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I'm 26 and live in wisconsin and have never travelled in my life.

The notre dame fire has made me realize theres alot of cool shit i havent seen in this world that might not always be here, and were living in an interesting time where you can travel the world for very little money.

Would it be worth it to spend the next few years paying off my shit, selling my possessions, and than travelling the world?

I have no path, I work in landscape, i wouldn't be leaving much behind. I'd like to get out to the east coast united states, canada, and europe.
How much debt are you fucked with? Can you store your possessions with family? Got any savings whatsoever? Do you have a degree in anything?

I'm just thinking that if you really want to start traveling, soon, you could do the ESL monkey thing. It's become hard to do it without a degree, though, and the money isn't nearly what it was twenty years ago. It's still possible to get out and see Asia, save money and do targeted short trips to Europe.
dude, you should be paying off your shit, irrelevant to this. Debt is a chain, and money is freedom. All jokes aside. Even if you dont travel, you should be working to pay this off as aggressively as possible anyways.

You sort of need a degree to travel though. As the meme of Americans hating unskilled labor from south of the border, youre no different to other countries. You need marketable skills. Or pay your shit off, save up thousands, and go on a working holiday. You can do 3.25 years between NZ and Aus. Then go WOOF and shit with your savings from the WHV around Europe or other places. But as it stands you dont have much chance because youre not marketable and dont have much in the way of savings either. And by much, I mean zero. Stop being Okay with debt, pay that shit off.

If you want to see shit, just go to google street view or the internet in general.

Travelling for the purpose of seeing shit is an obsolete concept.
I'm 26. Never traveled until last year. It was great.
You don't have to sell all your shit - get a life style change dude. Move somewhere cheap and save money.
>If you want to see shit, just go to google street view or the internet in general.

Trv in a nutshell.

>If you want sex, just watch porn bro. It's the same thing!
Nowhere near comparable but if your tiny brain thought that was smart then so be it.
not him but as someone who regularly does all 4 items he's pretty accurate.

unless you are actually planning travel routes-- google street view is basically watching travel porn.

treat traveling the way you would treat hiking or camping. start smaller with some easy week or even weekend trips and build out. there is no reason to just run an abandon everything. fly out to. maybe start with a flight out to and easy east coast city like DC, Boston, or Charleston, (really whatever tickles your fancy) and give the east coast a week.
A thought occurs.

It might be wise to travel a bit just to see if you like it (not everyone does) before making too many life-altering plans to travel.

Assuming you literally have never left Wisconsin, I would reccomend maybe a trip to the Pacific NW or Grand Canyon - Vegas - Zion area as a way to see somethign new, check out what you enjoy but be able to speak the language and your money is good. In other words, do a test trip within the US.

Then maybe try Britain, someplace in Latin America, Italy, or something, and then maybe hit SE Asia.

That's an introduction to traveling that should help you decide if it does anything for you, without selling everything you own and all that.

>Travelling for the purpose of seeing shit is an obsolete concept.

There is no "One True Way," bro. People travel for all sorts of reasons. Some like to see new stuff, even if that rustles you.

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