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/trv/ - Travel

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File: 1563082347239.webm (1.92 MB, 576x1246)
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1.92 MB WEBM
>be about to turn 31
>Mom offers to buy me a plane ticket for my vacation in December for my birthday
>Want to go to Asia
I'm thinking korea, Japan, or Tawain. Where can I find a qt Asian girl to let me lick her butthole and cum on her face? I went to Malaysia 2 years ago. The sex was pretty vanilla
get some taste, fag.
>be 31
>stil type like an autistic retard
>mommy buying you a ticket so your cum brain can get a 4/10 ant gf
>cringey webm

Fuck you
>Traveling to SEA
>I'm thinking korea, Japan, or Tawain
>Where can I find a qt Asian girl
grats, impressively retarded
sauce or moar
This is now a Sally Hawkins appreciation thread
Well if your white try seoul or tokyo, 8/10 will simply go up to you and ask for your contact info, and that just being an average 6/10 chubby dude
Yeah, if you visit in 1960.

Those cities are full of foreigners. That shit doesn’t happen unless they’re cultists trying to recruit you.
You are looking forward to go to Manila or HCM.
SEA is not Korea, Japan, or Taiwan. Learn fucking geography first before trying to fuck a monkey faced ugly "asian".
Amerifats keeping this myth alive.
You're not rare anymore, Yumi-chan gets foreign cock every Saturday night
>That shit doesn’t happen unless they’re cultists trying to recruit you.
If they offer me their pussy as compensation, who am I to say no?
they don't offer pussy. they ask for donations
Just like my soapland sluts at Paradise!

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