep in till 2-3PM when basically impossible to hit most spots by then
>try to get them to come with doing something as they complain day after day about "not getting invited" or "would be nice if you told us you were going"
>passive agressive shit comments like this every time because we didn't stay out till 5am drinking and cut off around midnight/1am to wake up next day
>Trip over, all had a good time sort of
>"hey anon next time we do this you should really just plan stuff out better, we don't know how that shit works
thought that some of the group was joking, but nope serious
File: 1566594827154.jpg (94 KB, 471x388)
94 KB
>friend proposes that I come to her house for a short trip (same cunt but very different place)
>get overly excited and start seeing all the shit there is to do
>almost bore that friend by talking about one of the activity that is hard to do because transportation was hard at that time
>tfw few friends and rarely invited
meanwhile retardoids have a gorillion friends across the world
I have a bunch of friends but overall prefer to travel alone for multiple reasons and experiences in the past. I'm fine with meeting up with people at a landmark, location, bar, event, though the days of traveling with friends unless like a gf are over.

It's another friend episode where
>someone doesn't get along perfectly with X so they do some petty BS shit
>that one "poorer" or "I can't in budgeting" friend that can't go with the group because they lack the funds somehow
>friend A who wants to drink tonight with everyone but Friend B can't and friend C wants to drink another night
>"we have to stick together" retard
>one who has that weird diet thing and instead of just saying where would be good to eat, fumble around like a retard for hours
>friend who won't be straight with you on anything and instead of telling about a problem or thing they want to do says nothing
>guy who goes off doing something without telling anyone or answering their phone for HOURS
>person who is striking out with love and fucks it for rest of shit
>guy who knows everything about the area because they binge on vlogger shit and are more misinformed than a black irishman
>worries so much that it kills the mood
>"yeah it's fine dude we can do that or whatever"
I understand the idea of traveling with friends seeming super fun, but traveling will basically bring out the worst in both of you. Most the time I don't even consider traveling with others, yes I know that sounds like an asshole statement, due to the potential friendship ruining and other BS it can stir.

Coming up my friend and I are both going to Japan for fall, can't wait but we are handling it different than most. We aren't taking the same plane there just going to arrive at NRT on the same day, if one of us can find the other cool if not meet at the hostel.
For everything else
>meetup times for events set in google sheet shared between us
>food is around some drinking places at night or near hostel depending what's closer
>agree'd we do not need to be butt buddies the entire time
>made sure he knows how to use mobile data, trains, and basic phrases

Hope it goes well but I am expecting some of the worst like having to be a tour guide 100% of the time
Would be interesting to hear how this turned out. If you laid out the plan like you did to your friend and he understands he has to figure shit out on his own - then it should be fine. Granted human apathy and stupidity have no bounds.
cut em off
Your friend was clearly feeling unwell, it shouldn't be his priority not to spill blood on the floor or be careful not to scare some fucking random family on a bus. Fuck the receptionist too, don't care if she's scared. I kept reading your post waiting for a time where your friend was actually annoying but every single time it turned out that you were the uptight and cunty one. You friend sound fun as fuck and very confident desu. Would love to travel with him and watch him get into arguments over art in a gallery.
Worked out well when I did the same in the past, we were on the same page when it comes to traveling. Essentially planned it out where I would hit the main spots I knew best the first few days, then split off ass needed.

Few tips I found that help me out were:
>anything I knew about or wanted to see again I would put first
easy to knock out and give then a lot of info up front instead of dragging shit behind me
>Always break after 5-8pm depending when your "last thing before supper" is
I tend to wash up at my stay then go back out around 5-6pm for the night after a day, not all do and people get picky about supper/drinks so I leave it up in the air
>pick places to stay, avoid same room if at all possible
>overplan daily so something "to do" at all times
>make sure before going they have some data plan
>agree what dates or things you are going to split on potentially
>Split days up into chunks, found AM/Noon/PM/Night
Found this saves a lot of confusion on doing things, even if you miss shit you have something to look forward to
>use google sheet for live edit and sharing before and on the trip
You can follow along easy see what is on tap and highlight shit that you want to do solo or separate, made it easy to just fuck off between us since we had a general idea where the other was should we want to hit up for drinks or some shit

I flat out told my previous friends when traveling that I don't really wait around for "duno what u wanna do" BS, I have a schedule and am going to try and stick to it. Was completely up front about how I will leave the hostel by 9am unless I am stupid hungover most days, if you aren't ready you know where I will be or hit me up for the next place when ready. Most my friends thought it was kind of dickish to state that but after traveling abroad they kinda realized why I said it as I am far more seasoned traveling than them just due to my job.

