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File: bestbuyexpress.png (177 KB, 535x556)
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hey guys. I recently experienced my first flights. Short 3 hour round trips from Ontario, California airport to Austin, Texas airport. I enjoyed it a lot. I can't quite place my finger on why, but airports and planes just feel so damn comfy to me. I flew budget, on frontier airline and it felt fine, considering it was only 3 hours. They gave us a menu offering food and alcohol and I wanted to ask for some tequila but I didn't wanna make my way through an airport inebriated. the front trays were tiny too, but I was able to put my head on it and sleep. the chairs weren't as bad as they looked.
Ontario airport is kind of shitty. It only has super basic coffee machines and vending machines, but its clean and organized and small. Biggest problem is the staff, they were rude as hell and super unhelpful. the line to be scanned through was also unpleasant and makes me dread having to do it again.
However Austin airport, despite being far busier, went WAY smoother, and it almost felt like an amusement park. They had so many little restaurants and they had this SICK electronics Best Buy kiosk stacked with cool headphones and such. I felt like buying something from it just for the sake of saying I got it from the cool kiosk. also, security was way smoother and more polite (maybe because I learned from the previous experience how to move better and get my stuff faster). Overall, I cant wait to go again, and maybe try a more expensive airline just to see how its better.
whats your guys opinions of the airports and airlines you've been to?
XMN, gotta leave the airport and come back in bs no transfer lane is shit
LAX, you know why no tram into/out of the airport asshole TSA everywhere, and chinese out the ass

Narita, almost always a breeze
Seoul, see narita
Norfolk, VA, always empty
Phoenix, quick and easy almost every time it's also rarely delayed because the weather around it
ORD will always be to me the ideal airport. Utilitarian and organized with an impetus on getting things done without being all fancy about it. Its not the airports fault AA and UA wont agree to stagger each other's banks or that the weather in Chicago sucks.

Shout out to old Kai Tak, which was probably the most chaotic and intense airport experience you could get in the world. Who doesn't miss 90's HK?
Nice (NCE) airport. Fast, efficient, not ugly, good shops and food. Best thing about it? There is no wait to get your luggage. As soon as you reach luggage claim, it’s there.

Helsinki airport. I just love the comfy feel to it. It feels warm and everything was fast and efficient.

Tokyo Haneda. Easy, efficient, good food option. Very close to Tokyo as a whole.

As for bad airports, whichever with stupidly long lines.
Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)
Something incredibly oddly satisfying about basically a mile long moving walk way with hundreds of shops, restaurants, massive televisions. Gives you the illusion that it goes on forever. It's like the opposite of cyber punk.
Probably sounds dumb, but it's comfy as fuck
ord is one of the shittiest airports in the world
Detroit is surprisingly good from what I saw of it, seemed super spacious and nice for the location.

Kuwait international is the worst airport I've ever seen, it's a shitty airport ran by arabs so that pretty much explains it.
Best: Changi
I hate ORD but I disagree. It's a normal boring airport. I had a horrible experience there due to United once. I can barely remember all the other times I've been there. Last one is a bit of a blur but I was fucked up on xanax.

Now LAX, that's a fucking dump. Going outside and dragging your shit around, going back through TSA again when you transfer from domestic to international, and the facilities holy fuck the facilities... All the people are nicely dressed, less trashy than the eastern airports I've been to, looking all upscale while surrounded by early 90s looking decor that's literally falling apart. Bathrooms trashed, worthless food options that don't even meet the most basic expectations. It sucks.
I genuinely cannot comprehend how or why so many people consistently categorize Narita as a top-tier airport. Indira Gandhi International in Delhi is more modern, for fuck's sake, and has more eating options, too.

