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From UK in Aus on a WHV

Been in Aus like 3 month doing stuff up the east coast. Does anyone else think this country’s shite? Some Aussies are alright but most of the youths are jumped up poofters. I live in Brisbane with 2x Colombians and 2x Brazilians and I’m much more interested in their culture than Aus culture, in-fact I’ve only really been interested to socialise with south americans since I moved in with them. Only been here 3 months out of the 12 and I’m ready to go home and do stuff in Europe or South America. I came here on my own so maybe would’ve lasted longer with a mate from home.

Anyone else feel the same way?
Am I doing something wrong?
Is this country shit?
If you're in the city and not in nature you're doing it wrong cunt
I’m not a fan of Australians in general but the people I hate more than Australians without a doubt are Brazilians. Especially living with them. So it might just be your taste.
Found your problem. Try Melbourne.
>"jumped up poofters"
What a piss poor attempt at australian lingo you useless cunt. Anyway, you should have asked before, we would have told you its shit. What were you expecting and what let you down (serious question)
I can smell the sperm in your farts from here
File: index.png (3 KB, 290x174)
3 KB
The level of bants you'll get from Queenslanders
Aus is a great place to make (and if you're not disciplined spend) money. On the other hand the worst thing about the country is the people, and Sydneysiders and Queenlanders are the worst of the bunch.

tl;dr move to another city that isn't Sydney
Why would I want to use aus lingo u spaz.

I didn’t have much of an expectation, I didn’t do much planning either, just showed up with 6ish grand australian. Maybe lack of planning is what let me down. I feel like backpackers are stigmatised in the way that as soon as a local knows you’re on a whv they turn their noses up at you. The drinking culture is shit, majority of locals are condescending boring mongs, the first kangaroo i saw was dead on the side of the road. Maybe i haven’t been here long enough to properly analyize the gaff but these are my first impressions.
>What a piss poor attempt at australian lingo you useless cunt
"Poofter" is British slang too you monger.
Brisbane is, Adelaide maybe excepted, clearly the most boring, plastic city in all of Australia.
If you want to fuck around for a couple of months more and see some countryside, get your RSA and find a job in a pub in some bogan town with an aboriginal name.
Maybe you should just stop giving a fug what's going through your mind about people stereotyping you on whv and just chill out, don't try so hard to make friends.

As a Brit I'm not sure what you expect from aus, it's more or less British culturally. So will be "shit" in a lot of similar ways

Me personally I might visit some day to see some aussie mates but I'm not sure a roadtrip is in my budget, let us know how you got on by the time you leave OP
We get it, you’re completely fine with having hairy cocks shoved up your hairy date. Well done congratulations. Now please wipe your chair off before you leave.
>whinging pom is whinging
absolutely shocking, who could’ve seen this coming
Look mate no one gives a fuck if you're on a WHV theres plenty of you here. As an Australian, I would say its hard to break into a group of Australian friends and actually become friends (going out on the weekends and such) but most of you cunts on WHV don't make any effort and just hang around each other. Brits hang out with other brits. Germans do the same, so do South American Spanish Speakers and Brazilians. Theres a reason why half the British 18y/o come to Australia and not the other way around. If you don't like it then fuck off
>Theres a reason why half the British 18y/o come to Australia and not the other way around
mate half the young white people in London are Australian.
Australia is good for making money if you're not from a country that's richer than Australia. For a lot of people from western and northern europe they would make at least the same working in their home country
>If you're in the city and not in nature you're doing it wrong cunt.

This. Why go to the other side of the world just to enmesh yourself in some big fuckin city? They're all the same the entire world over. Get out to the bush. Fuck off to the west coast of Tassie and find yourself some kind of farm job. You'll meet a lot of good bastards that way.
as an australian, this country can only get worse, but at least it's better than the USA

It's also a shame you chose the worst city.
Fucksake dosscunt, you realise a lot of "your" slang was our slang first right, mate?
Make more but your rent and grocery prices even it out more or less.
Was in West Australia a while back. Freo and Perth are actually not as bad (personally compared to American cities). Definitely try to do some shit in the wilderness though. Also for fucks sake do not go to Rottnest at this time of year, it's fucking miserable, rains a lot, and way too windy to use a bike.
No they don't. If you don't go for a 1-bedroom flat in a CBD and don't buy everything in fucken vegan stores or whatever, you can save up lots in Australia.
>t. former WHV holder
maybe you are the problem
I hired a prostitute in Australia.
She was a fat Chinese woman with bad English.
>I go into a room with some toys.
>in she walks
>she had good tits while dressed but when she took her bra off it was like two Hindenburg’s go down. I didn’t care she was my hot tea rady.
>I start to take my clothes off, all sexy like, so she can see my abs, biceps and hard toned thighs.
>with her nipples pointing to her toes, she blurts out, hurry up you no much time. I knew she was impatient to feel my cock.
>naked I go to huge and kiss her, she had dumpling breath, so exotic. She puts her hand up to block my face before I could give her a deep wet French kiss.
>you go shower. Wash hairy cock good. Make clean.
>yes sir I said, and have my cock such I good scrubbing I accidentally came in the shower.
>I got out and she said, you just cum already?
>yes I replied.
> I suck your dick she said,
>hot tea lady slurped away on my soft flaccid cock for 5 minutes and said, I’m tired you want handjob?
>yes I said
>she starts tugging at my cock.
>not like that I said, I go to my bag and pull out a strapon
>she looks at my strangely almost coyly but not quite, by that I mean not at all.
>what this for? Hot tea lady asked.
>I said I bend over and you fuck my in bottom with this and pull my cock
>that sounds expensive, hot tea lady replied.
>I offer her $20 extra and bend over she jams the dildo deep into my hungry butt.
>I moan in ecstatic pain.
>I don’t think this is very healthy for you, hot tea lady kept saying as if I didn’t hear her as she fucked my butt.
>I couldn’t hold it in anymore I blast hot ropey cum all over hot tea lady’s fingers.
>you cum a lot she said
>I go to kiss her
>no you finished, yo shower, you go.
>with that hot tea lady left the room taking my heart, and the virginity of my bottom with her.
It was last year I fucked hot tea lady, she’d have to be about 50 now. I often think of her, and wonder what she’s doing with her life, maybe running a restaurant?
Why do people make the mistake of staying in Brisbane? I've seen a fair amount of complaints on this board from Americans and poms complaining about Australia and it's usually because they've spent most of their time in Brisbane? I don't know how they make that mistake. It's not like it's well known...

