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File: white.jpg (636 KB, 1640x1032)
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Just a little something for this board to think about.


Rule: Don't post in this thread until after you've read the article and given the topic some critical thought.
Only the white man has a drive to explore and conquer. Women and others are just happy to stay at home.
She's speaking the white man's tongue. What does she expect to find? Diverse travel presenters are out there, but they're speaking Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, etc etc ...
As a Black American who travels, I always feel the desire to "blog" about my travels, and then once I'm exploring wherever I traveled to, nothing sounds more boring than writing about what I experienced that day, so I don't. Plus I don't personally need to hear some random person's opinion on "The 8 Best Coffee shops in London," who gives a shit about Basic Brenda who studied abroad to "culture" herself while pounding Hamms and blowing ugly british dudes.
but that's my opinion.

There are a lot of black people who travel, they're just from countries other than the US, and I'm assuming by "black" the author meant "Black American", which is why I've been phrasing it that way. I've met and worked with hundreds of others from outside the US, and for me it's more subgroups of the American mentality. In my experience, travel isn't a priority for Americans, and much less in the Black American community. It's not easy for us to visit other countries like in Europe. Maybe if your relatives come from (insert country here) and that culture has strong family ties you've visited them and developed an enjoyment of travel that way, but at least where I'm from, travel isn't on many people's minds.

I understand what the article is saying, but I also feel like she personally doesn't need to be part of the "mainstream travel industry" to be successful. She seems to be aware of a lot of other bloggers who are doing what she's doing and has become at least somewhat successful, and have a network of people who share the same ideas. They don't want to work with you? Fuck em. Make your own way with those people who share your ideas. Easier said than done, but not impossible.

tl;dr: Blogs suck.
>inb4 nigger
poor attempt at race bait from the OP with the critical thought shit

why? it's because black people have less disposable income and cushy middle class families to lean on
socially it could be less accepted to bum around travelling and there is obvious prejudice in other countries that could also be a factor but really tourism is just an question of money.
>waaaaaahhhh give me that dat
She basically reinforced that people of colour can't do it on their own and need white people to use their influence to raise awareness about them. You can't change the essential economics of traveling.
>Its expensive
>You need free time
Its the same reason why national parks in America are something like 98% used by whites.
thank you for your contribution black man, I feel exactly the same as you
>only the white man has a drive to explore and conquer
You mean eat ladyboy ass
And there’s wrong with that
lol, stupid author has never clicked on or had asian friends. Those fuckers do nothing but blog about any small trip they make.

I have a few friends that live in Japan, if they go even a 10 dollar train ride somewhere down the line it's blog fucking city about stupid shit.
thank you, sorry for the historical racism
>shes married to a white man

it really writes itself
How big does your ego have to be before you start a travel blog?

Honestly I hate bloggers, they don't put the effort into finding useful information - it's just TripAdvisor in text form
I was gonna say 'fuck you nigger' and hit post, but upon a bit more reflection, I'm not sure if I hate the white wimmen IG thott type more than them? I really hate them, but I also like the fact that when I travel I don't see many basketball Americans, if any at all, and that'd really ruin my fun having to share the wonders of the world with some ape who is just gonna be loud and misbehave, plus it's nice not having to be on alert, I know better than to relax around blacks so black-free destinations are very comfy.

As much as I hate Becky, this Aunt Jemima is just jealous no-one wants to follow her stupid travel vlog or instagram, sorry, but when people are free to choose, they overwhelmingly want to follow, admire, and be like white people, it's just how it is.

Feel free to subscribe and watchs the ad roll though, chimp, I need that advertiser money to fund all this shit.
Black people are poor and according to democrats, too stupid to even get an ID. How could they possibly figure out the application for a passport?

Every black traveler I've encountered always asked for money, never did any planning, complained about the dumbest shit. Every black traveler YouTuber always makes a "What it's like being black in ____." and constantly bitches about racism.

As always, black people are holding back themselves while at the same time blaming white people for not traveling. The article was shit and thanks for killing a sexpat thread by making this one. Thats the only plus to this thread.
ah yes, the trv poster who doesn't believe in institutionalised racism and that it's just black people not working hard enough

your thick as bricks
They talk all this shit about needing to amplify their diverse voices because that'll make better content, but its obvious this bitch just wants to pose in front of temples and London phonebooths like every other dimwit normie instagram (white) thot. Its not about offering fresh ideas or any meaningful alternative, she just want to get in on the racket.

Telling me what Angkor Wat is like as a black American is not a thrilling read.

Either way the opportunity to get in on this has pretty much passed and its got nothing to do with her skin color. The "influencer" bubble is already starting to burst.
While there is some truth to that, we can’t ignore the fact that a huge percentage of English speaking westerners don’t have European ancestry.
File: 1557837648752.jpg (22 KB, 410x452)
22 KB
>white people have the most money so therefore can travel more
>most travel blogs are by white people
truly shocking
File: 1549441550450.jpg (122 KB, 720x738)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>Don't post in this thread until after you've read the article

I did, and as I thought, it wasn't necessary.
First of all, she talks about USA. She complains about how media don't show black people... but she forget that the USA black population is only 15%.
All she wrote about blacks, you could say exactly the same thing about asians... and you don't see asians complaing about that.