Narita seems like it's stuck in the 1980s. Passport control may be efficient, but there's scarcely anything good about the airport, at least for somebody just passing through. Plus, the food is some of the most horrifically overpriced bunk I've had anywhere--last time I was at Narita, I took a picture of a $10 sandwich roll which was stuffed with shit in the 1/3rd facing the customer and completely empty at the back.
Since I did all this bitching I want to put in a good word for the Seoul airport. It's everything an airport should be. Fast working wifi that is free through the whole terminal. Nice, clean, and modern looking. Food options that are cheap and not total shit. I hate flying and I'm scared to do it but having a layover there does relax me a little bit.
Do you fly into terminal 1 or terminal 2? Also do you use the escalators or just go to the Express lines to get out? T2 is worse than T1 but overall it's pretty nice for just getting the fuck out of quick and painlessly.
Dunno. I've flown in a handful of times with JAL. Not sure which terminal they service, or if they arrive to both.
Honestly? My home airport, Edmonton International, remains my favourite.
Despite being basically a regional airport (international in Canada usually means the US + Mexico), it's had more dining options than most proper international airports with nowhere near the same markups, it's got couches to sleep on, and there's a tiny-ass arcade. I'm really not sure what else I should look for in an airport.
The three Canadian airports I've been to (YVR, YYC, YUL) were nice and had a decent variety of food. Staff is friendly too. I live in Vancouver and flying out, the security people during the screening always make small talk and generally enjoy their jobs.
Love YYC with their cowboy theme.
The bigger the contrast to Frankfurt where they are very-very serious almost to a point of being rude.
FRA: gigantic and sterile. The taxi to the gate was almost as long as the flight
DWC: there are no jetbridge gates. You have to take a bus to every flight. It is the antithesis to DXB
STN: wtf is this airport supposed to be? it is like a mall with some gates attached, no where to sit
ICN: enjoy your 45 minute walk from the plane to immigration

SIN: security at each gate, so no massive queues like European or American airports
PDX: everyone is friendly, the food by law has to cost the same as outside of the airport, so no $30 burgers
Why would you not just write the actual names? Are you a baggage handler by trade or something.
EWR is such a shithole I cant believe it.
LGW and STN are dumps
AKL's terminals could not be more retardedly laid out
LAX has the worst staff of any airport in the developed world
CDG is a works program for unemployable Frenchmen
What is with Australian airports?

PDX is a fantastic example of what every airport that isn't a big hub, but still sees heavy traffic, should strive to be.
ORD is about as well laid out as a megahub can be, and the excessive number of runways does give ATC a chance to cut through big delays when they come up
SIN is a palace
HKG is less palatial but still great
TXL for the a e s t h e t i c
>least favorite
Laguardia NYC
Detroit has one of the best American airports, seriously.
Austin's got a pretty nice airport. It's fairly new, though. The renovated Bergstrom AFB like 25 years ago and built a terminal. The old airport wasn't as nice.

Really, for as large as the cities are (San Antonio's the 7th largest city in the country, and Austin's the 11th), they should go in together and build one large airport in between the two in San Marcos or New Braunfels and set up transport links to both cities' downtowns, like DFW..
I actually find YVR pretty overrated. It's not bad, it's a great airport, but it's the one that's always played up as the best. Taken individually, the departure areas really don't amount to much. Also desu it's expected that they'd be friendly, don't think I've ever met an unfriendly employee at a Canadian airport.
idk I guess the problem is that Vancouver is a proper international airport. Places like YEG and YYC just put their domestic and international (non-US) together, so you end up with a comparatively big area to work with as opposed to two very tiny ones, with the scope of international but the laxness (and price) of domestic. You couldn't really do that in Vancouver, where international actually means something.
Are they actually good? every time I hear someone talking about them it's always a shit show for transferring with international flights
What, YYC? It's really not big or busy enough for a person to have much trouble with that.
As for YVR and YUL, they're big and busy airports, so that sort of thing happens. Connecting there is nonetheless nowhere near as bad as one might expect, say, in a good chunk of Asia.
And credit where credit is due: YVR is the only airport that you can get (sort of) and smoke weed at.
Im on the east coast and personally I like newark airport the best. Close to jfk but not as busy so less of a headache at times.

Worst is atlanta, horrible experience with delta in atlanta. Will never fly then again.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)
Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW)
New Delhi International (DEL)

I travel to India between two and three times each year. Honestly, their metropolitan airports just keep getting better and better--even flights into and out of Kolkata are a breeze these days. And DEL is a genuinely pretty airport. They've got a big bookstore, lots of shops, a ton of restaurants, smoking rooms, whatever.

The only major, recurring problem with South Asian facilities is that they sometimes struggle with overbearing security procedures and crowd control. However, they're getting better and fast.

DTW is my home airport. The North Terminal is pretty mediocre, but the McNamara Terminal is killer.

Least favorites:

Almaty International Airport (ALA)
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL)
LaGuardia International Airport (LGA)
Narita International Airport (NRT)

FLL because I often get stuck there on long connections to Latin America and there's shit-all to do inside the airport. There are barely any restaurants, and the options which are there are off-brand and comically over-priced. Same shit goes for Narita. Everyone knows that LGA sucks.