Fair to say after traveling with friend(s) doing a google sheet schedule helped.
>friend about to go to japan for first time
>he asks what to do about money
>tell him to just withdraw from ATMs once he's there
>he ignores my advice and withdraws $2k USD in cash here and plans to convert it there
Hope it goes well for him but what the fuck
My friend did the exact same fucking thing.
>going to Japan
>asks me what to get money out
>Oh yeah just get it out there at 711, just don't do it at the airport there are better places in japan
>"lol wut? okay sure"
>goes and gets cash out literally 100% of his spending money for japan
>Uhh dude where to I exchange this money stuff at?
>tell him 711 he tells me they don't do it
>finally land and find his dumbass at a different terminal because using the free wifi and english maps too hard
>he has all USD, wtf man going to carry around 1800 dollars for the whole time? nani the fuck dude
>take him to a place I've last minute exchanged my yen to USD for at meh rates
>he exchanges all of it instead of just what he needs for the train
>expects me to do it though it's his cash he needs to do it especially after not listening to me
>Dude those rates seem weird didn't understand the guy either! lol got my cash though
>exchange rate was like 103 yen to the dollar, other places 115 to the dollar.

Obviously wasn't that bad but really when doing that much why the hell not go for the better rate. Best was after I showed him the ATM at 711 and got "well that's weird we don't have that in america, I don't think you can get more than 20 dollars out in california". NO SHIT RETARD. That's why this is JAPAN and I TOLD you to get it out at 711 and the url showing how to.
Yeah, same thing. That pampered by mommy dude uploaded pics on Twitter after the trip and claims to be feeling nostalgic but he didn’t do shit and all he ever did was eating fast food. What the fuck. I guess he doesn’t want to diplay his buyer’s remorse.
Good post
>I don't think you can get more than 20 dollars out in california
um what?
Pretty sure he was referring to getting cashback out at 711 in the US which is in some "ethnic places" limited to 20 dollars. He didn't understand there was a bank and probably didn't read anything related to cash in japan
I did that on my first trip to Japan. Straight up exchanged like 3k usd at the airport. It was retarded, but the exchange rate actually wasn't that bad and all that different from the city ones, nip airports are surprisingly competitive
I've done the same. Felt sketchy as fuck though.
Seems to me most of your problems come from japan
>japan often mentioned

who da thunk
>forced to deal with reality, probably for the first time in years
>there are problems
Can I get a screenshot of a Google sheet trip? I have some idea of how it'd work but not exactly
File: rrr.jpg (93 KB, 1718x935)
93 KB
Spent two minutes in paint to give you an idea.
Can confirm as a (western) Canadian, our country is essentially America with the world's largest collective inferiority complex. Can't wait for this shit to finally balkanize.
How though? Besides Québec. Do the Inuits want their own country? That'd be retarded of them
northern Quebec had its own separate votes in the separation referendums and overwhelmingly voted to stay. For all the bitching and complaining from natives they sure love getting free money dumped on them by their evil colonial oppressors.
>Do the Inuits want their own country?
Inuit independence in Greenland would be the first step. If that could be achieved, Canadian Inuit could either unite with Greenland or pursue their own independence.
>That'd be retarded of them
Probably, and they’d probably tell you that would be beside the point.
I wish I had a large group of friends with diverse interests like this ;-;
I'm afraid that I'm the bad travel friend.

>friend knows I go to Vegas a lot
>asks to go with me so I can show him around
>doesn't understand that I hate the place and just go to work
>spend weekend showing him around being a dick the entire time because I hate being in that town
>basically ruin his entire vacation
It's been 20 years now and I still feel like crap every time I think about it. Thanks for reminding me of it, asshole. I got out of that line of work but am not much happier.
>loan a friend $600 to pay for Vegas trip
>he invites some internet friend to kick it with us all weekend
>dude shows up with no money
>spend all weekend following me around asking him to by him drinks
>friend from back home meets some fat chick
>ditches me and leaves me with lowlife internet dude
>fucks fat chick in our hotel while I'm trying to sleep
Every time I see this guy he is like "DUDE BRO WHEN WE GOING BACK TO VEGAS IT WAS AWESOME"

I've been to Vegas 6 times, that was easily the worst trip I've ever had.
File: spreadsheet.png (40 KB, 1416x422)
40 KB
This is the one for my up coming trip
Yellow = Days we will be doing the same thing
Blue = My line for planning
Red = Their line for planning
Hostel cost: Shows estimated cost + hotlinked to hostel website/address

Usually plan it this way then share it out, we are only meeting for about 5ish days with this friendo. I am going to be staying later into the month and only have a few days over lap so I extended mine out a bit and put the full total for my trip there.