Recently, I have been to Colombia and I saw a lot of Black Americans. I know most of them were sex tourists, but I have seen entire families, while I have seen few Asians.
If Colombia was the only country I have visited, I would say "A lot of Americans travel, while Japs don't", but we all know this isn't true.
I thought that she didn't travel too much, but she have been to a lot of places and she would have realised that: Travel is not about race, it is cultural, it is about money, it is about free time et cetera.
But she couldn't realised that, she was too busy thinking about tourists skin colors.
i am generally not a "bootstrap" person but in the travel personality space success has more to do with who is consuming than who is producing. its all about finding a niche and audience. if someone is producing great content that speaks to my interest ill consume the content. Right now outside of Eddie Huang and Vagrant Holiday most of the travel content i consume is either 1) "disbodied" (conde nast, sailing, and alltrails dont really have specific presenters) or 2) just a one off thing i found on youtube (some guy took a go pro around a skate park or hiked a trail that interests me). Sometimes i use the Instagram location feature.

I wish her well and maybe ill encounter a video she made of an area i want to check out but im not gunna start following her for the sake of following her
sorry didnt mean to link >>1594310
I met some nice black french girl in thailand (not them), Next time I ask them to blog
No, he just thinks that blacks are too dumb to figure out how to get IDs. It's why voter ID laws are also racist.

nah it's because your looking at something that is a result of being poor and simply saying
>black people are holding themselves back

you get so fucking wound up at the idea that a people group getting fucked over for couple hundred years might have a knock on effect to the present.
Thank you for feeding the troll.
Chinese people aren't white
trolling would imply what we post isn't how we actually feel.
>muh slavery
thanks for proving my point of always blaming white people. Russian serfs were inslaved much much longer than the American black yet the USSR was made a super power after their freedom.
it would explain all the butt hurt over mentioning that you're white.
This thread again
yeah let's have yet another Thai sex thread instead.
Yeah that sounds a lot better honestly
This is a US problem. Not European, Not Afrcian or Asian. US cultural egocentrism need to fucking die.
apples to oranges. when the serfs were emancipated there was no civil war and race wasnt a factor. they also had a revelolution that freed the serfs of debt and provided health care

this was all before jim crow laws were enacted. it really wasn't that long ago
Seconding this.
File: 1554768434360.jpg (45 KB, 640x360)
45 KB
Not in the slightest, I'm not wound up at all. I think it's hilarious that some retarded chimp thinks I'm going to care what she writes about. She can't succeed on her own merits so she whines about whiteness being sickitating and how honkies are stealing her opportunities. No, dear, you're just not interesting enough to get people to read about your travels.

It's an African problem too; look for the video of the South African monkeys bitching about how all the discoveries in science have already been made and how they have to abandon all knowledge and re-science everything in a monkey context.

It'll be a European problem in about 15-20 years thanks to Mama Merkel importing millions of sex gorillas to fuck her unfuckable lardass holes.
retarded boomer alert
>when the (russian) serfs were emancipated there was no civil war
Holy fuck I knew Americans are uneducated but this takes it to another level.
wow great argument, call him racist next. That way you automatically win!
1861 the serfs were emancipated, the civil war was much later what's your point faggot
that's a given by calling people monkeys lol
you faggots really don't believe in people can possibly be disadvantaged while screaming nigger online, have sex
get pregnant
get raped
BTW, just to explain how rare -- there's a statistical rule called Chebyshev's Theorem which is really nothing more than an observation of the AUC of the normal distribution curve. One standard deviation encompasses 67% of the AUC. Two SDs is 95% of the AUC. Three SDs is 99.9% of the AUC. Note that the normal curve is two-tailed, so at/over +2 SDs is only 2.5%, and there's another 2.5% at/below -2 SDs.

In IQ measurements, by definition, the mean is 100 and the SD is 15. 70 is therefore precisely -2 SDs. Note that IQ measurements were originally defined based on the population of British males, and that's still standard because of historical inertia.

So, in the 70-and-below-average countries in Africa, which is basically ALL of black Africa (you'll notice in the map above that all the not-totally-stupid countries are the Arab parts of northern Africa), only 2.5% of the black population has an IQ at or above the overall British-white-male AVERAGE.

Think about how fucking stupid the average Briton is. 97.5% of Africa is that stupid or worse.

This is reality. This is what Charles Murray was trying to explain, and what he got shouted down and ostracized over. Deal with it however you wish.
there is a serious bit more to intelligence than what IQ can measure but yes, your point stands
Yeah, I hear that a lot. All the brainlets want to pretend that they're brilliant in some other unmeasurable way and so IQ is really meaningless. Ok, I'm sure you're special somehow. Happy?
File: 1403478360976.png (412 KB, 429x449)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Most niggers dont leave their ghetto ie containment area. Cant afford it, and if they could they are the type of uncultured coons to sit around and spend their money on material garbage like rims and shitty electronics that will be obsolete in a month or stolen in a week.
lol do you really think Slovaks are just genetically not as smart as Czechs? IQ and the skills needed to perform well are learned, it's not something predetermined at birth. So obviously in Africa and American inner cities were education is poor and a whole host of social issues the score is going to be lower
>POC travel bloggers
>talk about being black in the countries they travel to
>generally pretty boring
>white bloggers
>don't give a shit about skincolour
>blog about the country they are traveling to
>generally some points of interest here and there - culture, food, laws, tips etc
honestly the worst travel bloggers are the LGBT ones though
There is literally nothing stopping people blogging
File: BLEACHED.png (841 KB, 982x604)
841 KB
841 KB PNG
For those who want to see what >>1595650 had in it that was so horribly offensive to our snowflake janitor, go here:

This janitor is even worse than the retards moderating reddit.
It's not that she's being prevented from blogging, it's that no one wants to read her whining drivel about "muh racism", and so she can't compete with people actually writing about travel.

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