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/trv/ - Travel

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File: 4L_vUzlnJ41.png (754 KB, 693x1457)
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754 KB PNG
As the title says, some commie is apparently gonna become president now and so the peso collapsed 30%+ today. Being American, i was wondering if this is a good time to go visit?

Would I get laid, be safe, spend a lot of money?
File: 195.png (9 KB, 300x100)
9 KB
If you're gonna go, go now, before prices adjust and people get desperate and violent. In other words, before they go Full Venezuela.
Bump im interested as well.
Hasn’t this happened a few times down in Argentina in the last couple decades?
Yes, and it became more dangerous each time as more criminal scum turned to robberies and kidnappings.
when the peso collapses inflation and prices go up. It doesnt work how you think anon
File: 1565805232524.jpg (671 KB, 2500x1652)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
It doesn't work how you think, either. Prices of foreign goods go up by about the inverse of the currency collapse, prices of locally produced goods such as food and prostitutes go up only partway because perishable non-mobile commodities.
That's why you bring greenbacks, retard.
nothing wrong with a little bump and grind
i have same idea
see you guys there.. /trv/ meetup?
Sounds good. I'll say one thing for that photo, we look a hell of a lot better than le redditors.

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