For rest of the shit in the cap, since their first time in Japan. He gets there in pretty early so I put some pointers down for things to buy/expect to get and an average total cost daily for shit around tokyo
File: japan 2.png (10 KB, 744x112)
10 KB
Also yeah I know this isn't really in the AM/Afternoon/PM/Night format like my last one was(pic). Though we are mostly staying all in Tokyo and I've been there enough to know it pretty damn well so I didn't bother other than station hubs on the JR stations.

I tend to be more detailed the more people I travel with.
>around tokyo my first time
>friend who has "been there a bunch" (a total of one time)
>meet this JET teacher, bar tender even knows her
>getting really close to her hitting it off incredibly well she's even talking about showing me back to her place for some stuff
>friend not cold shouldered but next to me talking with others can easily overhear us
>eh you can go ahead, I'm going to stay here
>It's fine man the hostel is only about 2km away
>literally been using google maps to get around the whole time, like really nigga?
>tell him it's fine we are good I'm just going to stay for a while
>Nigger forces his way into our conversations and orders enough drinks to "get the night started"
>completely kills all traction had because he constantly turns all shit into an argument/debate
>she leaves I decide to call it quits too
>ask him what the fuck he is on
>proceeds to explain to me these weird rambling conspiracies about people about people
>explains how if I want a "good time" I should stop by a massage parlor

After that he proceeded to spend the whole time in japan smoking and drinknig and barely going anywhere neat.
sounds like he was scared to go home alone.
or just jealous, i duno what kind of non-bro bros you guys in this thread have
8 people is simply too much dude. 5 is already critical mass.
>Has a nosebleed and asks for the bathroom
>Orders a baked potato

sorry you had to go through that anon
Shit blogpost kys
You sound like a real prissy cunt. You deserve your dumb friend.
Didn't Seinfeld had an episode about this?

You're the bad travel friend anon
i'd never bring friends to vegas with me
Worst exp I had was my first and hopefully last time I ever travel with a bongistan.

>meet up at hostel because fucker literally did not buy a sim card for data and expected wifi most places
>carries his backpack full of passport money ID etc for whatever reason because "hostel lockers aren't safe"
>walk probably 2-3 km
>"oi mind we stop for a sec so I can have a smoke real quick?"
>not sure if smoking is allowed on the street
>"ah mate it's fine it's just a quick one!"
>pulls out a beer as well, why the fuck he had one I do not know
>smokes and drinks like a literal chav
>trying to meet up with my other friends dude just smoking and drinking in public
>other bongs meet up finally
>"hold on anon gotta go into this 711 and grab a beer"
>not sure if drinking in public is allowed here
>"ah mate it's fine it's just one beer not hurting anyone"
>proceed to wait for them to get beers, they start drinking and walking
>1 km later
>figure it's lunch time so whatever
>they drink, and drink, aaaaand keep drinking for hours
>tell them we might miss a few of the sites we wanted to see
>"you yanks always in a hurry come on and sit have a beer right proper!"
>repeat this for 2 weeks
>first bong lost his bag after getting too drunk at the pub, second got thrown in jail after running around naked because it started raining, third was MIA most the time
>literally had to be a baby sitter most the time due to their dipshit retardation

No clue why brits constantly just go abroad to drink at some pub
Sour americans ITT
Y'all are a bunch of assholes, and I hope you'll live through what I went through there.

Oh, right, you all only go to shitholes where that's normal. Carry on then.
some of these have to be bait. the fuck you even complaining about here
>in Jamaica with a Japanese friend
>middle of April, middle of the afternoon, incredibly hot
>driving through some slum in Kingston looking for a particular music store
>niggers everywhere, literally wall-to-wall negritude
>car windows cranked all the way down because shitty Jamaican rental has no AC
>Japanese friend has been drinking since he woke up and is completely trashed
>he starts yelling out his window at the niggers
>tell him to STFU before he gets us killed
>shove him hard to bring him to his senses, he pays no attention
>quickly drive the fuck out of there, he continues to rant out his window for a few more minutes
>we escape without harm, which I later figured was because none of the niggers could understand his fucked up Japanese accent
>stressful at the time, but in retrospect pretty hilarious
kek, based nip.
>literally had to be a baby sitter most the time

