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File: austin.jpg (138 KB, 1280x575)
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What are some things you should do when visiting Austin?
I live in Dallas and checking out Austin has been on my to-do list for a while now. Think of it like a 3-day weekend more so than a full blown vacation.
6th Street is similar to Deep Ellum. But really all the interesting stuff Austin has to offer is out of town. Go do Pedernales Falls, or Enchanted Rock, or float the Comal in New Braunfels.
We have Ross and Walmart here. Lots of shopping centers
We have plenty of those in Dallas though.
There's fuck all to do downtown unless you like partying or food.
As the other anon said, you've gotta go a bit out of town and do nature-y stuff
I was just in Austin for 3 days. Comments like this come from a lack of imagination. I said the same thing about San Diego & the SF Bay areas when I lived there, both considered to have fairly active local cultures. Truth is there’s plenty going on in Austin, you just need to know what you like, & what to look for. If all ya come up with is muh hipster bars and muh food trucks, you’re not thinking about it enough
PS— Austin is beautiful. Much more green than I expected. And the people are awesome, except your typical jaded hipsters that you’d find anywhere

I do like food though. What are some good restaurants?
Eat the best enchiladas in the world.

I felt the same way. I dont understand why people will buy a shed for $500k to live there. I liked it but it was just like every second tier american city.
File: Bryan Ellsworth.jpg (37 KB, 463x434)
37 KB
I visited the state capital and LBJ's presidential library if you are into that sort of things
On a side note, I'm about to move to Dallas OP. Will you be my friend
Thinking about going to austin this july - undecided between austin, nashville, and new orleans. Anyone recommend one over the other?
Austin is better than Nashville unless you actually really like country music.
As for New Orleans, it is a disgusting city not worth visiting as a tourist.
T. Houston
Torchy's, Kismet Cafe (highly underrated), and Tarka
Fuck houston.
File: d90.png (106 KB, 800x750)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
make sure you dress like this wojak and make this face the entire time or you will not fit in and antifa might throw acid in your face
ok thanks was leaning towards austin.
>I'm about to move to Dallas OP. Will you be my friend

Of course bro. :)

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