TBQH I'm happy with any airport that has climate control, adequate seating, outlets and a variety of fairly-priced eating venues.
Didn't know that YVR is considered one of the best. That's an overstatement for sure. Just as Vancouver being voted best city on the planet for a couple of years.
To be honest I can't name a single great airport. I'm always anxious since I'm afraid of flying and just don't care that much.
If you can't recognize at least 4 of those airport codes, you shouldn't be on /trv/
Changi airport had this beautiful butterfly garden and koi fish ponds that really calmed me down after a long flight.
Lol well that's a good point.
A great airport is one that takes the edge off. let's be real, no one likes driving out to bumfuck nowhere to be hustled past the biggest security checkpoint they're likely to see in order to wait around mostly doing nothing but somehow still at inflated prices. A good airport is one that helps you forget how miserable this all is, giving you food that at least partially justifies the markup, good booze options to help you doze through, an airport bookstore that sells books actually worth reading (YEG and YYC get serious points here, honourary mention to PVG for having everything in Chinese except an english copy of Mein Kempf for some weird reason), you get the idea.
DFW - The international terminal is nice, but I had a 5 hour layover there in the American terminal and it was a nightmare, dirty bathrooms, broken toilets in every bathroom, broken chargers at alot of the charging stations, it just felt really dingy overall.
Naha (OKA) - this airport itself is not actually that bad and since it's staffed by Japanese it has top tier customer service. It's just far too small for the number of flights it gets and if you aren't landing or taking off early in the morning, you're going to get delayed. I've been through twice where I left in the afternoon and my flights got delayed by hours.
Also, you haven't experienced true hell until you've been stuck in some shitty regional airport with only a handful of terminals and absolutely nothing to do.

Narita - been through more than a dozen times and it's one of my favorite airports. The Airport express train is also convenient.
Haneda - like Narita but closer to Tokyo. It used to be a lot harder to get flights here but that seems to have changed within the last few years.
Nagoya (NGO) - it's a smaller airport, but it's really nice and clean with a nice restaurant area outside the terminal.
ORD - My favorite American airport. The only people who bitch about are international transfers who don't realize 1 hr between flights isn't enough time.

>some other thoughts
I don't necessarily hold longs lines against the airports, particularly at customs/immigration. Even at the best airports you can get stuck in a long customs line if a ton of other international arrivals come in around the same time you do. Most times I've been through Narita, I got my baggage and went through customs in under 30 minutes, but once I landed the same time as at least 2 other planes from Asia and I was stuck in line for over an hour because there was suddenly 800ish people trying to go through at the same time, it just happens.
Bratislava, though you can barely call that an airport anyways

I really like small airports so Koh Samui was probably up there with my favorites.
forgot to attach pic, Koh Samui Airport departure hall
File: 1493927467572.jpg (128 KB, 794x886)
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128 KB JPG
Believe it or not,

Detroit has one of the best airports in US and probably the world.

NYC has the worst airports ive ever seen.
I didnt see this post: >>1593998
but those were my thoughts exactly: >>1594667
>XMN, gotta leave the airport and come back in bs no transfer lane is shit

If you transfer with Xiamen airlines you get a free tour of the city, a free hotel or you get to chill in their lounge that includes beds, buffet etc.
That's because you've only been through the McNamara Terminal with Delta or another alliance member. The North Terminal is pretty lackluster.

FWIW, it is a bit silly to be surprised by this--DTW isn't in Detroit. In fact, DTW is on the very edge of its metropolitan area. If you didn't already know, Metro Detroit has some of the richest ZIP codes in the United States.
File: _MG_4520.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x1280)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
My favourite airport experience was Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska. Bumfuck nowhere level: off the charts. Gravel airstrip with a wooden building next to it. Waltzed in some time before departure, dumped my bag somewhere and left it, went outside marvelling at the surroundings (pic related). My plane landed, grabbed my bag, waited until everything was unloaded, walked up to the pilot who greeted me with the words "You're <anon>? Okay, get in!"
Beijing Int is so shit. Barely anywhere to sit, no good shops except for one Family Mart and then theres the shitty Chinese customer service you get. At night everyone who cant fit on the nonexistant benches all sleep on the floor or in a plant pot, what a joke
Why would anyone fly to Bratislava and not Vienna?
Paro airport in Bhutan takes the crown. Awesome landing where you think you're going to hit the mountain, and then you step out into the grass.
Unless you flew into Terminal 1, you can reach the international terminal without exiting security at LAX now. ORD is worse in that regard, unless you're flying a US carrier or one of their close buddy airlines. The rest are relegated to the dump that is T5. But honestly, as much as I hate ATL, it is the single best airport if your only concern is utilitarian efficiency. Every terminal is connected by an underground train and by walkways so its stupid easy to get around.
It has a fucking dinosaur. What could be better?
>Narita, almost always a breeze

Unless you are flying Crap Air and wind up in the old terminal.
CLT, though the Perpetually Unde Refurbishment concourse is an issue, the rest of the airport is good. And I like the rocking chairs, which I see other airports are adding to their spaces.

