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I'm planning a trip with some friends to Morocco. One of those friends has family in Rabat and we want to see Marrakech and Casablanca.

But how safe is it really? I've been seeing a lot of warnings online and it generally makes me feel less inclined to visit
if you're a man just don't be a weak pussy, if you're a woman don't wear flashy clothes and don't go outside at night (for most cities). Be aware of your surrounding and don't look like a tourist (Moroccans look white black asian..., it's like the us over there so you can blend in very fast as long as you don't speak).
Don't do that to yourselves
Morocco is also as safe as Africa gets, you'll be fine.

I'm a native french speaker tho, so maybe we'll blend alongside my moroccan friend?

I'm pretty sure i look like a weak pussy tho
You'll be fine. Use gut judgement and you'll be fine. I spent a month in Fes (absolutely would recommend - fuck Marrakech unless you wanna get robbed). Be weary of hash dealers. Meet someone you trust (hotel man, etc) and build rapport with them. Then buy. It's the third world, and with the third world comes foreigner prices. Nothing should cost you more than 40 USD (bags, etc) and meals shouldn't be a lot either. Taxis will rip you off. And their French sucks. English is not bad.
Nevertheless, not to scare you. Just providing some warning. Go to thw old city in Fes, roman ruins in Meknes, and beaches in Agadir. Stay off the beaten path. Stay out of cities and you wont get robbed. You'll be fine, frog.
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>Be me
>Fresh out of college
>Want to do something adventurous
>Read blogs about hitchhiking in the Sahara
>Sounds crazy, I'll do it
>Plan for months; decide Dakhla will be my goal
>Learn Arabic
>Buy sand goggles, bowie knife, tacticool shemagh
>Fly to Agadir, bus to Tan Tan and start hitching
>Notice half the license plates that drive by are European
>French and German RVs pass me by the dozens
>All driven by old pensioners who give me the stink-eye
>Europeans fucking everywhere
>Fishing off the cliffs
>Drinking tea with gendarmes inside gas stations
>Browsing the Berber markets for BBQ equipment
>Hogging all the good camping spots
>Arrive in Dakhla after a week; not one single white person gave me a lift
>MFW Dakhla is cleaner and nicer than my hometown in the States
That's when I realized Europeans treat southern Morocco like we treat Baja California: a little sketchy but great for beach camping and BBQs.
i agree with this.
casablanca sucks but morocco is safe. the worst you get is someone pestering you to buy something, tell them no.
Lived in Rabat on an exchange program for 4 months; visited the country about 10 times total. I've never felt unsafe. Harassment in the cities is all talk and no bite. Outside of the cities everyone's civil if you avoid politics and beat feet if you notice others getting drunk.
everyone freaks bc of those 2 swedish girls who got tortured and killed. they were fucking brainlets who refused to follow common sense and warnings. just dont be a dumbass and wander into the woods and youll be OK
As some other anon said, the most that will happen is people annoying you to buy shit in the cities, specially the tourosty ones. Rural Morocco however may very well be one of the most hospitable places in the world.
What's wrong with Casablanca? Not OP but I would like to expierence the real Morocco too if I go there.

Are the girls easy going and open in Morocco or are they repressed like in other muslim countries? Maybe it would help that I'm a nordic looking fellow
There's nothing wrong with Casa; it just has no historical sites, as it was built up by the French and has only become more industrialized since.
Casa and Rabat are very (in Muslim terms) liberal cities. You'll see a lot of girls walking around wearing both hijab and hip-hugging jeans. And plenty of girls dressed just like they would in Paris.
I've never been but Morocco's always had the /trv/ stamp of approval. Despite recent /pol/ chimp-outs it appears to be as popular as it's ever been.

Tell me more about Dakhla. I do a bit of surfing and it's got a reputation as a mecca for kitesurfing.

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