Is it because they associate it with the Gold Coast and therefore beaches? Honestly, if I were coming from overseas I'd probably have a better time in Townsville or Byron Bay than Brisbane. They're feral, but there's no pretence of culture and at least they're fun.
Byron bay is an overpriced shit hole full of assholes
Oh Lordy!
Lived in a South Brisbane sharehouse with a whole bunch of Brazilians and a Greek landlord. Great times. The queue for the shower was horrendous.
It would be a race to see who anal sexed each other first
Honestly, as a half Australian that's spent a lot of my childhood there on holiday and then lived there more recently; fuck Australia, I'm getting the fuck out.

It's a paradise if you look at really superficial metrics, but look a little deeper and the populace is basically entirely retarded, culture is next to non-existent and society is insanely wasteful.
The best thing that could happen to the place is for a brutal recession to happen to force those mouthbreathers out of their stupor.
File: Bones-in-Belanglo.jpg (103 KB, 599x449)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Is this country shit?
You need to come first and make your own impressions.
>Anyone else feel the same way?
>Am I doing something wrong?
>Is this country shit?

Doing it wrong imo.

Australia has a pretty crappy nightlife / club scene and the cities aren’t that interesting.

The natural beauty and regional areas are what’s unique in Australia.

Go diving in the Great Barrier Reef, walk through tropical rain forests in north qld, go surfing on the sunny coast / goldie / west coast, etc, check out Kakadu.

Check out all the waterfalls in North Queensland.

And if you want to meet interesting people go to some music festivals.
Sounds like a very ableist culture.
It's fucking awful, anyone that says otherwise doesn't live here
melbourne is the only place in australia with actual culture, but you shouldn't be here for the culture anyway, go explore the nature
where would you move?
i'm struggling to name a better place to live without making huge sacrifices in quality of life
Go to darwin mate, best place in australia I don't give a fuck what anyone says
>actual culture
Where? Growing on your bfs cock?
Yeah I live here in Melbourne, just returned from 2 years in Japan it's shit, there's no one over 30 who is worth dating...it's so isolated...big fucking whoop I can go to Tasmania in 50 minutes and sniff some ice and people are money and consumer obsessed.

My roommate has a car on finance and is now buying a $5000 computer with a bunch of stuff he doesn't need to play a game...like so pointless.

I work a shitty job at a supermarket that drip feeds work. I have a truck license and there is a shortage of trucks but nobody will train anyone.

This is Australia full stop, no one does anything for anyone, there is no common culture, the country is completely divided compared to Japan, everyone's better than everyone else. The whites are better than the indians, the rich are better than the poor etc etc. There is a veneer of politeness covering these facts though.

I am only surviving because I realised I work 3 days and the rest of the time spend my time wasting away masturbating but still earn more than a full time English teacher in Japan.

Oh and I haven't made a new friend here in 14 years, well one or two. I had better friends in two years in Japan than my life in Melbourne.

tl dr: boring, no culture. I am a fat roastie who should be dating chad, everyone is left wing.
>Why do people make the mistake of staying in Brisbane?
I honestly think it's because tickets might be cheaper than to Sydney/Melbourne. And then it's just lazy idiots not doing any research and deciding all of Australia is like being scammed by an old Greek dude in the fucken Fortitude Valley.
Fuck Brisbane, and fuck everyone who tries to say they're enjoying their life in that city. They're all on either ice or coke.
Actually flew into Sydney, only settled in Brisbane because I thought I’d be in Byron Bay originally. Byron Bay was pretty shit so just chose the next closest city.
Europe, UK in particular.
I'm not a /pol/ack so I'm unfazed by immigrants, and I have good connections and friends there.
People I'm the UK have suffered some serious bullshit and are nowhere near as trashy as your average aussie on the whole.
>trying to be sexy for a prostitute
what the fuck is wrong with you
Are you fucking serious? Everything is expensive as shit, nobody under 50 will ever own a home, absolutely everything is regulated to hell and back, the people are truly vile, there's nothing to do, it's inconvenient and a total backwater that's too far away from the rest of the planet. Absolute shithole and leaving it was the best decision of my life.
Whinging poms earn their name. They live in their depressing little shithole and romanticise Australia beyond belief, then get disappointed when its just another more-or-less normal place but with better weather. HINT: Home and Away lied to you.
Spoken like a true aussie battler
Go back to king-hitting random punters for fun, Shaeyne
All four of them?
He is 100% correct. They are also almost always classless bores who complain the people here are the problem when it's just the type of person they attract. The brits have very limited self awareness
Very true about Melbourne.
The best time I had in Melbourne was a few weeks surfing on the Mornington peninsula.
When I asked why there weren’t more surfers around (I’m used to California) I was told there used to be but all the surfers can’t afford to live there anymore because rich jerks who don’t even go to the beaches just look at them from their lonugerooms own all the homes and it’s the same with the great ocean road.
Melbourne city is vile. It reminds me of Seoul on a rainy day

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