CLT desperately needs to finich their new traffic patterns for driving up, though.

Worst, at least to transit, is Frankfort.
I live in Vienna but I flew out of Bratislava once because they have Ryanair there
>flown through FRA at least 50 times
>still occasionally find myself lost in some weird corridor leading underground
I hate CLT because AA always wants to send me there twice on the way to my actual destination
I mean, family mart is a real boon tho. I could eat those shitty sushi sticks all day. That and warm cheap beer out of a vending machine are only things that keeps any chinese airport from hitting rock bottom in terms of comfort.
I know Shanghai is by far the worst airport over ever been to. Best is probably Narita.
>ORD is worse in that regard, unless you're flying a US carrier or one of their close buddy airlines

There are actually very few airlines that run solely out of terminal 5 in O'Hare. It does get a lot of the international arrivals though.
I was about to make this exact same post but realize you did it for me. Couldn't agree more. LAX is the worst airport I've ever stepped in. I'ts a confusing labyrinth with 0 outlets to charge devices and its inhabitants are so full of themselves. Narita treated me with nothing but respect. Phoenix is so simple it's heaven. BUT the best airport is PDX (Portland). It's just a giant H where each side of the H is a terminal. very simple
>Kuwait international is the worst airport I've ever seen

An added bit of suck is that fact that it is also a shopping mall BEFORE you cross security lines, so people come there to shop as well as travel, making traffic worse at peak shopping times.
Is that really true, Anon?

(Polite way to say "I don't think that's true, Anon.")
It's an overstatement, but based in truth. AA's award booking logic is well known for giving silly, nonsensical routings instead of more direct ones. For example, routing you from ATL to ORD by way of DFW, PHX, or even LAX instead of direct. They're well known for this, though in fairness they've gotten a bit better. It still shits the bed sometimes though, to give a recent example with an international itinerary:
File: 1545421270785.jpg (96 KB, 912x905)
96 KB
>CDG is a works program for unemployable Frenchmen
Detroit is one of my favorite U.S. airports. I like that there are clocks everywhere and great restaurants. I don't understand airports that don't have clocks. Minneapolis is fine too for the restaurants that let you order by iPad.

AMS is a nice airport too. And I like BKK. I haven't been to SIN yet but heard it is nice.

I also like the little Hawaiian airports in Maui and Kona where you can wait outside.

Favorite U.S. airline is Alaska. I like how easy it is to move to an earlier flight without a fee if they have seats. I've never had success doing that on Air Canada, Westjet, or Lufthansa. Crew is always cheerful. And I like the cheap companion coupon you get every year when you have their credit card that works for flights to Mexico and Canada, not just the U.S.

Internationally, I like the Japanese airlines. Very attentive, very efficient.

Least favorite airport is CDG. Every line there is so slow, you need to arrive 3 hours before a flight. And some Air France staff in that airport can be snotty.

Also had slow lines and confusion trying to get onto LAN flights but service was good after getting on the planes.
Which Shanghai airport? There's 2.
NAIA terminal 1 is definitely the worst international airport I've ever been to. Security at the door, regular security, security in the halls, and then security just to sit at your gate. Nothing to eat but a handful of cafes, and about 2 places to get a proper drink, one of which closes early and the other being a smoking lounge.
Helsinki is the best also yvr
MAD (fuck the international-domestic connections)
MIA (nice concourse D and J, E is outdated and rude as fuck workers sometimes)
ORD (T3 and T1 are nice but fucking hell the international domestic connections are ass)
Nothing for now but LAX might be there
That's your typical experience with Cuban/Puerto Rican, and especially Dominican service staff in SoFlo.
ORD is fucking awful, especially if you're coming off an international flight. The staff is always rude, and potentially retarded.
This. I have family in A2 and flying in and out of Detroit is always a breeze, and the mile-long Delta corridor makes things easy and spacious.

Can't say I have an airport I absolutely hate, but LGA, ORD, and DEN are all outdated, cramped, and have bad food options. Didn't mind LHR when I last went in and out of it.

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