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I need some help trying to put some reality into a friend of mine. He's been studying Japanese for a few years now, he had recently taken a certification test of some sort for the language. He plans to permanently move to Japan next year a bit before the Tokyo Olympic craze begins. My main worry is how people of his ethnicity are seen and treated in Japan. I've seen threads here pointing towards more of the negative side. I don't want to discourage him from moving and pursuing whatever he has planned, but I'd rather he be prepared if it turns out that it's not the Nirvana he expected it to be.

Do any of you have any experience with how they are treated in Japan? Is he making a big mistake?

I've previously done my own research on it when he first told me about his desire to go. I've seen mixed results and sometimes non-answers
He will be just another Gaijin in Tokyo or any other big cities.
He will be that Black Gaijin in a rural area.
White people already barely survive in Japan as is. They have the least amount of issues and that's not saying much. Imagine how it is for a black person. It's unfortunate, yes. But welcome to Asia.
There are three kinds of foreigners in Japan. Chinese, Korean and Misc. Black people are misc.

He will just be a foreigner and he will be fine especially if he speaks the language. Any Japanese who doesn't like almost certainly doesnt out of xenophobia rather than actual racism. Most Japanese people who have something against blacks probably wont like whites or any other non Japanese either.
no one cares in tokyo but your “friend” needs to be ok with people gawking and coming up to touch their skin and sneaking pictures. people will point and say things like “Obama” and give a thumbs up. they are probably trying to be nice but it can be considered racist if you’re not prepared.

knowing the language is also good and bad. they can talk to people and maybe make a good impression for all black people for that person, and thry might understand the people whispering slurs thinking they aren’t understood. My white friend likes talking chinese to people who called him names
>he had recently taken a certification test of some sort for the language
Probably an N1 or N2
>My main worry is how people of his ethnicity are seen and treated in Japan
White is fine, Asian is fine, Blacks/other have a stigma but overall don't act like the stereotype and you're fine.

>Do any of you have any experience with how they are treated in Japan? Is he making a big mistake?

Unless he moves there and goes and acts like "yo what up what up kanji-kun? Bout to cuck your small dickass, sonofabitch!". He will be fine, just act fucking normal and the only thing you'll be seen as is just that. Unless you are asian body type you'll always be just some possible tourist or foreigner business thing
I mean it could be a perfect fit for him, who knows. But Japan is best experienced as a tourist on a two-three week trip every year than living there as a wage slave.
Here's a couple of things he's going to experience
>More likely to get rejected from restaurants/establishments
As a white guy speaking the language you already get rejected from like 30% of places. He might reach up to 70% rejection rate.
>Jobs will be limited to what stereotypes Japan has of black people
This means working in urban clothes stores, as front men/pushers and bouncers in clubs, models/actors for black roles and for couching roles in sport/athletics. This is basically all jobs available because of racist views.
>EXTREMELY EASY to get laid
Being white in Japan is like playing on Easy. Being black in Japan is like playing on god mode. About 10% of Japanese women are willing to date white guys but there are hundreds of thousands of white guys in Japan. Meaning there are still about 10-20 women per white guy. about 1% of Japanese women want to date black guys. But there are only thousands of black guy meaning there are hundreds of women per black guy. Going into hiphop clubs as a black guy you will basically have an entire harem around you. This is the ONLY benefit of being black in Japan. The women are also of question quality in terms of intelligence and personality so not long-term material.

I've said this a lot but it's not worth it to go to Japan even as a white guy, let alone a black guy.
Nobody will look at you or care. Tokyo is full of spooks these days anyways. People just avoid them because they’re all scammers.

And if you didn’t get N1, certifications are worthless. N2 can maybe help with entry level jobs, but below that isn’t worth anything
Depending on where he stays he will probably be fine honestly. Japanese people being blatantly racist is mostly /pol/-tier shitposting.

t. non-white non-asian in Japan.
Watch any Japanese show with a black character in it and you'll understand what you're in for
He’ll probably be okay but most blacks in Japan are dodgy as fuck. Selling tourist scams or shifty clubs in Roppongi. If he acts like a whites person he’ll be fine.
Even if he speaks perfect Japanese, people will still act like they don't understand.


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