Or you could have just fucked off instead of hanging around with them for 2 weeks and grown a pair. Seems like most of the bad travellers in this thread are the posters themselves.
What's with brits and stripping naked? Is this a cultural norm?
Its alpha
It’s a chav thing. They think that showing off their pasty white flabby bodies, with beer guts and moobs and stupid FC tattoos, makes them badass. They only do this when they’re drunk, because they’re typical repressed English cucks who can’t free their inner asshole unless there’s alcohol involved.
>asking for the bathroom
>drinking water
>baked potato
Sounds pretty normal to me.
Don't be racist anon, it is his Nip blood.
Outside of Japan there is no one shaming him so the repressed rising sun samurai bursts free.
If he was around a couple of decades ago with some other nips he probably would have fathered half of Jamaica.
This one is just minor but annoying
>in Peru with 2 American friends in October
>breakfast time
>one friend insists on finding ‘normal’ breakfast food and is terrified of any remotely foreign food
>other friend insists on going to Starbucks
>go to Starbucks
>friend is hopping mad because they didn’t have pumpkin spice drinks
Either you absolutely fucking suck at telling stories and conveying information, or your friend did absolutely nothing wrong.
You should have slowed down and kicked his ass out. Then you'll see how brave he really was
>friend is hopping mad because they didn’t have pumpkin spice drinks
thats what you get for travelling with basic bitches just wanting an instagram at machu picchu
Not bad, yet but I feel stuff is going to blow up in my face next month. Feeling very like others

>friend never left the country but wants to go to japan before 2020
>been fucked with prices too late into December, November is a no go due to thanksgiving so was either September or October
>figure september is typhoon season so mid to late october would be best for weather and sites
>track down dates agreed a few weeks back on booking told them 2 weeks should be enough for Tokyo+surrounding areas probably to Kyoto/Osaka
>put down a few things to do/see in a message to them ask them what else they would like to see
>"Oh Idk you've been there more, you could just show me around all over!"
>nigga I've only been there like twice..
>know this person is hugely indecisive and picky at the same time
>some how know tons of time is going to be wasted finding shit to do due to them being said indecisive
>also have strange feeling I'll be slanted into 2 weeks of tour guiding and hand holding

I wouldn't mind helping show some spots I know and would love revisiting, though the more we talk about it the more I realize he is going in 0 planning and assuming I am going to help them. Can't really ditch them either since we are splitting airbnb costs the whole trip
>Can't really ditch them either since we are splitting airbnb costs the whole trip
You can ditch them for the day
That sounds like its gping to be such a tragic waste of your money and time, i cant wait to read about it here in a few weeks
>Have stupid disorders, recovering recluse, serious can't deal with a room with more than 5 people in it sort of loser.
>10 years later, finally had lots of medical help, saved my whole life, never been on a holiday without family ties or needing to be at a wedding in another country type of thing.
>Bring my sister/carer. Pay for her to come with me. Plan with them what I want to do in Japan for 2 years before we even go.

Get to Japan.
>She doesn't pay for her own internet, so we constantly have to share.
>They don't want to do anything. They wont leave hotels.
>When we do they only want to shop eat and booze.
>I want to see temples. I want to get trains and go places. Do stupid nerdy things.
>Stuck waking up at 6am every day and they don't get up till noon.
>They suddenly cant walk far, they hate all the food.
I'm in Shinjuku right now just... waiting for them to decide when is a good time to go out. But they want to go shopping... they want to go back to places we went already.
She keeps trying to argue with me about planning and stuff-
Japan is so pretty, and there's lots of things to do indoors during this part of the day but she just wont leave our hotels till after noon- haha- I just feel like I wasted 3 years of my life training physically and mentally with this person for them to act like this is a shock.

When we were in Kyoto we were so close to Inari and i did that myself, but it was so clear and all the other tourists were going there too- It wasnt hard.
We've been through Shinjuku station already a few times and it's just so overwhelming. I've tried to just leave myself already too-

I envy solo travelers so much, but I always thought it'd be nice to be able to share such a trip with someone.

Tiny steps anon. Congrats on making it to Japan in the first place. From your own words sounds like next time you'll be fully able to do it yourself.
File: image0-1.png (683 KB, 649x676)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
>tfw you and a friend are travelling to Japan at almost exactly the same time, but you're both doing your own itineraries and will occasionally overlap in a couple different spots for meeting up
that's the best. share stories and fuck off
Man you just gotta find that one brother in arms who's a perfect fit and is in sync with your mindset. I've been traveling with the same dude for a while now, once a year we do a long ass trip, and I absolutely hate solo travel now.

This man gets it, >>1657888
This thread is shit if you know the place better than your mate you should show them around. Don't be an arsehole it's holiday relax a bit retards.

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